Friday, September 26, 2008


Swati awarded me the "million-dollar-friend" Award! YAY!
(*Doing the crazy, happy dance!*)
Here's what she says (so sweetly) about me:
We share a bond beyond any words , again don’t ask me when how and why please.

She is so right by the way! She just knows somehow what I'm feeling, how I would react... The bond definitely exists... :)

I would like to pass this on to

Grail (of course!) - she is a beacon of light and a true friend... The only regret I have is, we don't live closer...

Swati - Giving it back to u, since as you said - the bond exists and I just can't explain it! You are a great friend!

Vicky - Well, we have been friends for a loooooong time and he also made sure I started this blog!

Last, but not the least -

My sis - You rock babe!!! A good friend and a terrific sister! :-)

A toast to all you terrific people!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What next?

Well, another job in a different company, I guess.

I'm enjoying this break. Seriously, sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing has its merits!
I also realised that I can't keep doing this - sitting at home thing.
I need to work and the fact that I would be working soon - in a different place is what's making sure I enjoy myself today...
I also realised that I need this time to clean out and empty my head and mind before starting out again, before stepping out into the big bad corporate world.
The things I've seen over the past 2 yrs have taken a toll and sadly, made me lose trust on basic human behaviour. The pleasure a person gets out of putting another person in trouble is something I have seen over and over again. Trust me, its not a nice thing - either to experience or to just see...
I saw careers and reputations being spoilt by malicious words of idle men. The insecurities of one person have made sure that an entire team lost out on opportunities...

Office politics are present everywhere. You see dirty, manipulative people in all walks of life.
But, this is the first time I've seen people derive perverse pleasure in ruining another person's opportunities just to satisfy their ego.
At the end of the day, the question that keeps repeating is "How do they sleep at night?"
And, will they be punished for what they did?
I hope so, for after all I am human.
And as its said by the wise people - "You need to pay for your mistakes here; during this lifetime, before passing on"

I really wish they would hurry up and pay for their dirty deeds, for as I said - I am human and a tiny part in me wants to see them squirm just like how I saw them make others squirm...

This whole ugly scenario needs to be drained out of my system; I wasn't happy there and I won't be happy anywhere else if these ugly shadows keep lurking around...

I'm going to take this break for what it is, a time to clean my mind, and to relax...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Poetic Adieu....

Friday was my last working day in the company I was working for. I got a really sweet farewell from my friends.
The farewell gift was thoughtful - I got a dinner set - from the entire team...
It was really personal because my friends thought it out and gifted what I really needed and most importantly loved.
What stood out was the personal gifts I received from 2 of my friends - they were new to the corporate world and the project and both of them faced really tough times with the same guy I was working with.
I helped them out with their work and more importantly I made sure their dignity and self-esteem didn't get trampled all over.
They needed all the help and support one can give and one of them - she is still working with that goober (It's not a real word, but it actually describes him best!)
I didn't realize how much they meant to me till they gave me "thank-you" gifts.
I have a new table clock, which I will keep on my desk at my new work place and the other is poem SA wrote, saying "thank-you. Here's the poem he wrote:

When life gives you a raw deal,
When you've just lost the zeal,
When wounds do an over-time to heal,
And you're lookin' for someone who can steal
the trauma away that you feel
There arises a noble soul
Shining brightly out of a tunnel dark as coal
who can pick up your pieces
And put you back again whole

Thank you Pixie for standin' up for me,
when there was more than I could take...
For getting me past the rough,
more importantly A!!(LOL!)
But we owe an ode to him,
and a toast to Hobbes and Calvin,
Else we wouldn't have bonded,
And seen each other through the thick and thin!

You rock!!

As, you can see, the poem left me speechless and also let me realise that I DID actually help these guys and this satisfied feeling makes up for all the crap I saw and went through in these 2 years... This humbled me beyond words...

I want to thank my friends - Sha, Shr, Shali, Che, M and Ne for being such great friends and for the awesome tea-breaks and conversations!!
I want to thank the poet - SA and Shee for letting me help them and in turn letting me help myself by strengthening
my belief in honesty and hard work and friendship...

It's my turn to say - you guys rock!

I am now jobless, sitting at home, taking a break for now, so You guys can expect at least 2 posts in a day!! :-)
(It's more of being in-between jobs)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Weekend Folks!

