Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friendship's Day my dear Blog Samaj!

Friendship is amazing isn't it?!
People I haven't actually met are my closest friends nowadays.
You guys have not only been kind, but also critical, supportive and always around for a hug.

I know that whatever be the problem, I can ring up anyone one of you and you will calmly listen and then explain in detail why you think I'm crazy!! :P

My closest friends list includes more blog friends than actual people I interact and meet.
You guys know me for who I am, like me for the person I am and are non-judgemental and accept the craziness without batting an eyelid!
You are of the few who come back to me even though I have phased out on many of you at various instances.
You know I phase out and take it for face value and wait patiently for me to come back to my usual self.
I can crib, rant to my heart's content, knowing that when I come back, there will be a warm hug, a pat on my back, or sometimes even a kick to bring me back to my senses or a simple hello to say/show that you listened.

Thank you for letting me into your lives, for bringing me so much of joy and happiness.
Thank you for letting me jump into conversations happening and let me know that my comment is valuable.
Thank you for asking about me in various comment spaces.
It shows you guys care and are actually wondering where I could have gone or why I haven't stopped by still... Some of you mail me and tell me that new post is up! :)

"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway."~ Jerome Cummings

And the one which is so apt here,
"Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love, aren't we already there?"~ Richard Bach

Another Gem -
"To know someone here or there
with whom you can feel
there is understanding
in spite of distances or
thoughts expressed
That can make life a garden."~ Goethe

Another truth -
" I cannot even imagine where I would be today
were it not for that handful of friends
who have given me a heart full of joy.
Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun." ~ Charles R. Swindoll

So many of you and so very special in so many ways...
So many friendships had already been formed when I joined in on the fun. Each one of you made me feel welcome and cherished and special.
So many things are common that it's unbelievable, but true! :)

Thank you. For barging into my life, bringing in so much madness, laughter and love.
For making it so special that every post, every comment, every email and every sms is cherished and treasured forever.

I only hope that me being in your lives, however tiny it maybe, has made you a little more happier and when you think of me at random instances as you go thru your daily life, I make you smile just like how you guys make me smile! :)
Like, how puppies and Dill Leaves, a Tavera Car or a pic with Mountains, a long rambling post or a glass of wine, Crayons, or a cream coloured sofa, a Malayam accent or a Cheese sandwich remind me of you guys! How extraordinary it is that one of you guys have the same name as my best friend in school did!
How extraordinary it is that my best friends are someone whom I've only spoken to and still eagerly waiting to meet! :)
Happy Friendship's Day in advance my dear, precious friends :)

All the sayings, the pic - courtesy google

Monday, July 27, 2009

My friend has a Recipe blog!


One of my closest friends from college, has a South Indian Recipe Blog.

We became very good friends during graduation and till now we have remained good friends :)
We had common Interests like Back Street Boys and we both had been betrayed and hurt by our respective so-called best friend as well!! :) :)

But, we became and still are good friends, so please do go on over, visit and leave your precious footprints there as well!

If she has her mom's cooking genes, then I can assure you the dishes will not only be easy to make but extremely yummy as well!! :)
Her mom was a fantastic cook!


I have been busy with work, a bit low because of a couple of issues as well.
Though its not my fault or anything, it will be a pain and it needs to be resolved soon.

Also have a pretty bad headache as well. So, need all the hugs you can possibly give out! :P
I know, I haven't replied to so many comments as well. I will do that as well tomorrow, so please do excuse me for that as well.

That's it for now. Will be back tomorrow with a better post.
But, in the meantime, do visit my friend! :) :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tired out...

Oh yes! I am!! Extremely tired out. I have had so much work to do and deliver that I've got work coming out of my ears!!!

I am not sure if it's a good thing or not - being asked specifically by the client for a new module development...
But, that's happened and its got strict deadlines, with very little flexibility.

This picture below gives you a fair idea as to how tired I am with work and the politics that surround it.

I know, I crib a lot about the politics, you say that it's there everywhere. I keep asking - Why can't we just work without all this crap...
Though, to be fair, it's much better here than my previous work place. (TOUCHWOOD! ANTI-JINX)
And, I am enjoying the work and I get along well with my managers, team and Client...
So, that's a good thing, I guess :)

Sigh... Wish me luck please. I need it to complete everything on time, for all the modules/projects I'm currently handling and/or working in....

Posting and commenting will be irregular, sadly... But, I will be around to say a quick hello and pass on a warm hug to you guys! :)


Image Courtesy: Google of course

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anon? Me?

