Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! :-)

I wish that -

God, gives you grace to accept with serenity the things that can’t be changed,
Courage to change the things You can,
And the Wisdom to know the difference.

P.s: will update more on the work front and what happened after my rant on my blog...
Thank you for the encouraging words which I needed... :-)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Year End Blues...


This post is a non-thinking-simply-written posts...
I am bored and kind of depressed - I will put it down to year-end blues...
I liked 2007 - mainly because the numbers added up to 9! (I like the number 9 - that's why! duh!)

Now, 2008 is coming - and it looks very unsure - I knew what I wanted out of 2007 - not that what-all I wanted happened!! But, still...

I have a lot of work as well - trying to undo the crap done by another team mate and she is on a long leave... (i have a load of bad words in my head for this girl)
I wish I had the "License to Kill" like James Bond (he is very sexy...)
I also have a pounding headache, a very sore throat, bad cold and I am seeing double because of the pounding headache. Oh.. did I talking about the cough? No? Its bad - hacking cough is not good....
I also visited the passport office today, sat in the hot sun for 3 hrs to submit some forms which took exactly 5 minutes...
It's winter, there should be no hot-blazing sun. It wasn't so hot yesterday - but, today it was... Bah!

I tried squinting my eyes really hard and tried looking at the monitor - it pinches your cheeks and nothing else happens, except that you look really weird...

I really want to go home, curl up under my cosy blankets and sleep....

I also tried saying the alphabet backwards - nothing happened really, couldn't go beyong "w"
*this just shows I'm bored, in absolutely no mood to work or meet the deadline - which happens to be today*

I tried telling the truth - about a co-worker and how he harasses the others from onsite - how he abuses others by using bad language - no one believed me - even though couple of others have also complained.
Now, the people at onsite say I am a bad-worker (*sob*)
Very demotivating... should I quit and try another company? But, if I do that, will I be labelled as a quitter?
If I stay, everyday - I need to struggle to achieve something - I feel like a fish out of water...
I tell the truth - I hate sucking up to superiors and I believe in integrity - none of which seems to hold any value now-a-days...
Alright, I'm stopping now....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I wish all my 4+ blog friends a Very Merry Christmas!!! :-D

(psst: Very and Merry go well together, don't they?! :P)

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!! :-)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Rants, Thoughts...

With my husband back after 3 months, routine has fallen into place again.

I did tell everyone that he went and when he came back, but I never did get around to posting how the experience was - me staying alone for 3 months.

Honestly - I enjoyed myself! I did what I wanted, when I wanted it and how I wanted...(Not that my husbands restricts anything)

I did miss him - his presence was sorely missed - but, I wasn't lonely or sad or depressed... People ask me - "So, now you are happy is it? that your husband is back?"

I'm like - "huh?!"

I was happy in his absence too... but, I really don't know why people don't understand that.

Why is it that he is expected to "enjoy" himself and I am supposed to be all "sad" and"lonely" and "depressed"?

I did the usual things - I went for walks, shopped, met friends, went home to Mysore,watched TV, listened to music... *you get the drift right?*

One of my cousins asked me - "So, how is your life all alone? Are you bored?"

I felt like whacking him on the head with a pipe!I wasn't alone!!

I mean, my husband went out of town for 3 months - he didn't leave me!!and BORED?! I had no words to express...

Another friend I know thought I would be moping at home, but when I told her I was out shopping for books at Crosswords she was speechless!

WHY? What is wrong with me? Why do I know such weirdos? I seriously need to make different friends and pretend NOT to know these people!!!

I learnt a lot too - to handle things on my own, to make decisions alone quickly without consulting my husband (like - whether red bedspreads go well with our curtains...they don't by the way!)

If need arises, I don't mind him going again for another 3 months - though I prefer he goes for a longer term - like 2 yrs, so I can go with him and do something different with my life - other than coding inane stuff and sweating over deadlines!