Yes, I have spent the better half of my day - blowing my nose or cleaning my nose.
Apparently, I have the mother of all Colds... *sigh*
And my nose is so completely blocked that my friend - a friend who has been a friend for like 10 yrs (Does that make sense - a friend who has been a friend?) didn't recognise my voice when I said hello!
He was all polite like "Umm... May I talk to Pixie please?"
And I was like "Duh! It's me!! I have a cold!"
He was like..."Really? that bad??"
Which as you can guess, didn't make matters any better!!!
Well, the good news in - my husband will be back from his "Foreign" trip ...
And the icing on the cake is, my parents are also coming this weekend!

I am also carrying around a hankie and sniffing into it! Now, not that carrying a hankie is bad or anything, but people who know me, know that I'm not the "hankie-carrying-types"
We had this set of girls in school, you know, who took pride in their hankies... They were neatly ironed, sprinkled with perfume and delicately tucked into their school skirts with a strip hanging out with a picture on it - showing it off (you get the picture right?)
Now, these girls were the ones who were wooed by high-school boys and were teacher's pets...
Seriously, "wanna-be" types and the funny thing is - most of them are quite "normal" now!
You know, they have turned into "non-hankie-carrying-types"!

Well, I'm off now to clean my nose once again for like the 100th time!
Happy weekend folks and I really hope none of you catch the damn cold!!!

P.S :I have no clue why I wrote about the whole "Hankie-carrying" episode and if you are a hankie-carrying person - I really don't mean to offend you.

Too much? OK, will go now...

Edited to add : Will reply back to everyone's comments... But, I really have to get rid of this cold first! I am not a happy person with a blocked nose!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The weekend that was...!

And so, before another weekend descends upon us, I want to specifically mention last weekend's adventures. Yes, it was an adventure which was embarked upon by 3 brave souls, fighting against all odds, against sanity and plunging into the dark dark world of insanity...

What am I talking about? Here's the complete story...

The actual story starts on the 3rd of Sept when me and my friend G ventured into Planet M on Brigade to buy a couple of CDs...
As we were browsing thru the store, we come across a rare collection - a collection of 3 movies made by the one and only Sawan Kumar!
We were, naturally flabbergasted! Who would buy this dribble we questioned ourselves, giggled at the titles and storyline and walked on...
But, as I said, in order to plunge deep into the world of insanity, there should be some traces of insanity in your blood and unfortunately for us that day, we decided to buy the CD and watch all 3 movies at a go without taking a break!!
So, Saturday saw the 3 of us - me, my sister and G bravely sit and watch "SOUTEIN KI BETI"! Which roughly translates to - "The daughter of my mistress".
We left the world of sane people and plunged into insanity by watching this movie!!
I mean, what dialogues, what scenes - really mind-boggling as to how someone could actually make such a movie is beyond all comprehension!!!
Well, we enjoyed ourselves, by laughing, repeating those weird crappy dialogues...
Sometimes, rewinding to hear them again, because its kind of unbelievable that anyone can dish out such trash so convincingly!!!
I really wonder how established and beautiful actresses like Rekha and Jayaprada agreed to star in such a movie! And of course, the hero had to be Jeetendra!!

I did want to write the story out here, but that would have been sheer torture - to me, for writing it out and for you, my dear reader!! But, if you are a brave soul, then go ahead and watch the movie!
(Do let me know if you do!!)


Monday, September 08, 2008

A story to tell...

I have a story to tell, in which I paid a heavy price for being honest and sticking to my principles.

But, I'm scared to tell it now - it might harm me (I could be over-reacting now)

I will tell my story once things settle down again - for now - I'm riding the wave and going with the flow. I am happy that I did what I did and there is no place for sadness or regrets...

Pray for me that things will turn out for the better and that my efforts, however small they may have been or however insignificant it might have been, will definitely help others...

I do want to tell my story... but, I can be patient at this point of time in my life and wait maybe for a month or less before I write it here...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Without a Good-bye...

You walked away without saying good-bye. New horizons beckoned you and you walked
without turning back.
The only thread remaining now are memories of old times; which seem to bind us together.
If you had turned back, you would have seen your friends wave good-bye, praying for your success...
If you had turned back, you would have seen how far ahead you have walked and seen the footprints left behind; Footprints which walked side by side with yours...
If you had turned back, you could have seen the friends who would miss you the most...

So many questions left unanswered, a good-bye left unanswered...
Wishes unsaid and prayers left behind...

Why did you leave the way you did? Why did you leave without a good-bye?

One call; one reunion; one hug; one good-bye... all these would have made a world of difference
but they have been left unsaid and undone...

I wish you all the happiness and success you so richly deserve;
I wish you find your true love out there as well as you pursue your dreams of making it big...

But, I am selfish; I wish you would miss me as much as I do, if not more...