Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vacation and back!!!


We had been on a vacation to Goa over the weekend and it was such great fun!!!
I have decided that after we retire and we have loads of money - we are going to settle there and buy a motor boat!!! I saw some real beauties out there!!!!

(an absolutely delightful dream na?!)

The highlight of the trip was the Dolphin point - where you are taken in a boat and they let you sight Dolphins playing out in the sea!!! I loved it!!! I also realised that I don't get sea sick - i get hungry when I am on a boat!!! The sea according to the owner of the boat (what do u call them? Skipper? captain??) was very choppy and we were very good sailors according to him!!! :-)

(You know I can't resist a good brag!!!)

The trip was great fun!!! We played on the beach, held hands and watched the sunset (Sigh... those were some beautiful moments...)

I'm back now - very refreshed and ready to tackle all the icky issues at work with a brave heart!!!

Photos, I will upload by the weekend... :-)

(You know what this means don't you?! Yup, we got Internet at home now!!!! YAY!!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yet another post reflecting my thoughts about relationships - its ups and downs...
(I am forever fascinated by this topic....)

My friend/team mate C broke up with her boyfriend of 1 yr last week... She came to office looking crazy and weird and she was constantly in tears... we were quite frankly appalled by her condition - but, there's very little we could do since we aren't personally very close to her and we don't know the guy... here's the story -

C and N had been seeing each other for the past 1 yr, but he was not ready to commit and settle down with her - she knew this and still had some hope that maybe he would change his mind....
I really don't understand why we women (generalisation at its best!) go in for such relationships... She is 24 and he is 28... My first question is - how come a guy who is 28 isn't willing to settle down? All my friends want to - they just haven't found their right companion yet!
Why do we go in for such a relationship where we know that we are the ones who will come away hurt and our self-respect destroyed... Why is that hope harboured that we can change a man and make him commit himself?
As far as I have seen, if a guy says he doesn't want to commit - it means he will never settle down with YOU - he could be doing the settling down with another girl behind your back - but, not YOU...

Such relationships are bad for our ego and self-esteem... Right? But, we still find our friends/cousins in such relationships...

My reasoning is - when C came to know that he didn't want to get into a commitment with her - she wasn't too deep (emotionally) into the relationship - shouldn't she have broken off then and there? Why wait so long?
The sad part is - she takes the blame and says that it's not his fault and that he never wanted to marry her and the worst part is she thinks she isn't "good enough" for him...
We tried telling her that he wasn't good enough for her, but that's not working as of now...

Why do men do that? I mean, lead a girl on and then tell her he isn't "ready" for commitment?
And why do we women nod along and nurse hopes in our hearts hoping that he will change?

Can't we move on? I mean, if both don't want a commitment then it's fine, but either one isn't on the same page as the other person in a relationship isn't it hard? Why do we need to try so hard to change the other person, when we clearly know that he/she won't change?

There are some questions which have been on my mind now for a long time... Any answers?

It's sad to see her so sad and lost - and most of us still think that he used her and just had fun with her while she was totally committed to a guy who wasn't serious or good enough for her...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A - Z of me!

Picked this up from Rayshma *as always!*
And since I love doing them tags - here goes:

A - Available? - No!!! Job - yes...
B - Best Friend - There are a couple, but my husband, N and V
C - Cake or pie - cake.
D - Drink of choice - pure, cold drinking water.
E - Essential thing used everyday - Laptop/Internet, Deodorant
F - Favorite Color - black/white/green.
G - Gummi bears or worms - Gummi bears? Worms - no way! Yuck!!
H - Hometown - Mysore
I - Indulgence - Brownie with 2 huge scoops of vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate!
J - January or February - January! Start of the New Year and both mom and dad's b'days!
K - Kids and names - not applicable yet.
L - Life is incomplete without - family, friends and my specs!
M - Marriage Date - March 1, 2006
N - Number of siblings - Younger sister
O - Oranges or apples - Both actually...
P - Phobias or fears - That i lose my specs and I can't find the other pair because I can't see...
Q - Quote - The Best and most beautiful things in this world can't be seen or touched;
They must be felt with the Heart. - Helen Keller
R - Reason to smile - Could be anything - from a mug of hot coffee to a bad joke to rains...

S - Season - Spring, Winter
T - Tag three people - Anyone who wants to take it up!
U - Unknown fact about me - - I love my coffee hot and it irritates if it goes just a tad bit cold...
V - Vegetable you don't like - Brinjal
W - Worst habit - Bite my nails
X - X-rays you have had - My back
Y - Your favorite food - Curd Rice with mango Pickle
Z - Zodiac - Pisces

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year Celebrations...

New Year celebrations were different this year -
I fell down and hurt my ankle on the evening of 1st.
I had gone to the beauty parlour for a haircut, you know - so that the New Year starts out fresh and nice... :-)
So, I got my new haircut and was standing on the curb waiting to cross the road, when this guy all of a sudden pushed me! I was so surprised and angry that I whacked him with my handbag twice!
(I'm still thinking how I managed that after twisting my ankle - I had to turn around and then swing my bag and whack him!)
So, now I have a very badly twisted ankle which still hurts a lot and has me limping around....
Not good at all... But, on a brighter note - the new haircut looks great! ;-)