Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

It's been 3 yrs since we have been married! Man, and what a ride!! :D
I can't believe that 3 yrs have gone by since we got married... it feels like yesterday that we went thru the whole summer wedding!

We started our relationship on mutual respect and from that grew trust and love...
I just want to tell you that even though there's been ups and downs, fights and tears... the memories have always been the happier moments... we have braved all odds at so many instances, that it has helped us grow stronger and closer... It has helped strengthen our marriage.

Thank you for always being right there for me... For every time, I turn back for reassurance, you have been there for me, urging me to go forward, to take those new steps in life...

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Hope that we get many more such awesome years, filled with love, laughter and success... :)

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Friday, February 27, 2009


Have you ever felt like rewinding your life? Maybe a couple of hours, days??

I had this urge yesterday, when I forgot to drink my morning tea which my husband had prepared... I thought that I had finished drinking it, but I left it on the kitchen counter and left home!

Thank you all for the support for my previous post... I feel all better now after blogging about it! :)

So, have you felt like rewinding your life? Go on and comment about it! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A complaint or a rant?... ugh!

I want to write about a lot of things...
Including the fact that I actually don't harbour the feeling called "jealousy" in me...
I want to talk about how badly my cousin's wedding went for us... how we were excluded, spoken to rudely and ignored.
How my cousins and relatives have spread the rumour that we are jealous of them and that I could have had an abortion in the last couple of months!
Yes, people are saying that it's going to go horribly wrong for my dad and my sis, because he is "letting" her go to USA for her MBA.
All this negativity really pulls me down... yes, I know we shouldn't let such things matter too much.
Yes, it's like giving too much importance to unimportant people. But, still even thru all this good common sense thoughts, one feels let down by the amount of negativity one witnesses...
My cousin is going to Paris and Switzerland for her honeymoon because, apparently all her friends have been there and she is the only one left out!
Now, she was flaunting this in my face that she is going for 10 days on her honeymoon to "phoren" lands!
I remained unimpressed and impassive, well that's give rise to the whole"I am jealous of her" conversation...

It's not like we can't go or that we don't want to visit all those lovely places...
But, right now - our priorities are slightly different and let's face it , I want to visit all those lovely places because WE want to and not because someone else did it first or will be doing it soon!

*I have no clue why I'm justifying my actions here, Do you also think this post is immature?! As I'm reading what I've written, I feel that I'm complaining... but I need to get this off my chest, *

She didn't acknowledge our wishes or the gift I gave her!

The only gits that were acknowledged were the expensive ones given by her friends and another aunt of mine.

Now, this other aunt deserves a special mention here, she gifts the cousin of mine with Champagne glasses and when we are all looking at the gift, she turns to me and says -

"Do you know what they are?!!"

I was so shocked that someone would actually ask another person this question!

What are we - Neanderthals living in dark caves, who eat green leaves and beat our chests and say "oonga boonga?!!"

Also, we were invited to the dinner party at the very last moment, as an after thought. This party was arranged much in advance and my aunt had told my mom how "expensive" it's going to be! So, we were asked to the party only on Saturday evening after it was finalised at some club, because another aunt is a member there.
Now, my question here is, if you wanted to actually invite us, wouldn't you have done it irrespective of the place?
When the venue changed, wouldn't you have told us on the day the club was booked where the party was?
My cousion says - you guys need to come, or else the food will get wasted!!!
(Now, you tell me how one should react to this?!)

They all just hate the fact that we are content, happy and successful in our lives and we don't need to advertise the fact or shout from roof tops to say all this...I think more than anything else, its the contentment with which we lead our lives which hits them. (Major Anti-Jinx here! TOUCHWOOD)
I think it's they who are jealous and insecure! (Should I be even saying this?)

But, how can grown adults with education, loads of life experience, lots of travel actually behave like this?!!

Feeling all better now!*

But, I will not stoop to their levels at any point of time in my life!
I will maintian the dignity that is expected of me in such instances and I will also learn harder to keep my temper in check. It pisses me off big time when people point false fingers at my family... I need to learn not to say anything at that moment. I managed it this time, but a couple of times, I failed my expectations.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things about me!

IHM tagged me to talk some more about myself! so, here goes...

As all tags go, here are the rules -

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

  1. I cook very well for someone who has been cooking for exactly 3 yrs. most of my cooking will be non-spicy, but very tasty! :P

  2. My favorite animal has always been the tiger first and then the elephant. I remember not talking to my parents for a couple of days because they said I couldn't have a tiger as a pet! :P

  3. I can eat curd rice and pickle at any time. I used to eat it in the morning at 7 before going off to lab in college.

  4. I hate creating politics in office and I don't suck up to my seniors/managers, which is why even though I have the intelligence and the knowledge, I still haven't climbed up the corporate ladder as quickly as some of my classmates/friends.

  5. I love my work... I really can't sit at home for a very long time and the longest break I took which I enjoyed was the 2.5 months from Sept till Nov.

  6. I am a compulsive shopper... My family feels that it's one the main reasons why I should never quit my job!!!

  7. Till I joined my post grad course, I actually thought I was not pretty or good looking... (I still think that sometimes...)