How Anon am I, is the question. Lots of bloggers have debated on this. Some have maintained over the years their anon status, some have mentioned their names, the reasons for their disclosure on their blogs...
But, most of us have friends, friends who have moved on from being just blog friends to personal friends. Friends who know me, my family and most importantly are part of my life. I share my highs with most of them, lows with a close few. :)
Most of you know me. Most of you are on my friends list in Gtalk.
You know me in WP, especially since my mail id is my last name! :)

So, should I go ahead say my actual name here to those few (you can count the few who don't know me!) who don't know me?
Then, will you stop calling me Pixie?!! :)
Pixie has become so much part of me now and when friends on Gtalk say - "Pixie hi!"
It feels good, because they know my real name, but still call me Pixie! :D :D

I like being called Pixie by my friends who have become quite close because of this blog.
Friends in Real life, I prefer them to call me by my name and not Pixie except Jeez, since he was the first person to call me Pixie!
Kind of confusing? Not really.
But, folks who know me, know this isn't confusing or insulting or anything of that sort!! It makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Happy Weekend Folks! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Daddy knows best!

Oh yes he does!! :) :)
Now, I have had my ups and downs with my dad. He was super strict when we were growing up. I didn't understand him and he definitely didn't understand me!! :D
Sure, we have had our differences over the years, but this is not about that, this post is to share with you guys what my daddy taught me and what I have strived hard to learn, accept and follow and few things which I have mastered as well.
  • Work hard, keep your head low and raise it only when you have substantial proof to back your work up.
  • Be modest about your work.
  • Do your work honestly. If not today, honesty does pay off in the long run and it makes sure you sleep every night with a clear heart and a happy soul. I am a firm believer of this because I have examples in the form of my parents right in front of me!
  • Know your curse words! My dad taught us the bad words, anyway most of them! :D
  • When you have someone in front of you, especially a boss you don't like, keep your cool. As they start getting heated up, and they see you all calm and collected, it will irritate them more!
  • There is no point in adding word to word in an argument. Most times silence is the best argument you can give.
  • Wait and watch for your opportunity, this is very important, so that you don't make any false moves, which will make get you into trouble.

Most important one,

  • Once you know the other person is a pig, no point in fighting with them. For a pig enjoys the wrestle in mud. After a while, you realise that while you are getting dirty, the pig is enjoying the mud and the wrestle!!
There! Not all of them maybe the "right" way of tackling things, but it works! :D
Being bad or cunning helps sometimes, especially when you aren't being dishonest!!

Edited to add: I am not saying this will work, it just might. It has for me!
And, my dad's a great guy, honest, hardworking and loyal and dependable, so no jokes on dad pls! :)
The one comment that was there, I have removed for the same reasons.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Friday!

Finally! The weekend will start in a couple of hours! :)

I remember, last week on this very day I was roaming around Mysore with my mom. Awesome day it was, I tell you! :) :)

Today, it's a different story, today am trying to work. I have to come up with 3 different PPTs, 1 document, and 2 reviews to complete before 5!

(OK, I'm stopping work related talk NOW!)

The thing that's really funny is, when ladies go to the restroom here in office, they leave behind their dupattas and mobiles on the sink counter!

I can understand slightly about the mobiles, but, why dupatta? How will it get wet?! ROTFL!!

You know, by randomly leaving behind mobiles in restrooms, one could actually lose it. My team mate lost hers yesterday.
If you are bringing it all the way to the restroom, you might as well carry it inside the cubicle! Or leave it in your purse or bag in your desk at your workstation!

Also, yesterday's training was fun! Did I learn anything - well, no. But, it was a full session and my entire team was there and some of them have wicked sense of humour!! :D

So, half the time we were laughing around and goofing off, sitting in the last row to pay any actual attention!!!

Also, I hiccuped while drinking tea twice! And Snorted out tea from my nose! :D
I now know that Swaram, Crafty and Hitchy were talking about me on Swaram's blog!

Major Hugs, you guys! :) :)

During the introduction, the person sitting next to you is supposed to gather information and then introduce you to the whole class. So, my friend, she asked me the basic details and then went on to list of friends. (We were asked to list at least 2 - 3 Best friends and a minimum of 15 good friends)

Best Friend: Grail. Now, I know few details about her, so it was easy to say she works in so and so place etc etc.
The hard part was explaining how I met her! Don't even ask the lie I told for that since I don't want anyone here at work to know I blog!

