Thursday, May 28, 2009

yeh humaari pyaar ki aakhri nishaani hai!

There! I knew that this title will grab your attention! :P

I was watching the serial - "Ballika Vadhu" (I know! waste of time, but just hang on, for a minute)
In that, the 15-16yr old widow actress is pregnant with her dead husband's child after a clandestine meeting in a Mela/fair of some sorts...
Now, people who do follow the serial know that at the time of death of the said-husband, they were still living separately and the said-husband gets killed when he is on his way to get his said bride...
No, I am not discussing the serial with you! Don't worry.. but, I am concerned with the whole, 15 yr old being pregnant thingy.
Why can't we be more practical about the whole thing? Is it truly possible to get pregnant as soon as you have sex for the first time?!!!
I am not sure, if I am making any sense here, but why should a 15 yr old be saddled with the burden of taking care of a baby and all this crap about it being "hamara pyaar ki aakhri nishaani"?? (our love's last sign!)
If you want the message about social conscience and safe sex to go out, make her give up the baby if its too late for an abortion...
How many of us are on talking, pally terms with the people we have had a crush on when we were 16?!
Or, if you did do it for the first time with someone else other than your respective spouse, are u in contact with them?!!
Mostly its NO, right?
How much emotional maturity will a 16 yr old have?!
I sometimes prefer the Western culture in this manner - an unwanted pregnancy is treated as what it should be - a mistake...
Do you live with all your mistakes?!! No, you make amends, fix it, learn your lesson and move on.
Why is the girl being saddled for something that is clearly not completely her fault?
Along with the poor girl's parents... They not only have to "look" after the daughter all their lives, but also her kid, because she won't have the education or the mind set to earn her living or move on with her life.
Why isn't she being allowed to move on from her mistake?
Now, don't give all kinds of crap like, its a part of you and all that - I know that.
But, how many women do you know who have absolutely no maternal instinct at all and they are mothers?
Or, how many women do you know, who have all the instincts in place, but no kids yet?
but, I digress...
We need to move on with our lives and treat our body and soul with respect and dignity.
How come the boy or his family isn't shown taking responsibility?
Why is it that the girl alone should "suffer"?
Why is sex considered so bad? Or sex-education a taboo during our growing up years?
If you want the message to go out, then make it revolutionary, show a change...don't show us a 16 yr old hysterically crying out - "this is my Love's last nishaani!!!" And keeping and struggling with a baby...
Don't show us some guy walking up and saying - "even though she is tainted and the baby isn't mine, I am willing to marry her" Ugh!
I would prefer a Juno any day...
And as parents, don't we want our daughters to move on with their lives with no regrest if they made such a mistake?
Why are we saddling them with a such a big responsibility or even burden?
We need to start changing our mind set and at least try to make a dent in the others' thinking as well if we want things to change for us women folk...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We have a tool called WTF!

I know... I know :P
A bit cheesy, but seriously, imagine a conversation where the manager says "Pixie, what about WTF?! Did you run it?!!" LOL
You should see the looks I get from the weirdo who sits opposite to me!! :P
And every time, I can't help, but smile, and say - "WTF?! Yep done!! :P :P"

A Friend of mine is going thru a messy break-up, this after the engagement was announced, formal introductions done to friends, family. Parents were happy - you know, the whole drill was done and the only thing remaining was to get married.
He tells me they broke off a couple of weeks back. I still don't know for what reason,
but, I wish I was there for him...

With him being in a different country, with a super-hectic job, phone calls are the only way to stay in touch...
Anyways, V if you are reading this, Major hugs dude... I really hope things get better...
You know, I think late-twenties is a really awkward time to be involved in a messy breakup.
You don't get enough time to move on, Parental pressure is more to move on and settle down...
And if your rebound person becomes your life partner, then another saga of fights, sadness starts.
Relationships are weird, icky and awkward at times.

It only seems easy when its working, I guess.

Also, no one is talking about the IPL Finals... :D
Most people have silently agreed that it's because of great cricket by Deccan chargers, but, stupid batting by Bangalore, which made sure DC won! :D

Another thought - I have never ever worn saree to work.
Hmmm... I keep thinking that this should change and I should wear one at least once to work...
But, then technical problems like going to the restroom or crossing your legs on your chair while one sits and works come to mind, and the idea gets put off again.

My sister presented me with an ivory butterfly brooch, which in itself is so beautiful, that I quite don't know what to do it with!!! :P

I am so bored this week and the urge to go on a vacation is getting stronger by the minute.
Need to get away from work, mobile phones, and irritable colleagues. :P
Not too sure where to go though. Any ideas?
Me lives in Bangalore, so it has to be close by - can't tour North India and such because of no leaves... :(

How's your week been? Is monotony getting you too?!

