Saturday, July 04, 2009

Vacationing at home!

Even though I love traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people, I still think coming home to Mysore is the BEST vacation one can take ever! :)

This trip has been fantastic... Emotional in many ways... A lot of memories re-surfaced and all of them good.

I remembered the trips I used to make with my mom to Sayyaji Rao Road and DD Urs Road. :)
I remembered the movies with my friends... and as always, I missed my friend V a lot.
The good thing was I chatted with him yesterday night! :)

I remembered the fun times I have had with my sister, her visits to the dentist, me picking her up from school and college...
I remembered fondly the times I have spent with my husband here when we were in college, when we were working together...

All pleasant memories which has made sure that my smile stays firmly in place!! :)

I still have 1 more day here, it's always less. The trips always leave me unsatisfied and wanting more time with my folks, in Mysore...

Monday morning, we return back to Bangalore. Back to our daily routine of office and domesticity...

It's been good this time and the 4 days have passed very quickly. But, office and the other world of politics, domesticity, unconnected friends await from Tuesday...
With times like this at home, it makes it easier to tackle things, to remember that nothing is as serious in nature as it seems...

And that troubles always vanish when we stand up and face it.

So, what is your favorite vacation spot? And you fondest memory of home?


Crafty Shines said...

its the time to disco!!!!!

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

*Itchy n scratchy have lost weight, but do roam around with a big head from all the first-coming*

pixie....join the dance will ya????

WAH pixie!!!!!!!!!!! glad u had a great vacation!!!! after ur office bombarding u with work n all, this was totally required!!! :D hugs!!!

my fav vacation destination was munar, and will do a post on it soon! the memories! sigh!!! tell me pixie!!! what a life we have now na?


vacations just zoom by and u think u waited ages for it to arrive and its gone even before u could say "yipeeeeeeeee"

hope u return back rejuvenated!!! :D loads of commenting to be done pixie!!! have u brewed that coffee pot of ours??? or is it my turn now?

"Back to our daily routine of office and domesticity..."

this reminded me of hitchu.....he hates this word "domestic"!!!
Hugs @ hitchu!

Pixie said...

yep!! First!! :D

*Joining in madly to dance*

Office bombarding me now also, so switched my mobile off!! :D :D

totally agree...!! All work only most of the times...

Coffee pot is ready! :)
*Offers a mug to crafty as well as they sit waiting for Hitchy to arrive*

Timepass said... pixie is on of my most fav places to visit is Davangere...

mohit said...

looks like ur having the extended version of monday morning blues :P

bt so cool that u went for a holiday.... everyone should! how much work can a person do continuously, after all?

my favourite vacation was in goa!!
not with family, though ;)

Solilo said...

Pixie, You were vacationing too? :D

I am just back from one.

Anonymous said...

Pixie yeh to hai...


hmmm hmmm... haa haa... in Bhappi da's immortal voice !!!!!!!!

lol....!!! are like bliss...

I love my vacations back home a lot now that I have left Bharuch and setteled in Indore... !!!!

Otherwise my favourite vacation would be in the jungles or hills... either corbett or Manali...

some day though I dream to vacation for a few months in Africa... Zaire, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa... I so so long to see the savana, the serengeti... the rain forests...

geeeeee you got me started again.. !!

and please dont mention the word DOMESTIC !!

its like reality... !

Pixie said...

@Timepass: Yup!! :)
Where have you been all these days?

@Mohit: you are so right! And Goa is ideal as well, we loved our stay there last year!! :)

@Hitchy: Where were you?!!
And yea, the jungles, hills are lovely!!! :)
And Domestic means reality - I agree!!

Bappi Da's voice?!!!!!!

He does sing kind of well though, don't you think?!!

Anonymous said...

Some of Bhappi da's songs are really sooper... his voice is original....

I like his songs too !!!!

Reality is so boring !! aint it...

Africa sounds so so exotic !!

Pixie said...

oh yes!!
African jungles... vacationing there - completely exotic!! :D

And Bappi's songs are on a level by themselves! :)
But, with all his Gold jewelery, he reminds me of a Light Bulb!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

we are going to vaction next week..

rayshma said...

aww.. u're gonna hate being in offc on monday!
but heyy... take the pics with u.. so u can sneakily keep going back and reliving the weekend! :)

Swati said...

My favourite place to vacation is again..home sweet home :)

Varunavi said...

Wow i envy u.I want a break and go to hyd and do nothing just lazy around.

still have 1 more day here, it's always less--- it is always less :(

Indyeah said...

Pixie!! I left a damn comment here!!! :(((((

and I did it for the last to last tagwala post too!
and now nothing is there


now tell em when are you shifting to WP?
*looks at Pixie in a threatening manner*

Ersa said...

hope you had a lotta fun during your vac, pix...

vimmuuu said...

Oh crap! Im late. I guess by now, you must be in Bangalore feeling even more nostalgic !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Mysore of course !!
And you already knew that ... didn't you ??

Swaram said...

Nammuru Mysore for me too :)
I just luv Mysore ... how sad hv not been able to go there for almost 2 yrs nw :(

Nice post Pixie... me gonna visit Mysore definitely when I come to Blr next time :)

Pixie said...

Indy!! Don't scold pls!!!! will shift soon to WP!! :D :D

Swaram: WElcome! :)
You from Mysore too?! *gasp*
How brilliant is that?!! :D :D

Namma Mysuru rocks alwa?!! :)

Ray, I am still missing home and i've been slightly cross-eyed all day and totally absent minded!! :)

And yea Swati - Home is where the heart is! :) :)

Vimmu - me back in Office da... and back to reality

@Ersa: yup babe! had fun! :)

@Varunavi: yea.. 1 day always seems less!

Swaram said...

Yes Yes .. Me too from Mysuru ... Kuvempunagara :P

And this is my 2nd comment on ur blog ;)

Anonymous said...

aww the trips back home leave u with such warmth

baaaw i want to go delhi NOW

Pixie said...

Howda?!! Me too!! :P

how come we haven't met before?

Pixie said...

@Monu: hugs!!! hope u get a chance to go soon! :)

Swaram said...

Ayyayyo .. eke heegaythoooo naanu kanheno :P

Thank God we met now Pixie :)

We will meet n eat kadlekai @ aramane ok na :P

Pixie said...

Ok! done! :)
Also, we can meet for a walk at kukkarahallikere alwa? Adu beautiful place :)

Smitha said...

I so totally agree!!! There is nothing like vacationing at home! And home is still with parents, isn't it?

Nothing beats it! Even now, when I go to India, I just wait to get home! and relax! Enjoy the lazing around, enjoy all the pampering.. Meeting family.. I miss it all now :( And I am not going to India for a year now :( bawl bawl!

And Pixie - I do hope you remain in Blore when we get back - it will fun to meet you :)

Smitha said...

And hope your work treats you better! Hope it is less hectic now. Take care!

Swaram said...

Haudu haudu ... y r we meeting so late :( anyways, we did meet. Thanks to Crafty n her Tom n Jerry :)

Pixie said...

@Smithus: Work is better now :)
mush more tolerable after that visit home :)

Yup we will be in Bangalore only! And I'm now looking forward to your visit! :)

@Swaram: Howdu... Credit goes to Crafty and Hitchy's song post and of course Tom & Jerry!!

*going to Crafty's place to hug her*

Anonymous said...

Mysoreans HAVE to love Mysore! I'm not one so I don't know... But a few I know and are obsessed about the place! :)
It's so awesome when such tiny memories are re-lived!