Good Friends: This list of 15 friends also included Hitchy, Swaram, Crafty, Solilo, Indy, Smithus, RayRay, Galadriel, Kima.

Now, the funny part came with their actual names!! I know a few of them. I don't know the rest, so I made up the names!!! :D :D

The worst was, since all of them are in different parts of the world, explaining how I actually meet them, when and where.

Let's just say, I have a very vivid imagination!!!

Now, just for Swaram and Crafty and a reluctant Hitchy, Tom & Jerry Cartoons! Shared here with loads of love and buckets full of popcorn!!!


(I have to post this now!! but, blogger image loading is not working, I will post pics of popcorn and TnJ later?!)

Kindly Adjust maadi!!! :P :P :P :) :)

Edited to add: Cartoon pics have been added! :)

Image courtesy: Google! :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another non-post!

I had a post all done in my head today morning. It was about our education system, you know, why I support it in some ways, why I think we have a pretty good foundation...

And of course, mugging up helps, because how else will you be able to remember all the testing data that one has setup, but which mysteriously has vanished and had to be dictated over the phone to onsite folks!!!
I am not saying mugging up and writing is a good idea, all I'm saying is all that mugging up I did sure panned out in some ways!!! :D :D

But, I can't remember the actual post now!! So, will compromise with another non-post filled with ramblings, none of which address any serious issues.

Also, I have taken to eating lunch alone. With a book for company. Surprisingly, I do this willingly. Now, all of you who read me and know me, know that I am not the sort who will willingly eat alone. But, I have been doing it because I don't want to discuss office politics during lunch! Everyone I know, will bitch about someone else or tell tales.
Ugh! I just can't take talking about the office all the time!!! There are so many other things also right? So, I eat alone peacefully with a story book for company! :)

The weather is glorious here in Bangalore! Its cloudy, rainy and its windy! :D
Perfect time for Bajjis or samosas with hot hot chai... in all probability will go now and eat something! :)

Bought my sister's new suitcases, this makes her going away even more final. *sigh*
She will be leaving in less than 30 days time. I am NOT going to count the days because it will just make me sad.
I am so proud of her, you know? And very happy for her, but can't help tearing up at the mere mention of her leaving...

I still have no clue how am NOT going to cry in the airport, because she has strictly told us NO CRYING in the Airport since she going for her MBA on a full scholarship is a happy and proud moment for us.

I have also made so many Blog Friends now! :)
I share personal details with them, listen to the stories that are sometimes too personal to be blogged about. It's like Pen Pals, but a modern version of it! :)
It's also weirdly similar to chatting in Chat rooms where you click with some and you go on and meet them and chat with them, and others, you just pass time with and forget about them after logging out of the chat room! :)

Also, I'm attending a training on Communications tomorrow, which is weirdly funny!
I write decently well right? right? (this is your cue to jump up and say -"Yes you do"! hehe)
And I know I speak good English!!

I will be off the blog and blog samaj and spamming comments tomorrow and chatting in the comments section of various precious blogs as well. *sniff*

Miss me ok?
Be kind as well, remember, I'm attending a training tomorrow!!!!

Cheers!! :) :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Vacationing at home!

Even though I love traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people, I still think coming home to Mysore is the BEST vacation one can take ever! :)

This trip has been fantastic... Emotional in many ways... A lot of memories re-surfaced and all of them good.

I remembered the trips I used to make with my mom to Sayyaji Rao Road and DD Urs Road. :)
I remembered the movies with my friends... and as always, I missed my friend V a lot.
The good thing was I chatted with him yesterday night! :)

I remembered the fun times I have had with my sister, her visits to the dentist, me picking her up from school and college...
I remembered fondly the times I have spent with my husband here when we were in college, when we were working together...

All pleasant memories which has made sure that my smile stays firmly in place!! :)

I still have 1 more day here, it's always less. The trips always leave me unsatisfied and wanting more time with my folks, in Mysore...

Monday morning, we return back to Bangalore. Back to our daily routine of office and domesticity...

It's been good this time and the 4 days have passed very quickly. But, office and the other world of politics, domesticity, unconnected friends await from Tuesday...
With times like this at home, it makes it easier to tackle things, to remember that nothing is as serious in nature as it seems...

And that troubles always vanish when we stand up and face it.

So, what is your favorite vacation spot? And you fondest memory of home?