Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another non-post!

I had a post all done in my head today morning. It was about our education system, you know, why I support it in some ways, why I think we have a pretty good foundation...

And of course, mugging up helps, because how else will you be able to remember all the testing data that one has setup, but which mysteriously has vanished and had to be dictated over the phone to onsite folks!!!
I am not saying mugging up and writing is a good idea, all I'm saying is all that mugging up I did sure panned out in some ways!!! :D :D

But, I can't remember the actual post now!! So, will compromise with another non-post filled with ramblings, none of which address any serious issues.

Also, I have taken to eating lunch alone. With a book for company. Surprisingly, I do this willingly. Now, all of you who read me and know me, know that I am not the sort who will willingly eat alone. But, I have been doing it because I don't want to discuss office politics during lunch! Everyone I know, will bitch about someone else or tell tales.
Ugh! I just can't take talking about the office all the time!!! There are so many other things also right? So, I eat alone peacefully with a story book for company! :)

The weather is glorious here in Bangalore! Its cloudy, rainy and its windy! :D
Perfect time for Bajjis or samosas with hot hot chai... in all probability will go now and eat something! :)

Bought my sister's new suitcases, this makes her going away even more final. *sigh*
She will be leaving in less than 30 days time. I am NOT going to count the days because it will just make me sad.
I am so proud of her, you know? And very happy for her, but can't help tearing up at the mere mention of her leaving...

I still have no clue how am NOT going to cry in the airport, because she has strictly told us NO CRYING in the Airport since she going for her MBA on a full scholarship is a happy and proud moment for us.

I have also made so many Blog Friends now! :)
I share personal details with them, listen to the stories that are sometimes too personal to be blogged about. It's like Pen Pals, but a modern version of it! :)
It's also weirdly similar to chatting in Chat rooms where you click with some and you go on and meet them and chat with them, and others, you just pass time with and forget about them after logging out of the chat room! :)

Also, I'm attending a training on Communications tomorrow, which is weirdly funny!
I write decently well right? right? (this is your cue to jump up and say -"Yes you do"! hehe)
And I know I speak good English!!

I will be off the blog and blog samaj and spamming comments tomorrow and chatting in the comments section of various precious blogs as well. *sniff*

Miss me ok?
Be kind as well, remember, I'm attending a training tomorrow!!!!

Cheers!! :) :)


Swaram said...

Pixie :)

Swaram said...

I luv non-posts Pixie ... i was planning to do one too 2day :P

Me too eats alone @ desk reading n commenting. Thatz the time i can do it without any interruption ;)

yes yes .. no talking abt office politics .. lottttt of better things to do .. we can instead sit n think abt wat to post next :P

Oh :( I know how diff it is to b away from sis. She is in Blr n me here n its been 6 mths since I hv met her. I feel so bad. I want to pull her leg so much :(

Wow Blr weather, pakoda n all - pls mail me all that ok ;)

Blog friends - miracle Pixie .. dats wat i think .. how much we talk n i hv not seen or heard any of them. Miracle is what it is rt :) They have become an integral part of life .. I write more for cing them comment rather than to post itself :P

U write pretty well u know .. go show off ur skills in the training too .. okie?

Will miss u 2mrw :(

Pixie said...

yay Swaram! :)
Post your non-post too!! :)
Yup, Blog friends are a Miracle.. :)

Sending you a parcel with pakods and banana bajji! :D

Ohh!! Thank you thank you! :D
I will show 'em off!! who can resist alwa?!! :D

hitchwriter said...

cheating cheating.. !!

Swaram said...

Me first then :)

Danganakka Jakkanakha Jingchak :P

Yummy Pixie .. thanku :)

No no .. we shud nt resist .. go go show off :P

hitchwriter said...

Do you write well ?? are you asking ??

hitchwriter said...

I agree to swaram here... !!

I cant believe the mates I have made here in blogosphere.. !!

I really cant... unbelievable... !! actually too good to be real and thats why i want to meet them and prove to myself that they really exist !!!!!!!!

Pixie said...

*pinching Hitchy har to show Pixie exists*

*running away before Hitchu catches up!!*

Hee Hee!!