Also, its another 2 more posts before I get the 150 mark, which in itself is quite pathetic because I think I have been blogging for a couple of years now. The frequency of posts has increased only in recent times though.
Thank you, kind readers, friends who keep coming back here to read all this and more! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This and that and some more...

Get this -
Apparently, a new project is on the horizon and its a huge one which requires a lot of people have the same expertise as I do.
Now, I know that the project is in pipeline and my Managers know I have expressed an interest to work on it...
But, apparently, before I know, the whole world knows... there have been rumours going around that I would be working on it and it hasn't pleased a lot of people. But, I can feel the buzz, the looks people have been giving me has been priceless! I think that I'm much more important than I perceive myself to be!!! :P :P
The Other Stuff -
Also, it really pisses me off when people ask me about babies... Arrgh!
I am 29. And no, I don't want babies now.
Does that mean I don't want them at all?NO!
I do want my own kid(s) - either by birth or by adoption... whichever is feasible at the time when we want to have them.
All throughout, I have never felt that motherhood is the identity of a woman. By giving birth to a child, doesn't necessarily make a woman "complete"!
What I mean is, marriage, mother-hood are NOT the only things a woman wants.
It's part of the entire package deal called life. It's what we want along with the other goodies. :)

I have heard people say - "poor guy" to my husband. Why, because he got stuck with a wife who is working, equally if not harder at times. Who manages both home and work pretty decently and because after 3 yrs of marriage, there is no sign of"good news".
(don't you just hate it when someone asks you that question?)

Really? I feel like whacking said people with a pipe.
We are willing to be parents as the time comes... there is no planned agenda as to have or not have babies.

Perhaps, the said people forget that the husband made the intelligent choice of marrying a working-intelligent lady.
I have had people ask either one of us directly - "is something wrong with u/your wife? I know a good doctor if you want."
It is so damn irritating to smile and tell these people in a very polite manner to 'eff off!

Another thing is, the husband doing chores at home. I refuse to call that helping.
Am I helping him when I cook for him? When I make sure his clothes are clean and neatly pressed? Is it helping him, if I clean up our home and dust and rearrange stuff?
No. These things are apparently my "duty".
When the husband does the same - he is"helping". WTF?!!
We both work long hours, we both go thru a gruelling day filled with meetings, stress and bad colleagues.
Why am I expected to come home, put on a smile and an apron and take care of house work with the same flourish while the husband is supposed to rest after a hard day's work???
Why am I blamed because there's dust on the TV? or leftovers in the fridge?
I wouldn't have done the said cleaning because, like all normal human beings, I would have been tired after a long day...
But then, women, in our society aren't supposed to be human or normal are they?
They are conditioned from a very early age to be super effecient, to hide their pain and sacrifice everything for a so-called harmonious family life.

Anway, coming back to what I was trying to say...

Don't give me horrible lines like - "men are conditioned to be dirty"
They are not. Some of the men I know including my husband are cleanliness freaks.
The Harpic toilet cleaner I use inside the toilet bowl was a suggestion from a male friend.

I like my husband in this manner, he doesn't "expect" his wife to do this or that.He knows how tired I would be after a hard day's work - he would prefer it if I relax first and then, after he gets home, we both start dinner...

I think and know and acknowledge us as equals. And I know for a fact that he does too...
The house, house work, the earnings and the expenditures are equally his as it is mine.
The decision to have or not have a baby today, is not just mine, it's his too.
The baby, when it comes, is his as well as mine.We are both parents, care-givers of the said child.
Gender stero-typing and role playing in everyday life is not happening in my family.
Of course, there are differences, these differences are because we are different individuals.
Please do not come to my door step and give me bull crap about me "being a woman, should be able to understand"
No, i don't understand certain things, I can relate to few things... because my wiring or conditioning is different.
Where there is no mutual respect, there is no place for such people in my life or home.
I am happy with the limited number of people we know in the real world and even happier with my blog friends...

Enough said.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Been busy... way too busy with work! Weekend went away in a haze...
It went by too fast if you ask me!

I met my friend, an ex-colleague on Saturday. We had a great time!
Tried on clothes.... ate nicely, talked, gossiped, laughed :D
The feeling was mutual (I hope! :D)
The funny part was, it didn't feel like over 4-5 months since I last met her.
It was like picking up our conversation from one tea beak to another!

