Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Friday!

Finally! The weekend will start in a couple of hours! :)

I remember, last week on this very day I was roaming around Mysore with my mom. Awesome day it was, I tell you! :) :)

Today, it's a different story, today am trying to work. I have to come up with 3 different PPTs, 1 document, and 2 reviews to complete before 5!

(OK, I'm stopping work related talk NOW!)

The thing that's really funny is, when ladies go to the restroom here in office, they leave behind their dupattas and mobiles on the sink counter!

I can understand slightly about the mobiles, but, why dupatta? How will it get wet?! ROTFL!!

You know, by randomly leaving behind mobiles in restrooms, one could actually lose it. My team mate lost hers yesterday.
If you are bringing it all the way to the restroom, you might as well carry it inside the cubicle! Or leave it in your purse or bag in your desk at your workstation!

Also, yesterday's training was fun! Did I learn anything - well, no. But, it was a full session and my entire team was there and some of them have wicked sense of humour!! :D

So, half the time we were laughing around and goofing off, sitting in the last row to pay any actual attention!!!

Also, I hiccuped while drinking tea twice! And Snorted out tea from my nose! :D
I now know that Swaram, Crafty and Hitchy were talking about me on Swaram's blog!

Major Hugs, you guys! :) :)

During the introduction, the person sitting next to you is supposed to gather information and then introduce you to the whole class. So, my friend, she asked me the basic details and then went on to list of friends. (We were asked to list at least 2 - 3 Best friends and a minimum of 15 good friends)

Best Friend: Grail. Now, I know few details about her, so it was easy to say she works in so and so place etc etc.
The hard part was explaining how I met her! Don't even ask the lie I told for that since I don't want anyone here at work to know I blog!

Good Friends: This list of 15 friends also included Hitchy, Swaram, Crafty, Solilo, Indy, Smithus, RayRay, Galadriel, Kima.

Now, the funny part came with their actual names!! I know a few of them. I don't know the rest, so I made up the names!!! :D :D

The worst was, since all of them are in different parts of the world, explaining how I actually meet them, when and where.

Let's just say, I have a very vivid imagination!!!

Now, just for Swaram and Crafty and a reluctant Hitchy, Tom & Jerry Cartoons! Shared here with loads of love and buckets full of popcorn!!!


(I have to post this now!! but, blogger image loading is not working, I will post pics of popcorn and TnJ later?!)

Kindly Adjust maadi!!! :P :P :P :) :)

Edited to add: Cartoon pics have been added! :)

Image courtesy: Google! :)


Swaram said...


Smitha said...

Yay! Pixie's friday post!!!

'3 different PPTs, 1 document, and 2 reviews to complete before 5!' - You do have a lot of work to be completed :)

'they leave behind their dupattas and mobiles on the sink counter!' - I can't figure that out!!! Why would they do that?

LOL at making up stories and names :) You have just proven that you have a very fertile imagination :)Good to hear that you had a fun training day :)

Will come back later to check on TnJ :)

Swaram said...

Last week on this very day - We used to just lurk on each other's blog :P

This week - I feature in ur gud friends list. What a miracle blogging is! When I started blogging, I used to carefully select topics to blog abt; now, its all abt posting n waiting for the comments ;)

U know Pixie, some ppl take their phone inside the loo n speak there too :P Papa! I think they slog a lottttttt @ work and get time only there ;)

Whatz my name Pixie :P

hitch writer said...

:P :P

Pixie said...

Swaram! :)
Hello! :) :)

Yea, last week we were lurking!! This week you are my good friend! :)
With some friends, there is an instant connect! Like how we did!! :)

I do have a lot of work and I don't see any of it completing any time soon!!!