Me asking Hitchu, pass on the compliments!! :P :P

hitchwriter said...

what ?? you gotta be kidding me... !!!

Pixie said...

no compliments from Hitchu?!!

*looking around for Crafty*
Need to learn how to throw maha tantrums to make Hitchy Listen...

hitchwriter said...

hee hee hee... !!!

you speak well too... !!!!

so much in one day.... kid ... relax... !!!!

Pixie said...

Aww..!! Hugs Hitchu! :)

So many compliments from you! :) :)

hitchwriter said...

hey I intended to put ?????? instead of !!!!!!!!

geeez.... the kid will have a broken heart now... !!!!! :P :P

Pixie said...

No! no! you are not allowed to make corrections!! :D :D
Once compliment given and taken will not be returned back! :D

hitchwriter said...

alle... lol... !!!

keep it kid !!!

Pixie said...


I can't believe I will be missing all this action tomorrow!!
I guess I will come back during lunch and check once!! :D :D

hitchwriter said...

work well... !!

we are here only na.. !!

Pixie said...

Very true! :)

But, can't chat-comment like this...

Swaram said...

Yes yes Pixie .. check during lunch okie .. we will b waiting for u for dance n tom-n-jerry okie :)

Will keep aside all those snacks for u. Ssssh! Secret, don't tell anyone :P

varunavisworld said...

I hate eating alone,but to escape from the stupid talks i was forced to eat alone.

All the best for ur sister and u people are proud of her as she is going with full scholarship,god bless her.

share personal details with them, listen to the stories that are sometimes too personal--- this is so true,love u all :)

rayshma said...

u can't be gone tomorrow. it's being my budday no?! how will u wish me, eh?! :D

on an aside... try not to get bored out of ur mind tomorrow! :D

wisegirl said...

the reason why all of u are forbidden from crying is because when u cry, i end up crying.. especially u!!! now u made me all sad... talking of going away and stuff...

Pixie said...

Awww.. Babe! Hugs! Don't be sad pls... then, I'll be sad...

See, we are very proud of you and very happy. No crying ok?

@Varunavi: I know! and i agree... :)

@Ray: Tomorrow is B'Day?! Will come right over and wish you now! Hugs!

Indyeah said...

arre baba!so many thoughts!? :D

the weather in Bangalore is good?
In Delhi it is HUMID as hell!:((((

*better than sweltering summers but still* :(

do write about the education system when the thoughts come back to your mind:)))

would be interesting to read:)

your sis still has a month at your place na?enjoy!:)))


you write more than decently:)) its GOOD:)))))

*gives Pixie a hanky to stop her sniffles*
stop sniffing :P

enjoy and miss us too:)))

Ersa said...

i eat alone too...most of the times...i like it that way :-).

and yeah, you write very well...they might ask you to train others during the training tomorrow ;-), so have fun!!!

come back sooooon...

Smitha said...

Oh Pixie, I love your non-posts as much as your Friday posts :)

Eating alone and reading and commenting - sounds like a good alternative :)

'The weather is glorious here in Bangalore! Its cloudy, rainy and its windy! - It is the same here- I wish I could say that it is gorgeous :(

All the best to your sis! You all must be so so proud of her :)

Everything you say about Blog friends is so true! Our blog friendships make so much of a difference!

Training in communication :) Guess as somebody suggested - for all you know, they might ask you to train the others :)

Enjoy the training, we used to love trainings - great food, great fun and no work :)

Solilo said...

Pixer, You gone for a whole day? Arre my blog will miss you. :)

Come back soon..okay. And don't talk about Indian food. I drool...

Crafty Shines said...

Lol @ benefits of mugging up! not all have the gift pixie!!! I am a loser at mugging up! :P that’s why I never did well in subjects that did not interest me…when I wud mug up and write answers, if I forgot one line anywhere in the course of the answer…I wud forget everything that followed the line! :( :(
Mugging up is a gift!!! An art!! :)

U are eating lunch alone? With a book???? :(
I know what u mean tho…..even I avoided hanging out with the gossipy ones. Sometimes, its cool, when I humour n all. But when it gets spiteful, u just feel too uncomfortable, na? :(

And it’s a break for god sakes!!! Must to be able to talk of other things than work n office ppl n stuff! Our previous office had a terrace facing the sea…I wud go sit there by myself….my friends had all moved on and I was left with the newsmongers!
Aww pixu, I wish I cud give u company! We wud eat food and talk of tastier food we’d rather be eating than out dabba! Lol!!! :D

Arre wah! Bhajjis n samosas!!!! *past midnight n crafty’s stomach gives a rumble*

Awwwwwwwww! U gonna miss ur sis! :( no crying at airport! That’s harsh!!! But congrats to her!!!! That’s great news! And my wishes for her successful completion of her MBA post-grad degree! Hugs!

