Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Crazy 8's!

Grail tagged with the "crazy 8's" so, here goes!

Crazy 8's
8 Things I am passionate about
-> My family
-> My marriage
-> Reading
-> Coffee
-> Sensitivity
-> My Work
-> Friends
-> Blogging!!

8 Things I want to do before I die
-> Travel around the world
-> Do some good/proper charity work
-> Write a book
-> Complete my Piano and Dance lessons
-> Forgive some people - which is turning out to be a very difficult thing to do
-> Let go of resentments and anger directed towards some folks
-> change professions
-> Teach in a non-profit organisation

8 Things I say often
-> Fuck
-> Uh huh
-> seriously!
-> Damn
-> honey
-> Alright
-> kothi (that's monkey in kannada)
-> Why?

8 Books I've read recently
-> Playing for Pizza - John Grisham
-> The Firm (again!)
-> Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (again!!)
-> Archie Comics (does this qualify as a book?!!)
-> Wizard of Oz
-> Famous Five - Five run away together (well, in my defense - I have them downloaded at work!!)
-> The Cell - Colin Forbes
-> Agatha Christie - Black Coffee

8 songs I could listen to over and over
-> Neele Neele Amber (kishore Kumar)
-> Mungaaru Male - all the songs from this movie (kannada song)
-> 10000 Promises - Backstreet Boys (i like this song a lot!)
-> Careless Whisper
-> Nothing else matters - Metallica
-> Songs from the movie - Amruthavarshini (another Kannada movie)
-> Jagjith Singh's gazals from the movie sarfarosh

8 Things that attract me to my best friends
-> They are always there for me
-> Sense of humour
-> Shared Past
-> We can talk about anything under the sun and the gossip is always awesome!!
-> Loyalty
-> Same kind of ideas
-> Coffee - my best friend loves coffee as much as I do!
-> good food

I am not sure if I know 8 bloggers who haven't taken this up - but, here goes
-> Rayshma
-> Galadriel
-> Swati
-> Jayashri
-> Dotmom
-> Pizzadude
-> Timepass
-> Vicky
enjoy people!! :-)


Galadriel said...

You say fuck too?? Nice.
Will be done shortly.

jayashri said...

Will do your tag shortly.

rayshma said...

interesting... :)
will be done shortly. have one tag pending for today... will get that out of my list & get on to this... :)

MAYG said...

just wondering if its ever possible to stop feeling resentful towards people who contributed to the ugly events in your life... yeh i'd want to be able to move on and forgive them before I die too.. hey if you ever manage to do that do tell me how the heck you ever managed!

Angel... said...

Very interestring...

jayashri said...

Did the tag, go have a look

PizzaDude said...

Ah! A Tag! It had been a long time since someone had tagged me. Will do it soon :D

Just a grail said...

I just read this again and realized that we have a lot in common! Which is obviously why I like you so much!!!

Pixie said...

@Grail: Yes, I know!!! :-)