We talk a lot about respect and individuality. We stress the need and scream ourselves hoarse by insisting that women should be respected and equality is our birth right.

But, the more I look around, I see that it's the women who need to respect themselves first. Then, expect respect from others...

Unless you respect yourself first, don't expect someone else to do it for you. I think we need to value ourselves more.... What do you think?

We teach our kids respect, but unless the child sees the father and mother respect each other, how will he/she actually understand it?


There's also the question of marriage - I saw a couple of posts about it on Sue's blog and though I didn't comment on it there - she sure made me think...

Marriage to me is faith and honesty... Be it love or arranged, we all start out with placing our trust with the other individual and then later on in stages, we build on it.

It also means making adjustments to each other's temperments... I'm the emotional kind and he isn't. I get angry easily and he is the sort who lets his anger simmer - I have learnt to recognise the signs - and I leave him alone until he comes out with what's bothering him... We have also learnt to keep t he communication lines open however difficult it gets and this has worked for us - we don't fight too much these days...

He doesn't tell me everything - certain things he feels I don't need to know - I respect that and I back off - I have learnt over the years to let go and not ask or insist he tell me everything and this I have realised will make sure he tells me most of the things...

This has worked for us... again, I am not pointing out fingers or making suggestions about marriage or trust factors here - We are still figuring out a lot of things...

But respecting each other's view points and trying to figure out why the other person feels so strongly about certain issues is helping us take our relationship to a another level... :-)


I went shopping with a friend to Bangalore Central - she is getting married and her husband has insisted that she wears jeans and be comfortable in them - a tall order to a girl who has never worn jeans!

I seem to have the patience of a saint - if you don't mind me saying so! I made her feel and look comfortable in jeans in a matter of few hours!

But, she fusses! OMG! How she fussed! I was so close to losing it! But, each time I kept remembering that she has never done this kind of thing before!!

Well, I had fun spening someone else's money for a change!!! :-)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Weekend!!

It's not like I've stopped blogging...
Some of my favorite bloggers are closing shop...
I hope they come back soon -
*Poppins Mom - Do you hear me?!*

It's just that I've been so busy with work and today is my deadline.
I really hope that the next couple of weeks won't be this bad...

The past couple of days have been eventful... with work and change in projects from Monday - it's been hectic and that's an understatement!

I really do have a lot of things to write - you know the ideas keep coming and overflowing, but this time, I didn't write them down anywhere - so, its all stuck in my head and I haven't had time to sit and compose a decent post in a long time...

Happy Weekend! Hope all you lovely people out there have loads of fun with your loved ones! :-)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One more Tag!

I "lifted" this tag off from Swati!!! I like doing them and they are so much fun, so here goes!
It's the Number Four Tag...

Four Ladies I admire:
My Mother

Kiran Bedi
Rakhi Sawant - her unapologetic straight forwardness!! (I am serious here!)

Four Favourite Foods:
Curd Rice and Pickle

Bisi Bele Bath (A very typical Karnataka Rice dish)
Masala Dosa
Kheer (it's a sweet)

Four Favourite Drinks:
Red Wine

Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Milk

Four Fondest memories:
My 2 yrs stay in Denver, Colorado when I was a kid

The time I spent with my husband in Mysore before marriage
Ramya Hotel (a restaurant in Mysore) with my grandfather
Piano lessons at Good Shepard convent!

Four Unforgettable Days:
My wedding

The day I fought with the school board saying girls aren't given equal rights in sports
My first Bharatanatyam programme (I was terrified!)
The day I met my best friend V in another friend's Lab in the university.

Edited to add:
(I picked this up from Rayshma)
Four TV Shows I Like:
Desperate Housewives
That 70's show/Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - not the children's contest going on now...
Ugly Betty/Heroes

And now time for confession ...Four things I should work on:
My temper
My career
My moodiness (I'm terribly moody)
My procrastination

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take up this tag! :-)