Monday, June 16, 2008

Tags... AGAIN!

Mandira from churningthewordmill tagged me to reveal secrets!!
So here goes a couple of them since like she says - secrets are secrets for a reason!!

  1. I love fruits and prefer having a fruit bowl for breakfast than anything else.
  2. I don't like contact lens and I think it makes my face look smaller than it is, if i wear contacts...
  3. I get very irritated sometimes, without warning, even when my mood is supposedly very fine...
  4. I don't know how to suck up to people.
  5. I love wearing shoes - you know the "sports shoes" kind and until my birthday I didn't have a pair.
  6. I am a self confessed Foodie. I love food and I love to try out new stuff - all vegetarian.
  7. I am always punctual - even 5 minutes early sometimes and that never did look good when I went out on a date with anyone else other than my husband before marriage.
  8. Reading, Music and TV always help me relax.
  9. A pair of jeans and a couple of kurtas - that's my comfort wear and my preference.
  10. I can survive on Curd rice and mango pickle...

I am not going to tag anyone in particular since most of you guys seem to have done this tag, but anyone who is willing is more than welcome to take it up!!!