Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My attempt at the 55 word thingy

She had anyways lost her appetite when he fought with her...
He finished eating and got up, angrily, remarking, "Can't you ever finish eating on time?"
She sighed and bent her head so that he couldn't see her tears and remembered the time when he used to wait till she also finished before getting up.

She walked into the room with a glass of milk in her hand...
He beamed proudly at his beautiful bride, dreaming about the future and looked forward to the passionate night ahead.
She waited till he fell asleep because of the drug in the milk before stepping out for her night of passion with Jim.

She walked with sure steps, knowing that she was about to catch him off guard.
She heard voices behind the closed doors, quietly she opened the door and saw him in his favorite position with his boyfriend.
With a flourish she took out the gun, laughing, she shot them both and walked out into the sunlight.


So, what do you think? Do I pass?!
Be kind and let me know what you think of all 3... :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

The weekend that was...

Weekend was fun! :)

We had 3 days holidays, with Ugadi (New Year) on Friday, so we went home to Mysore...
3 days of pure bliss, of sleeping in late with no maid disturbances, of mom's cooking, of eating Watermelon with hands sitting outside on the porch... :-)
The festival was of course celebrated in due style, by pigging out nicely on delicious food... :D

We came back on Sunday morning, which was slightly a waste, because the broadband guy had told that he will be coming in to draw the line, but he of course was absconding... But, we realised that there was a leak in the gas cylinder and got that fixed...
The week started off well, with us finally succumbing and buying a Washing Machine.. I have till date remained a firm believer that hand washing of clothes is the best thing ever. But, with the maid asking more money and the laundry lady asking for more money - we decided to save somewhere and went ahead and splurged on a Washing Machine! :-D
So any good advice from all you readers/friends out there for me? I have absolutely no idea about how to manage the said washing machine!!!! Please go ahead and treat the comment space as your own and leave your pearls of wisdom behind.
The week has started off on a good note, because my mom is here!!! (Double YAY!)
She also came to Bangalore with my sister and is there at her place... So, today and tomorrow - I will be going to my sister's place, which is always fun! :)
Now, am off to finish up all the work, so that I can leave early and spend some more time with my mom... :D
Have a Happy Week People! :)

Edited to add: The advice has been amazing! Thank you - all of you. Will follow them and of course will read the manual completely. :-)
But, I was stuck in office yesterday till 9! :(
Today too, have a couple of meetings till 7. I really hope that I will be able to leave by at least 7 today...because mom is going back to Mysore tomorrow...
*Keeping my fingers crossed!*

Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I Blog...

The Answer is very simple - because I Like to!
It's some sort of an outlet for all my thoughts - all that can be expressed is done here. I still don't talk about a lot of things here - stuff that I want to, but can't due to various other reasons. I also refrain because the "anon" status is slowly dissolving and more people I don't really like know about this place.
This is making me quite uncomfortable because I write as freely as I do, because of the pseudo-anon status that I enjoy and people who know me personally and who stop by here aren't the judgemental sorts and they all like me/love me for ME.
Last week, I spent time thinking maybe, I should shut down this place...
But, then I decided against it. I have made some really great friends all because of this blog and it's been my faithful companion during good times and bad ones. :)

But, for the record, I am repeating some of Rayshma's words:
:: vicious and rude anon comments will not be published
:: comments will be published at my discretion.

:: if you leave a comment and don't want it published, please state so, I shall not publish it.
The reason I brought comment moderation is also for this very reason.

Please do remember, that if you are new here - this is my blog, I choose to put up comments or not.
I write what I want to write about and I also write because I like to.
Again, it's a place where I write how I'm feeling, my likes, dislikes etc.
Some of the rude comments have been deleted for the very same reasons mentioned above.
I enjoy blogging, it's helped me learn and evolve as a person.

It's made sure I have great friends, people I have not met are my support system in so many ways...
I have chosen not to publish rude comments, only because this is one of MY HAPPY PLACES, where negativity is unwelcome.

This justification is again because I have CHOSEN to give it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And, it's my birthday today!

Yep, today is my Birthday... A day which is very special to me and my family, because of course I was born! :P

I had a different post in mind, with quotes etc... but, not really in the mood right now - because I'm sick - with an extremely bad throat infection, blocked nose and a bit of fever as well...
And, to top it all off, I'm working... :(
So, I will go now, try to complete as much work as possible and go home and sleep...
My sister is there - and she will make sure I get a bit of TLC and of course a hot cup of chai to chase the illness away! :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, to my dear husband!