Yayie for blog friends!!! Crosswords book store here is having some promo of that character “Tinkerbell” from Peterpan…and her CD has some thing written on lines of “pixie dust” and I chuckled thinking of u! did u get hiccups?? That was me!! :D hugs!

Of course u write well! :D Enjoy ur training pixie! *sniff* me will be missing in action too wail! No probs pixie! We willcome back and create more havoc! Okies??

Muahs till then!!!!

vimmuuu said...

That was the heights of randomness !!!! LOL !

Come back soon !!!

Swati said...

Well I love your non posts better :) There is so much in them :)

illusionaire said...

Whether you address serious issues or not, I love all your post, because what matters the most is how you write them, and I would rate you excellent :)

Agree with you guys. Blogging is the best place to meet new friends, because unlike orkut, fb, twitter etc, blogging is more "detailed" and personal, so its a longer process but eventually we get to know the other person better.

And about speaking English... :) Till now, I cannot get rid of my Mizo accent. I was brought up in the South, and I never used to mix with Mizos while growing up. I even speak with my family in English. But till now, I don't speak "proper" English as there are certain words I cannot pronounce correctly no matter how hard I try (like "three"). Its in my genes :P

So, writing and speaking English is quite different sometimes... ;)

theselfloveproject said...

love banagalore ...i wish i could go visit bangalore sometime soon..

nivedithasperceptions said...

Bangalore rocks! Doesn't it! ;)

And books are awesome friends! They're much better than real people sometimes! :P

Oh and you do write well, so you do speak good english I guess! :D

Just a grail said...

Of course you write well!
I have been eating alone at work also, with a book or magazine for the very same reasons.
I am tired of not only the stupid office politics but the grown women who want to talk about other women in the office. I am not interested nor do I have time, I have more than enough drama in my life without worrying about all that mess.

Yes, blog friends are awesome, they start off "blog friends" and then they are just simply friends. Very cool! :-)

UGH I hate training sessions, they are always boring.

Pixie said...

@Swaram: Am back now! ready for all those Snacks! :)

@Indy: Delhi is HOT! *hugs*
I will write it out Indy, just that I have been lazy about writing out a few serious posts! :P
Thank you thank you for the sweet compliments! :)

Training was alright as well! :)

@Ersa: it is somuch better no, sometimes, eating alone.
Hehehe I was one amonst the few who didn't directly translate from Mother tongue to English! :)

@Smithus: thank you dear! :)
trust me, it is a good alternative!
Blog friends are the best!
My best friend is a blog friend! :)

@Solilo: I came by and commented! :)

@Crafty: Ayyo, I had good memory for mugging up! For some subjects, it came in real handy!! :P :P
I hate talking office politics during break or any other time!!
LOL@Pixie dust! :)
you too come back soon.....

@vimmu: Me back now! done with training! Whew!

@SWati: thanks dear! :) good to see you here again :)

@Illusionaire: aww.. aren't you a sweetheart! :) thank you! :)
LOL@ what you call an accent and yea, you do write very well! :)

@ theselfloveproject: Yea. Bangalore is a lovely city! :)

@Niveditha: Yea, we Mysoreans LOVE our city!! And of course Bangalore rocks as well! :)
and I do agree, books are better than actual people sometimes! :P

@Grail: Babe! Hi! hugs! :)
I totally know what you mean, gossiping can be fun as lonng as its not harmful!
Blog friends now, are mostly good friends now.
but, you - you are my best friend. :)


writerzblock said...

He he, Blog Samaj was cool :-)
And a big big big hug to your sister and please wish her the very best of luck. So which Univ is she headed to?