Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We have a tool called WTF!

I know... I know :P
A bit cheesy, but seriously, imagine a conversation where the manager says "Pixie, what about WTF?! Did you run it?!!" LOL
You should see the looks I get from the weirdo who sits opposite to me!! :P
And every time, I can't help, but smile, and say - "WTF?! Yep done!! :P :P"

A Friend of mine is going thru a messy break-up, this after the engagement was announced, formal introductions done to friends, family. Parents were happy - you know, the whole drill was done and the only thing remaining was to get married.
He tells me they broke off a couple of weeks back. I still don't know for what reason,
but, I wish I was there for him...

With him being in a different country, with a super-hectic job, phone calls are the only way to stay in touch...
Anyways, V if you are reading this, Major hugs dude... I really hope things get better...
You know, I think late-twenties is a really awkward time to be involved in a messy breakup.
You don't get enough time to move on, Parental pressure is more to move on and settle down...
And if your rebound person becomes your life partner, then another saga of fights, sadness starts.
Relationships are weird, icky and awkward at times.

It only seems easy when its working, I guess.

Also, no one is talking about the IPL Finals... :D
Most people have silently agreed that it's because of great cricket by Deccan chargers, but, stupid batting by Bangalore, which made sure DC won! :D

Another thought - I have never ever worn saree to work.
Hmmm... I keep thinking that this should change and I should wear one at least once to work...
But, then technical problems like going to the restroom or crossing your legs on your chair while one sits and works come to mind, and the idea gets put off again.

My sister presented me with an ivory butterfly brooch, which in itself is so beautiful, that I quite don't know what to do it with!!! :P

I am so bored this week and the urge to go on a vacation is getting stronger by the minute.
Need to get away from work, mobile phones, and irritable colleagues. :P
Not too sure where to go though. Any ideas?
Me lives in Bangalore, so it has to be close by - can't tour North India and such because of no leaves... :(

How's your week been? Is monotony getting you too?!

Also, its another 2 more posts before I get the 150 mark, which in itself is quite pathetic because I think I have been blogging for a couple of years now. The frequency of posts has increased only in recent times though.
Thank you, kind readers, friends who keep coming back here to read all this and more! :)


Anonymous said...

first !!!

Anonymous said...

lol... i have some tents pitched up if you need a vacation on my blog !!!

wtf !!! rofl !!! interesting name that !!! lol...

IPL finals ?? well i never am too partisan in IPL i mean... after all its an indian team that wins...

more important things start from 5th june !!!! thats where it all matters... !!!

lol... try the saree !!! lol...

Pixie said...

First here too!!! :D

Saree - Dude, that ain't happening in the near future, especially with the monsoon making an entry already!!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

WTF.... i am still laughing pixie ;-)

and dhiren enough of ur first :)

oh go to munnar if u havent been their yet, try coorg its lovely in the monsoons... the lovely clean green

oh blore has lots of options mail me if u want more info

hope u get that vacation soon

Renu said...

saree is quite comfortable once u get the hang of it:).

IPL i think has lost its charm in 2 years....but of course In nevr liked cricket.

This time of the year, north is very hot, better go to a hill station:)

Ersa said...

ROFL. WTF HAHHAH WTF :-) :-)...Made my day ! HAHA

Hope you find a nice vacation destination sooooon to unwind...:-). Me just got back from a 3 day hol and it was sooooo much fun !

illusionaire said...

lolzzzz its even more hilarious that you called the thing named "WTF" a "tool"! :D

Boss: Here's my tool.
Pixie: WTF!


IPL? Puleeeze I don't wanna talk about it. One of the IPL teams is our client, and we've been non-stop getting an overdose of IPL because of it, every second of the dayyy. Aaaargh! :)

Having an engagement broken off weeks before the marriage... ouch, that stings. Hope everything goes well for your friend. Its easy to say "move on" but not so difficult to do if you're the one going through it :) Here's me wishing him all the best...

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Nisargadhaama may be a good bet for a weekend get away ... not too far from B'lore.

Take a break :)

IPL .. can't agree more ... Challengers 's batting was bad !

rayshma said...

u don't wear a saree to work on diwali/holi/traditional day etc? or u guys don't have desi days in offc?
i've worn sarees to work. not much of a hassle unless u travel by local trains!

WTF is a very interesting name. i wish i could call my projects that. what does it stand for?

IPL - i don't follow cricket. neither does vin! :D

vacay... take one! go to goa! my fave short-retreat spot!

DewdropDream said...


Break-ups in late-twenties really are difficult...

I admire how succinct you are Pixie!

You should definitely wear a saree to work... hell, I wish I could! If only the sun would shine steady for a whole day I would do it. And wear the brooch with a dark green saree... would look great! :)

Psst... Ooty for a break? Or Bandipur... not too far and all the quiet and excitement together that you might want :)

Oh and my week is not going okay... waaaahhh!

Loved this bantering post btw :)

Solilo said...

Hitchy's me first here too? WTF? Ha..ha...ha...

Aah break-ups at any age is tough.

Anna Bond said...

I wish we had a tool like that in my company! Just imagining the possibilities is making me giddy. :)

Smitha said...

A tool called WTF!!! I would find it difficult to keep a straight face :)lol!

I feel really sad to hear about your friend - I used to know somebody who had a similar experience - he was already engaged and had to explain to everybody that they had broken up:( Must have been hell!

Saree to work - I have just done that once - when I had to attend a function - but not easy at all! LOL at 'crossing your legs on your chair while one sits and works come to mind' You sound so much like me!!!!

Hey , there are so many spots near Bangalore!! We had been on a 2 day trip to Kemmangundi - it was fabulous!! There are loads of places - will get back to you!

Crafty Shines said...

PIXIE!!!!!! :D am here finally, blogger having trouble opening comment pages :( :(

WTF??? LOL!!!! now u can abuse and claim u were just talking professional! :D heheheh

Best of luck to ur friend, i totally understand when u say that late 20's isn't a good time to cpe with break-ups :( my friends goin thru same :| its ain't pretty at all

vacation??? hugs to u my dearest pixie!! my work place is killing me from within. everyday i wake up, i cringe to go to work....i need a change, a vacation as short-term, and a job-shift as long term!!! fingers crossed :D

do with ur pretty brooch what i did with mine - kept it raelly safe to pass it on to my next generation :P really, why do ppl gift things that are waaay to pretty to be used?? :D :D

hope we make it thru our mundane days in office! hugs :D

Arunima said...

hi! sometimes I write one post in a month. As for the break, just take it. There are hazaar places that you could go to. I live in the same city as you. By the way, I have taken off today just to chill and meet some friends. do it once in a while. Your work will not suffer.

Mystic Margarita said...

A tool called WTF? Lol!

Collection Of Stars said...

LOL at the name of your tool :)
Looks like you are going on vacation soon. Have a great time.
What about Yercaud?

Indyeah said...

I wish we had some word like that in the staid NGO where I work :D
it would be so scandalous for one particular auntyji:D:D:D


nah!too confusing:D:D

dont know whom to support:D

they are hard...no matter what age one is..saw some close friends going through it:((

anyhow loved this rambling post:D:D


Indian Homemaker said...

rotfl @ WTF ;)

And I agree with you about relationships...

Saree's true and appropriate Western equivalent would be a formal gown, but we have made it universal. I also feel sari in office is not very comfortable, unless you are really, really used to it!

LAK said...

Wear the brooch on the saree! I don't think a saree is that much of a problem for a desk job---try once!