Monday, August 25, 2008

7 things I abhor!

Sachin tagged me to put up 7 things I abhor, so other than the 7 he has put up, here's 7 more!

1. I hate cockroaches... Ugh! they give me the creeps...

2. Spitting - on the roads, from a bus/car.. especially bus - you could be spitting ON someone considering how crowded Bangalore streets are!

3. Toilets not flushed!! Come on, if you are working in an MNC -the least you have, is a degree. Can't YOU flush a toilet?!!! Its utterly Gross when one walks into an unflushed cubicle!

4. People who say that a person who sits late is a better worker, is more dedicated than the ones who know how to manage their time and work!

5. Couples saying "we are pregnant" and the hubby holds the wife and rubs either her arm, neck or grosser - her tummy!..
Hello! People - its "we are expecting and my wife is pregnant"! And to add to this - guys doing the whole "pregnant" talk with other guys - like - my wife's knees are bloated now and she cant pee without help.. or the whole - "I know what's happening to MY baby in MY wife's tummy"!! We know YOU are excited, but seriously - pipe down!! WE Don't wanna know the gross details!!!

6. The whole "Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage" debate!! Its enough to swear someone off marriage and its been beaten to death... Flogged, not beaten! Whether its love or arranged - the marriage equation is the same... the formula for a successful and happy marriage is THE SAME!

7. People wasting food on their plate... its a buffet - you can eat as much or as little as you want - so go moderate on the potions and go back for second helpings!!!

I feel so much better!!! :-)
Won't tag anyone specific... but, go ahead and take it up!! Its lovely to rant it off!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm still here!!! :-)
But, been very busy with work and stuff happening...
On the work front - as usual - lots to do and after I returned back from my sick leave, I have had a lot of work, with lots of staying back late happening...
My husband will be returning back next month, so that's good news as well :)
I also have been spending time at my sister's place - and we have loads of fun!! (Touchwood)
The shopping, eating out and cooking at home have been so much fun...
Also, I'm back in contact with a couple who are very old friends - we lost touch about 10 yrs ago and now, we are friends again... But, this past month, we have become better friends and not just acquaintances... So, that's been very nice as well...

As people in "Namma Bengaluru" know, its been pouring rain for the past week or more as well... so, going out in the evenings after work has been zero...
The worst thing is - Internet connection at home has conked out... So, its been a month since I actually read any of my favorite blogs as well... Have a lot of catching up to do!!!

I will write more later; I have loads of stuff to tell; but, I also have a deadline!

Did anyone watch the new Ranbir Kapoor movie? Is it worth a watch??