Thursday, March 27, 2008

So far March has been eventful - with me falling sick/taking leaves...
If I look at my personal calendar at work - you will see that almost half of March is coloured with leaves...
The say bad news always comes in sets of 3 - well, we got our 3rd - sad news on Sunday afternoon - My father-in-law passed away...
He hadn't been all that well, but he didn't die because of his illness and other complications. He passed away after eating an apple - just like that - closed his eyes and he was gone...
The 15 days rituals are going on now and my husband is back in Mysore at his place with his family. I came back because of work issues and because we had left the house as it is and there were bills to pay. I was told to go and return back on Sunday for the 8th day. So, again I will be off for a week and will be back at work from April 9th.
May his Soul Rest in Peace...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Right, today's my birthday!! I am officially 28 yrs old today!!
I feel so mature (see, right usage of words - we don't say old - we say mature!!)
Gifts are accepted - please do feel free to send in those Dollars, Pounds, Rupees! Cash, Cheques and Travellers Cheques are also accepted... We are not very particular as to how we receive the money!!! ;-)
I feel good... Except on the work front, everything else is going on fine... (TOUCHWOOD!)
My health is on the mend (details will be posted in the next post please... :-) )
So, all you sweet people who keep coming back to read my blog and all you lurkers, who read, shake your head and move on - go ahead and wish me!! (See, I am not being too particular!!)
We all know, how good it feels to be wished on our birthdays right?!! So, go on... don't feel shy! *hehehe*

Friday, March 07, 2008

On a Sabbatical...

Well, I will be off for a week - going home to Mysore - so Internet access will be only at the Internet cafe which is down the road...
Reasons for going home - I am stressed out and exhausted... I seriously need a break to contemplate and decide on what I would be doing next - whether to change careers or just jobs or maybe something simple like project change in my present company.
I have also been suffering from very severe upper back pain and this has completely freaked me out because the pain hasn't come down for anything - no ointments/pills/hot water bottle/massages - nothing is working.
I went to the doctor last Wednesday and got freaked out because of the tests he prescribed! Got scans done for the very first time in my life - that was another experience by itself!!!
The only good thing was both doctors were good, reassuring and the doc who did the scans had a wacky sense of humour!! I saw my insides for the first time and I now know why the good Lord didn't have "doctor" as my destiny!!!
Have you seen how your liver/spleen/uterus looks from the inside?!!! (OK, don't answer that!)
The scans were all good - no issues in any part of my anatomy - no fluids in my back, lungs/uterus/kidney/spleen/liver etc are all fine... So, the next step is x-rays, for which I need to go back when I have my cycles because they can't take x-rays of either my lungs or my back when I'm ovulating... So, I am going home for the much needed rest and the x-rays...
Be good all of you and take care of your health. Most importantly, miss me! :-)
God Bless and see you in a week and if I do get the chance (i.e. if I drag my lazy ass all the way down the street to the Internet cafe!) I will blog or at least catch up on the posts. :-)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Crazy 8's!

Grail tagged with the "crazy 8's" so, here goes!

Crazy 8's
8 Things I am passionate about
-> My family
-> My marriage
-> Reading
-> Coffee
-> Sensitivity
-> My Work
-> Friends
-> Blogging!!

8 Things I want to do before I die
-> Travel around the world
-> Do some good/proper charity work
-> Write a book
-> Complete my Piano and Dance lessons
-> Forgive some people - which is turning out to be a very difficult thing to do
-> Let go of resentments and anger directed towards some folks
-> change professions
-> Teach in a non-profit organisation

8 Things I say often
-> Fuck
-> Uh huh
-> seriously!
-> Damn
-> honey
-> Alright
-> kothi (that's monkey in kannada)
-> Why?

8 Books I've read recently
-> Playing for Pizza - John Grisham
-> The Firm (again!)
-> Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (again!!)
-> Archie Comics (does this qualify as a book?!!)
-> Wizard of Oz
-> Famous Five - Five run away together (well, in my defense - I have them downloaded at work!!)
-> The Cell - Colin Forbes
-> Agatha Christie - Black Coffee

8 songs I could listen to over and over
-> Neele Neele Amber (kishore Kumar)
-> Mungaaru Male - all the songs from this movie (kannada song)
-> 10000 Promises - Backstreet Boys (i like this song a lot!)
-> Careless Whisper
-> Nothing else matters - Metallica
-> Songs from the movie - Amruthavarshini (another Kannada movie)
-> Jagjith Singh's gazals from the movie sarfarosh

8 Things that attract me to my best friends
-> They are always there for me
-> Sense of humour
-> Shared Past
-> We can talk about anything under the sun and the gossip is always awesome!!
-> Loyalty
-> Same kind of ideas
-> Coffee - my best friend loves coffee as much as I do!
-> good food

I am not sure if I know 8 bloggers who haven't taken this up - but, here goes
-> Rayshma
-> Galadriel
-> Swati
-> Jayashri
-> Dotmom
-> Pizzadude
-> Timepass
-> Vicky
enjoy people!! :-)