  8. I still have more guy friends than girls and my best friend till date is my friend V (other than the husband)

  9. I hated my middle school days and high school was decent enough because P was my best friend.

  10. I hated college with all my heart because I went to an ultra-conservative, all-girls college.

  11. I can never remember the lyrics of a song... the tune will stick but most of the time I make up my own lyrics which irritates my husband to no end!

  12. I have watched FRIENDS so many times that I have lost count!

  13. I am scared of the dark.

  14. I believe Ghosts exist.

  15. I also believe that GOD exists and all my conversations with HIM/HER have been in English.

  16. Discrimination of any sort will piss me off... and most times exercising restraint is very difficult.

  17. I believe a marriage is for keeps and nothing justifies cheating on your spouse...

  18. I love blogging and my friends from the blog world are so much more real and true than some of the actual so-called friends that I have.

  19. I love dancing and am pretty good at it too!

  20. I feel absolutely no guilt when my husband takes care of me - cooking, cleaning or any other domestic task done by him when I'm relaxing will not put me in a guilt-frenzy mode.

  21. I am a control freak in so many ways... but, not always.

  22. I am still not confident about the way I wear the saree... so, I have never worn it to work because I am not sure if I can manage it the entire day.

  23. I love doing these tags which lets me talk about myself all the time! :P

  24. I am a very truthful person and only the most extreme cases would make me tell a lie... I approach all my relationships - be it with friends, husband, family, work with honesty.

  25. I always rehearse before bringing up any topic of issue with my managers... all my emails before being sent will be read thru exactly 3 times!
There! Done :)

But, of course I enjoyed myself... :)
I would love to tag everyone who reads my space!


I have one more song tag to take up from Nimi, which I will do soon :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Motichur 'ka' laddu!!

Steps to be followed to get a laddu
  • Befriend the girl who is quitting the company, either a day before or on the day she is quitting
  • Congratulate her on her wise decision to leave and join her husband where ever he is.
  • Lament the fact that you still have to sit here and work while she has fun.
  • Walk by her desk a 100 times, if not more, as soon as she opens the sweet box.
  • On the pretext of talking to her cubicle mate, walk by and make inane conversation.
  • Smile at her and ask if all relieving formalities are done.
  • By this time, she would have realised that you are eyeing the laddus and nothing else!
  • She will smile and offer the laddu to u... refuse as gracefully as possible.. Since she is also an expert in such acts, she will persist... pick up one laddu as delicately as possible and murmur a thank you!
  • Remember to Walk away without skipping! Skipping in office after collecting sweets doesn't create a very good impression!

Mission Accomplished! :))

Edited to add: Title has been changed after Dew Drop told me it's motichur 'ka' laddu! :)

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Magic Figure-6!

Mandira tagged me! :)
And this time it's different because it's a photo tag!

The rules are:
  • Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
  • Tell a story around it.
  • Pass it on to six other people you like.
So, the 6th folder in the "All Pics" folder is - "New Year's Eve - 2008" and the 6th photo in that folder is this -

So, that's another tiny peek into my home :-)
That's our over crowded TV stand and as you can see, its filled with dolls and candles and Lord Ganesha idol and Laughing Buddha Idols :)
(I think the Laughing Buddha has been cut out of the pic...)

I tag anyone and everyone who want to take this up... :)

Note: Please do not "flick" this pic as its private and personal and please do not use it without prior permission...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Morning Sights...

I have grown to love the 15 mins walk I take each morning to catch my bus. Everyday, I get to see people start a new day, and make a new beginning.
Here are a few of the things I get to see daily without fail...
  • Shop keepers opening their stores, sweeping the front of the store... They generally stand in front of their shops with the brooms in one hand, tea/coffee glass in the other and talk to one another...
  • People rushing to catch their cabs/buses!
  • Couples out for their morning walk! The elderly people are generally more relaxed, they enjoy their walk, the quiet... The younger lot walk like there is no tomorrow! Like they are trying to lose all that weight/fat during this one walk!
  • Cute boys jogging back home after a work out in the gym!! ;-)
  • Kids standing in bus stops waiting for school buses while chatting or studying!
  • The tender-coconut vendor uncle who always gives me a smile as I pass him. :-)
  • Women/maids washing the front of their homes and drawing rangoli... there is something so re-assuring looking at ladies do that....
    It reminds me of home in Mysore. Where, on festival days, my maid draws out these huge, awesome rangolis in front of our gate.
  • I see men cleaning out their yards, washing of their cars
    In this one house - he sits on the swing drinking coffee and reads out the headlines to his wife who is generally putting the rangoli or drinking coffee with him ... :-)
  • Dogs having a go at one another...
  • This one guy, sits on the steps of this huge departmental store and feeds the street dogs... They sit patiently in front of him as he reads the paper sitting on the steps!!!
Peaceful really...
The walk is just right for me to get my morning exercise and to wake me up completely before I get onto the bus! It also gives me time to listen to devotional songs/classical songs being played on the radio... :-)