Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6 Random Things about me

Galadriel tagged me to write 6 Random things about myself...

So, here goes...

- I like wearing Green Nail polish on my toes... I think that whatever I maybe wearing, the nail polish always matches my outfit. I wore it for a wedding, dressed in a silk saree, and it matched.

- I don't like mint flavored mouth-fresheners like Polo, Menthos, Gum... it makes me blow cold air out of my nose and that feels weird.

- I think my husband prepares upma better than me...

- I enjoy browsing the Internet and watching TV simultaneously. It's an art I have managed to perfect these last 2 months...

- I have watched all 10 seasons of Friends and all the seasons of Seinfeld and I still watch it everyday as if I'm watching the episodes for the very first time.

- I can read a book I really really liked (you get the drift right?) any number times with the same interest and seriousness I had when I read the book for the first time. My sister says she admires me for this!!!

Stopping now with great difficulty! I was on a roll there!!
6 random things about me!

If you haven't done the tag, go ahead and take it up!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to work...

So, I finally decided on getting back to work... Just a few more days of blissful freedom, before I start leaving home at 7 AM again!!

The days of lounging around in jammies all day, watching Grey's Anatomy reruns, Friends, Seinfeld in the mornings, drinking the second cup of coffee standing in the balcony and watching the neighbour's kid scream the place down, all are over for now...

I am looking forward to this new job, because even with all the recession and the job cuts, I managed a salary hike and a promotion!! (TOUCHWOOD!)
The people I have spoken to, so far, have all been very professional and friendly. Apparently, its also a good place to work. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully will get into a great job with a pretty decent team...

But, these 2 months have been great... I enjoyed every minute of it... :-)

Now, I look forward to making a new beginning at a new place with a new team, hoping to meet interesting people which might form some unforgettable friendships! I do know, that I have moved on, grown wiser and will deal with things in a much better manner...

Here's Cheers to me for my new adventures, which start soon!

Go on and wish me luck and leave your pearls of wisdom as well!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, did you guys watch the movie? Did you like it?
I LOVED the movie!!!
No, I didn't find it offensive or OTT... I didn't think that it was an insensitive movie trying to stereotype the Gay Community...
It was pure, unadulterated fun!!! No KJo-last-15-minutes hamming... no drama-baazi...
Priyanka Chopra is awesome looking in the movie!!! And they have shown her having some sort of career as well!!!
John Abraham is HOT!! absolutely dreamy with a great body... :-)
Abhishek Bachan is awesome!!! A delight to watch him act so well with no inhibitions...

Go watch the movie if you want to have a few good laughs!!!
Don't go looking for meaning... Just go and see how well those 3 have acted...

Edited to add:
I mean no offense to anyone here, especially the LGBT community... If you are looking for a fight/argument, please, don't do it here...
All I'm saying is, the movie was funny and everyone's done a great job...
Its nice to see our "Heroes" do such a great job playing "pretend-gay-men"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quiz Results!!!

What Kind of Wife Are You?

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Heh!!! I am a Good Wife!

Heh!! Apparently, I am Hagrid!!! :-) Which Character are you??

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are Hagrid. You're an outcast with a heart of gold. Despite your own problems, you always find time to help those in need.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi....

Roughly translated, it means - "A marriage like this also"

Now, this post isn't a review because I haven't watched the movie...
But, I read the story line and it seems the story goes along these lines -
Hero and Heroine fall in love, and the heroine's dad dies leaving her with the responsibility of taking care of her siblings... so, the hero chooses to wait since she can't take her siblings to her "in-laws" place... So, he waits for 12 long years while the heroine struggles to make ends meet...

During the era of path breaking movies being made, I just wish Rajshree Productions had done something decent.
I mean, since the hero is rich, couldn't he have helped out(as mentioned in Rediff reviews)?
My question, Why can't a girl marry and still take care of HER family?

Aren't we all fighting for equal rights? We have feminism written out in bold...
When we are trying harder and harder to voice out our opinion and to make a mark in a chauvinistic society, it would have been nicer to see a stronger script attempting to mix the traditional Indian Family with a contemporary and more realistic approach to marriage and responsibility...
During times where change is the necessity and since still a large a large section of our society gets influenced by movies, couldn't they have shown something different for a change?
I have enjoyed all their movies till date, grew up watching them multiple times, but the story of this movie kind of put me off...

Will I watch the movie? I don't know... Did You watch it? and more importantly, did you like the movie?
I still wish, the story had been more in lines with the title given...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What's right in your life?

My sister wrote about this and I wanted to write about it too, because as she has rightly said, by looking at all the right things it makes sure we stay happy and positive.
I have a fantastic husband, who is not only a great spouse, but also my best friend, support system and my best critic.
My parents are awesome folks, very supportive, liberal, open-minded, and I can always count on them for anything and everything.
My sister, who is very dependable and fun to be with.
My friends who are a fantastic lot and have been there for me.

I also feel things are "just right" for me because of ME as well! :-)
I am at a phase where I am at peace mentally, I don't get stressed out and I am now able to block unwanted things from bothering me, if not completely, at least 80% of the time.
Things are just right because even though I am now sitting at home without working and I am not worrying about my next job, next company and with nothing on hand, I was able to reject offers because it didn't hold too much appeal.
I have turned out exactly how I wanted to be... You know, when you are 16 and wondering how you will be in your 20's - I am how I pictured myself to be!
Financial independence gives you confidence and stability (I may be wrong here, but this is my experience). This my mom drilled into our heads from a very young age and this made sure we studied hard, worked harder and learnt to enjoy the freedom a job/salary gives you.
The fact that I can provide for my family, for their well-being... the fact that my sis still takes money from me for auto or because she didn't have enough cash on her, etc etc, even though she is working and she has a good job/salary is somehow an extremely satisfying feeling!!
Minor insecurities which seem so inconsequential now have vanished leaving behind a strong (emotionally), confident, happy (Touchwood), woman who is so ready to rock the 30's in a couple of years!!
Yep, things are just right, right now! :-)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A wedding - a Celebration

I had gone to Udupi over the weekend to attend my close friends' wedding... We worked together in my previous company and I was her "mentor" when she joined as a fresher...
She had invited the entire gang for her wedding, but only I actually made it with my husband...

Here's why this wedding was so special even to us, invitees -
Her hospitality was impeccable. She even called me on the previous day to make sure we reached
Udupi and whether the accommodation she had arranged was alright...
The wedding was on 2
nd, but there was a small get-together the previous evening, of just family and we had the privilege of being invited to that as well! The best part was, it was like an ice-breaker. There was lots of dancing, singing, teasing the new couple-to-be... Basically, it made sure that both families got together and spent time doing something fun so that there wouldn't be any awkwardness the next day.
The actual wedding was another revelation! It was a celebration! A joyous occasion which united 2 families together as well! There was dancing, a lot of laughter and teasing going on and in the midst of it all, the traditional ceremony took place and the 2 kids were married!

Now, when we talk about weddings, it usually all boils down to the food, which, I must say was delicious!!
On both days, the food was finger-licking good!

The best part was, there was no tension, no glaring animosity, no unhappy/serious faces.
It was a wedding which symbolized love, laughter, celebration of life and most importantly, their folks made sure that the couple started off their happy life with some pretty awesome memories of their first leg of the long journey ahead!!! :-)