Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Weekend Folks!

Yes, I have spent the better half of my day - blowing my nose or cleaning my nose.
Apparently, I have the mother of all Colds... *sigh*
And my nose is so completely blocked that my friend - a friend who has been a friend for like 10 yrs (Does that make sense - a friend who has been a friend?) didn't recognise my voice when I said hello!
He was all polite like "Umm... May I talk to Pixie please?"
And I was like "Duh! It's me!! I have a cold!"
He was like..."Really? that bad??"
Which as you can guess, didn't make matters any better!!!
Well, the good news in - my husband will be back from his "Foreign" trip ...
And the icing on the cake is, my parents are also coming this weekend!

I am also carrying around a hankie and sniffing into it! Now, not that carrying a hankie is bad or anything, but people who know me, know that I'm not the "hankie-carrying-types"
We had this set of girls in school, you know, who took pride in their hankies... They were neatly ironed, sprinkled with perfume and delicately tucked into their school skirts with a strip hanging out with a picture on it - showing it off (you get the picture right?)
Now, these girls were the ones who were wooed by high-school boys and were teacher's pets...
Seriously, "wanna-be" types and the funny thing is - most of them are quite "normal" now!
You know, they have turned into "non-hankie-carrying-types"!

Well, I'm off now to clean my nose once again for like the 100th time!
Happy weekend folks and I really hope none of you catch the damn cold!!!

P.S :I have no clue why I wrote about the whole "Hankie-carrying" episode and if you are a hankie-carrying person - I really don't mean to offend you.

Too much? OK, will go now...

Edited to add : Will reply back to everyone's comments... But, I really have to get rid of this cold first! I am not a happy person with a blocked nose!!!


wisegirl said...

hey put a blogroll... telling others what other blogs u read..

Swati said...

LOL on the hankie carrying types ..I was one of those and I am also quite normal now :D

Hope you are doing better !

rayshma said...

feeling better yet?! :)

illusionaire said...

From what I noticed, like u said, girls carry hankie when they are small and later become "normal" in life. (lolz)

Well for most of us guys, it works just the opposite. Never carried a hankie in school till college grad. Rebelled vehemently against carrying hankies. Now I proudly sport one wherever I go. lolz. Such opposites we are.

Get rid of the cold asap! Even I didn't recognize your blog post because of your cold.


claytonia vices said...

OMG! I did see a lot of hankies in our class but never saw the correlation!!

I think those who did not have much of a good deal in school who strived harder and then did well in life... of course maybe this is just a generalization, but I like to think so ;)

churningthewordmill said...

eekss..colds are such a pain...get well soon...*hugs*

Pixie said...

@wisegirl: Yea, I will do that.

@Swati, Rayshma, Illusionaire, Mandira: Yea, I am feeling so much better... :-)

@Vicky: LOL!!

Iceman said...

Looks like you had something against those wannabe girls...good thing you got it outta you! :P