I just want to take a moment and wish you a very Happy Birthday! May you achieve all that is rightly yours and the coming years be filled with Happiness, Love, Prosperity and Success.

You walked into my life as a friend, who, over the years went on to become my best friend. We were and still are inseparable.Marriage was the only solution which seemed so easy and the obvious next step.

On this special day of yours, I take this chance to say how proud of you I am, to have been a part of this special journey which turned you into a fine young man. It's been a pleasure to watch how confident and strong you have turned out to be. (I will of course take all the credit! :P)
The coming years will add to the challenge and I relish the thought that I will be around to be your support and your anchor in times of good and bad as you pass each milestone with ease and confidence.


Here's wishing you many more years of Happiness, Love and Prosperity filled with moments of Fun! :)

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Friday, March 13, 2009


The Blogging break wasn't meant to be... it just happened, you know?

(Did anyone actually notice I was gone for more than a week?? *gasp* No?!! *sniff*)
Well, I'm back now... with a terribly bad cold and a seriously messed up throat...

But, there has been so much happening in the past few days, that I don't have the words to write it all up and sometimes, the post will be all there in my head and when I sit down to write it, I go blank... you know?

I was in Mysore for a day on Thursday - it was my FIL's first year Shraadh or Death Anniversary Pooja... So quickly a year has gone by and surprisingly, the day went on well without any major hiccups...
Was back in office today... had loads of work which I did mange to complete...

I hope everyone enjoyed Holi without any ugly incidents...

I still have 2 tags left to do! I remember... I have them drafted out... will post them during the weekend!

Have you noticed how even with the severest of colds, one can't refuse ice cream?!
Or hot Jeliebis for that matter or Pani Puri...?

Have you noticed how glorious the weather has turned out to be in the last couple of days in Namma Bengaluru?
It's awesome, with gentle breeze, rain, a bit of humidity... but, generally it's been pretty great!

There was this exhibition cum sale going on near my office, so me and a couple of friends thought we will check it out, it turned out to be really weird, with everything over priced and lots of defective clothing being sold... don't know why people would wanna buy something from such a place...

I have such a bad, blocked up nose... *sigh*
My ear's all blocked too...

This post is just rambling, in case you're looking for a point or something like that...
OK, I need to stop now...

Happy Weekend Everyone... :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't think of an actual title for this post...

For my 3rd anniversary, I went ahead and did the unthinkable! I got my hair coloured...
(Yes, its no big deal, but to me it was anyway!)
It's not like I got it coloured into something drastic... no, I went ahead and got it coloured brown! :D

It's not any different and you have to look real hard to see the actual colour change, but, it's a step ahead and I know that next time, I will try out something else!
But, getting to the parlour and actually getting the colouring done itself was a major task! I have thought of this before, but have chickened out at least 3 times before! heh! But, this time went ahead and got it done... I love my hair now and I know I could have gone for a lighter shade of brown too... :)

Another important thing that is worth a mention is, we went to watch the movie - Delhi 6. (Loved the movie!)
After the movie, I was in the restroom waiting for my turn when a girl walks out of the cubicle without wiping off the period stain on the toilet seat! Gross!
So, I did what any self-respecting, no nonsense individual would do, told her to wipe it off! She looks at me straight in the eye and says it isn't hers!! :D
So, I tell her that the stain is new and she used the cubicle, so she must have the decency to wipe it off... she glares at me, goes back inside, closes the door, cleans it up, comes out and calls me a bitch! :D
I smiled at her and said thank you... Another lady admonished the girl as well as she walked away...
I don't get it, how can anyone be so yucky... and she was dressed in total designer wear and looking all chic, but with no personal hygiene or manners...

Now, Delhi 6 - I enjoyed the movie... it was simple.
The movie is driven by its characters and most importantly, Abhishek Bachhan is easy on the eye and he doesn't over act and I feel he is a natural and his dialogue delivery isn't heavy. I seem to be liking him more than Hritik Roshan as well! Sonam Kapoor is beautiful and also very simple... her acting is pretty good and I feel that she has a lot of potential... Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor and a couple of character artistes whose names I don't know have done an awesome job...
Sunday was peaceful and very special... We now step into the 4th yr of married life and life seems to be going along just fine. (touchwood!)
Let's see what this year holds for us as a couple and as individuals too... :)