Sunday, went in relaxing at home and making extravagant dinner plans...
All of which were thrown right out the window because of heavy rains... :D

Sunday was also a friend's birthday, but, the poor guy received bad news from home, his aunt had passed away, so he had to fly to Mumbai immediately.
I hope he is doing better and his May his Aunt rest in Peace.

Lot of things are happening on the work front, few bad, few good.
I am hoping something good/great/awesome will come out of this busy schedule.

I am also working late for the rest of the week, including today.
I had also been to the passport office today. The service and the help were, quite surprisingly, efficient!

I have so many posts done up in my head, 1 in drafts, but they all need time to be
written out.

Happy about the Election Results?
I am! Not because I am a staunch Congress supporter (I am neither Pro-BJP!!), but because we just might have a stable govt with economic revival as the main agenda along with making sure religious tolerance prevails, Justice gets served quicker and the streets are made safer for everyone - not just Women and children.

Also, I have been thinking a lot about Gender bias, roles defined and the mental makeup of people... (yes, I know, its a beaten to death topic, but can't help!)
All that in a new post!

As of now, will get back to working.... *sigh*

Happy Monday everyone! :D

Friday, May 08, 2009

Another Friday afternoon post!

Here's another Friday afternoon post -

I read this saying on another guy's screen saver -
"Life's like a clean toilet bowl, you spend all your time finding one and then cleaning it up so that someone else can use it!!"
It's good that our clients have pretty decent sense of humour or else this guy would have been sacked!!!

But, do you really think so?

And, when I asked him about it, this is what he has to say -
"Isn't it true? Do you wait in queue here in the ladies room or do you go in search of an empty, clean cubicle?"
I told him - "it depends, if I'm there chit chatting with a friend, I will wait, else, I will go down a floor for a clean and empty one."
So, he says - "there you go! Life's like that too... we go looking and make our opportunities, people who seldom wait outside a closed door, achieve anything significant.
The ones who see if the door can be pushed open are the achievers..."

I don't know what to say to all of this, but the comment space is all yours!
Do you agree?
Or do you think, like how I do, that the guy has his wiring slightly mixed up in his brain?!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2 tags and 2 awards! :)

Warning - Long post - 2 tags!!! :)

The ever-charming Mandira tagged me long ago with this..
She has also passed on 2 awards
(I hope I didn't get the count wrong!or is it only 1?! Then, I've just "picked up" the other one as well!!!!)

The meme is all about writing whatever comes to your mind when you read those numbers.
Here's my list -

1 -> hours left for lunch
2 -> home made dosas I had for breakfast
3 -> more days for the weekend!
4 -> more hours of actual work remaining
5 -> yrs since I have been working
6 -> good friends I have made across companies I have worked for!
7 -> yrs ago, I changed myself for the good.
Esp in my thinking about a lot of things and people.
8 -> yrs ago I became frns with my husband!
9 -> is the number of my favorite dishes
10 -> yrs ago I was in my final yr of graduation and in May, had my exams...

There done!! :)

Another one is from from the lovely Rashmi.
It's to list out 9 most precious memories/moments of our lives.

-> Memories of my grandfather making me dosas - he had a special way - he used to
apply chutney inside the dosa and then add ghee - the lovely smell still reminds me of him and till date, I love eating dosas with the chutney applied inside!

-> My dad putting my sister to sleep when she was a baby. He used to carry her and walk around softly singing God's hymns. There is something very soothing with that memory.

-> 2 separate gangs of 4 girls - we used to have so much fun! The churmuri sessions
near Balal Circle, the late night gossips and study sessions... :D

-> The time I have spent with my husband, then-friend in Mysore.
Though, the Everyday memories I make with him are all so special and precious. :)

-> Visits to Chamudi Hills. Each time its special and the magic never ends.

-> First salary after joining a new company... the ecstasy of blowing off the entire amount is priceless!!

-> My honeymoon. Both of us couldn't believe we were out on our own with no parental
supervision of any sort! We were so happy, that we had ice creams for breakfast as well!!! :D

-> First time I went and shopped for books in Blossoms... for so less money, I had bought half the store!!!

-> Chat and gossip sessions with my mom, late into the night - I don't know how we
manage to have so much to talk about even though we speak a couple of times everyday!!!

-> My first visit to USA. We landed in Denver in the evening or night, I think.
I remember feeling lost and bewildered and excited all at the same time.

-> Shopping with my sister - each time is different and we end up having so much fun!

*ok, so the list is 11!! I had to cheat on such a lovely tag!! :)*

I tag and award - Grail, Rayshma, Galadriel, Dew Drop, Ersa, Indyeah, Smitha, Solilo, Swati.

Enjoy Ladies!! :)