Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I Blog...

The Answer is very simple - because I Like to!
It's some sort of an outlet for all my thoughts - all that can be expressed is done here. I still don't talk about a lot of things here - stuff that I want to, but can't due to various other reasons. I also refrain because the "anon" status is slowly dissolving and more people I don't really like know about this place.
This is making me quite uncomfortable because I write as freely as I do, because of the pseudo-anon status that I enjoy and people who know me personally and who stop by here aren't the judgemental sorts and they all like me/love me for ME.
Last week, I spent time thinking maybe, I should shut down this place...
But, then I decided against it. I have made some really great friends all because of this blog and it's been my faithful companion during good times and bad ones. :)

But, for the record, I am repeating some of Rayshma's words:
:: vicious and rude anon comments will not be published
:: comments will be published at my discretion.

:: if you leave a comment and don't want it published, please state so, I shall not publish it.
The reason I brought comment moderation is also for this very reason.

Please do remember, that if you are new here - this is my blog, I choose to put up comments or not.
I write what I want to write about and I also write because I like to.
Again, it's a place where I write how I'm feeling, my likes, dislikes etc.
Some of the rude comments have been deleted for the very same reasons mentioned above.
I enjoy blogging, it's helped me learn and evolve as a person.

It's made sure I have great friends, people I have not met are my support system in so many ways...
I have chosen not to publish rude comments, only because this is one of MY HAPPY PLACES, where negativity is unwelcome.

This justification is again because I have CHOSEN to give it.


Renu said...

So true ! why do people want so much of negativity in their life? Blog is like a personal diary, one may like sharing and some interaction with others. I dont go to the blogs whose ideology in life doesnt match with me:), a little bit of disagreement is fine, but too much of it brings viciousness.

Smitha said...

oh Pixie! Rude and vicious comments are so irritating.. Please don't shut down this blog - because of some negative people.. Just ignore them! Take care and hugs!

Indyeah said...

Someone left neagtive comments on your blog?Why?Your blog is a happy place:)
One can leave comments and disagree but viciousness is not fine...

I wont comment on someone's blog if I dont agree but I will take on people who have absurd and insensitive views..
That ofcourse does not include you:)
actually for the life of me I cant imagine as to how you have recieved vicious commenst...why???

comment moderation is a good idea..:)

Pixie said...

Yea... Disagreement and even a healthy argument is so fine - but, some comments have been vicious - so, I brought in comment moderation...

I won't let such people stop me from blogging. I realised that it would mean giving unwanted and too much importance to unimportant comments and people!

I actually deleted them Indyeah...
On some previous posts - I did reply, but when that person again repsonded with a rude comment - I decided that by keeping such comments out - I will be happier - so, deleted them! :)

illusionaire said...

hehehe... you should check out some of the comments on my blog whenever I write one of those "serious racial-centric posts". Coward anonymous commenters are only capable of uttering the F word and find a great thrill in uttering them too. lolz. I dont delete their comments (unless others request me to delete it), because I want the world to laugh at them :D

More than those who leave those kinda stupid comments, I hate "intellectual trolls" :-) They disagree with your views etc but in a very rude way, while at the same time you cannot quite say what they're saying is wrong. They have a very good point, but there are ways of saying things, and they prefer the abusive kind. I ignore such comments on most occasions, although I rarely delete them.

All in all, this is your blog and you have every right to moderate comment or not. Just don't let them get into your head and think about closing your blog, because that would mean they won. And hey, there are many many anonymous commenters too who are extremely sweet and nice. Cheers to them! :-)

Pixie said...

@ Illusionaire: I know... you are so right.
your blog gets its fair shaore of attention! :P
And no, I am NOT going to shut down here ever. That thought had never entered my mind till recently becuase of all the unwanted comments.
Some older comments, I have left them as it is, recent ones - I have deleted.
And yea, the sweet anon comments are always welcome! :)

Sachin said...

Hey Pix!!

First of all, wishing both your hubby and you a very very Happy Birthday!! Sorry for being late, actually Sherry's keeping me really busy these days, if only in making me trudge up and down 4 floors daily to S's house.

Hope you had a great day!!! And that you are feeling fine now.

Btw, you needn't have put down those rules there, after all its your blog and to hell with someone who doesn't respect it! Cheers!

rayshma said...

i SO know what u mean.
but don't stop blogging... those who don't like it have the option of clicking on that li'l 'x' in the top right corner, u know ;)

u feeling better?

Just a grail said...


Good for you. If negative nasty people do not get a voice, they eventually go elsewhere, which is where we want them! :-)

Big hugs to you!

Pixie said...

Thanks Sachin for the wishes... :)
Yea, I'm feeling all better now Rayshma... I should have asked you before quoting you maybe?
But, I was really tired of the rude comments! So, just posted... :D
Thanks for the Hugs Grail... I so needed them today!

Galadriel said...

my blog, my rules. kapisch? i don't see how that's so difficult to understand.
don't stop blogging!

Pixie said...

I know! I won't stop blogging at all.. ever!
I will make sure I never get such thoughts in my head either!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Hey Pixie ... did I miss anything ?
I hope all is well at your end ... rude comments on a personal blog is so unnecessary ... if one doesn't agree with something, you can state so without being rude.. wonder why some never understand that.

Let not these rude comments dampen your blogging spirits :)

Solilo said...

Pixer, Your blog-your rules. Don't bother what anyone says. This is your place to post your views. One may agree or disagree keeping in mind that commenting is a privilege not a right.

Don't stop blogging because of trolls. If you are busy then you can always take break and come back refreshed.

Hope both you guys had great birthdays and that your cold is all gone.

Pixie said...

Thanks Solilo and Cantaloupe's amma...

I won't stop blogging or stop writing my views or feelings :)

DewdropDream said...

Unbelievable that this sunshiny space of yours could attract trolls. Just as well that you've got moderation on and they won't be seeing the light of the day. Don't take their dissent to heart, that'd all :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Pixie - it's your blog and if someone doesn't like it, he/she has the option of not visiting. Why should you even think of shutting down the blog because of negative people? Just ignore them trolls. Hugs.

wisegirl said...


Gautam Ramdurai said...

I'll quote an awesome 90s Bollywood movie - "Jab haathi ki sawaari aati hai, toh kutte bhaunkte hain. Kabhi haathi ko kutte ke peeche bhaagte dekha hai?"

I rest my case.

Pixie said...

@Wisegirl: Thanx babe! :)

@ MM and DDD: yep.. I am not taking it to heart, but the trolls needed this too! :D
I haven't published the comments here as well - which were again along the same lines... :D

@ Gautam: ROTFL!! Dude - you just made my week/month/year.

Ersa said...

First time here...bloghopped to your space and like it :-)...

I had the same comment situation happen few months ago. I don't understand why people can't state their disagreement in a proper manner. I mean, I don't see a reason to get all worked up and take things personally... Or just leave if they can't handle what the blogger has written. Anyway, hope all is well now.

Pixie said...

Hi Ersa!

Welcome.. and please do keep visiting... :)

And yea, the post has worked wonders!!! All is well now! :D

Anonymous said...

You have a good fan following here (myself included), and you might as well post even the rude comments, so all of us know who the jerk is!! Keep going, dudette!

Agnes said...

Hi, Agnes here.

Blogging is a great thing. Some people like to watch TV or play video games to unwind, but personally, I think blogging is so much creative!

Great post.

Anonymous said...

mm... thank you for this thoughts :)