Thursday, November 06, 2008

What's right in your life?

My sister wrote about this and I wanted to write about it too, because as she has rightly said, by looking at all the right things it makes sure we stay happy and positive.
I have a fantastic husband, who is not only a great spouse, but also my best friend, support system and my best critic.
My parents are awesome folks, very supportive, liberal, open-minded, and I can always count on them for anything and everything.
My sister, who is very dependable and fun to be with.
My friends who are a fantastic lot and have been there for me.

I also feel things are "just right" for me because of ME as well! :-)
I am at a phase where I am at peace mentally, I don't get stressed out and I am now able to block unwanted things from bothering me, if not completely, at least 80% of the time.
Things are just right because even though I am now sitting at home without working and I am not worrying about my next job, next company and with nothing on hand, I was able to reject offers because it didn't hold too much appeal.
I have turned out exactly how I wanted to be... You know, when you are 16 and wondering how you will be in your 20's - I am how I pictured myself to be!
Financial independence gives you confidence and stability (I may be wrong here, but this is my experience). This my mom drilled into our heads from a very young age and this made sure we studied hard, worked harder and learnt to enjoy the freedom a job/salary gives you.
The fact that I can provide for my family, for their well-being... the fact that my sis still takes money from me for auto or because she didn't have enough cash on her, etc etc, even though she is working and she has a good job/salary is somehow an extremely satisfying feeling!!
Minor insecurities which seem so inconsequential now have vanished leaving behind a strong (emotionally), confident, happy (Touchwood), woman who is so ready to rock the 30's in a couple of years!!
Yep, things are just right, right now! :-)

8 comments: said...

if u feel things are just right for you..then they are!! and that is such a great feeling!!

rayshma said...

hope this feeling stays with u always, pix!
it's priceless... :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

There are somethings Money can't buy ...and "peace" is one of them !!
Good luck !!

Renu said...

Felt very happy to read ur post.And its tru that things are that way because of u only. Very good thoughts, keep them forever:)

Buzzz said...

hey,i loved ur blog....u write well...

claytonia vices said...

so true, financial independence rocks!

Just a grail said...

That made me very happy to read!!!

wisegirl said...

nice to see u happy and peaceful! stay the same