I was thinking about the same when I commented on your post about Imagination Smithus!! :)

Hitchy?! Where is my Comment?!
:P - doesn't qwualify as one!!! :P

hitchwriter said...

adjusted... !!!!!!

geez... interesting to know what happens in the ladies locker room... I was always curious !!!!!!!! :P :P :P

Geez... we made you hiccup that hard... !! he he he.... !!!! lol sweetie we did miss you really !!!

and bout that Tom & Jerry.... still tell ya... lets watch some treasure hunt movie... it will be more fun... !!!! Popcorn I eat 4 for every 1 you three eat !! wokies... !!! :D :D

hitchwriter said...

geeeeeeee !! I m third !! I thought the :P :P would suffice for first first !!!! lol ;)

hitch writer said...

Swarthi is her name in case you dont know !!!! :P :P

Pixie said...

Swaram, where are you?!!
Swarthi?!! :D :D

you eat 4?!
Ok, we will make you laugh so hard, you will have popcorn coming out of your nose!!! :D :D

*imagining Hitchy throw our popcorn from his nose!!*


Swaram said...

Am first n Smithu second.

Instant connection Pixie - Hugs :)

Dhirenbhai sorry Uncle :P

LOL @ that thot of popcorn from ur nose ;)

Pixie has been really imaginative 2day - hai na Smithu ;) n me luved that imagination :P

Scratchy aayegi to vaat lagegi :P


Pixie said...

@swaram: Connection ide! Dil se! :)

Waiting for Hitchy to come and read this... :D
Esp the popcorn part!! ;-) ;-)

hitch writer said...

you call that imagination ??

well dont blame me... you started it...

bringing a popcorn out of my nose ??????????????????????????????????????????

is that imagination ??????

imagination is to imagine me forcing you to eat that after that..... !!!!!!!!!!

hyuk hyuk...

even the thought is Yuck yuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixie said...

yuck! Hitchu!! That's disgusting!


why you would you do something like that to your friends?! :(

*looking up to Hitchy with a sad face and tears clouding Pixie's specs*

hitch writer said...

this is not fair... !!!!!!

this is emotional black mail... !!!!

you imagine a popcorn coming out of my nose !!!!! imagine... !!!! how mean !!!!!!!!!

and now you use tears...

this is total dada giri...

Pixie said...

Ok ok... no popcorn coming out of nose and no eating that (blech!) and no dad giri.

We'll just peacefully watch the cartoons, treasure hunt movie and old BW movies eating popcorn only and not playing with it!
OK Hitchu?! :)

hitchwriter said...

fair.. !!

we could watch the Indiana jones series... or national treasure.. or jewel of the nile or romancing the stone.. or congo or king solomon's mines... !!!

I even like our desi Daulat ki jung version too !!!

Monika said...

:( :( me not good friend huhn


i love these me nothing posts... BTW i have had one of those introductions they are fun

Swaram said...


***That's evil laughter****

Someone called me amateur and I beat them to be first ;)

Dil Se - Hugs n flying kisses to Blr :)

Just a grail said...

OOOOHHHHH you sweet, sweet thing.
Email me and tell me how we met! LOL I am dying to hear!

Pixie said...

@GRail: Mailing you now! :)

@Monu: Of course you are!! Hugs! :)

@Hitchy: Deal sounds great!!!

@swaram: got them all!! :)

Pixie said...

where's crafty?

rayshma said...

what story did u make up abt meeting me! :D tell tell!!!

Pixie said...

Ray, I said that we met thru a common friend and that since you were into advertising, and I was interested way back then, we hit it off!! :P

Galadriel was a junior in college! :P
Atrocious really.

vimmuuu said...

"3 different PPTs, 1 document, and 2 reviews to complete before 5" -- quit your job, will ya? :D :D :D

You are right? Even I dont know the names of a few bloggers !!! Hmmm..I should start imagining too. LOL !

Pixie said...

vimmu, it was fun though!
thinking up stories, linking up different people! :)

I did manage to finish 1 PPT though! does that count for anything? :P
Can I keep my job pls?!! ;)

Galadriel said...

Ok, I had to scroll like 20 times to get to the post a comment link.. but it was fun reading all the comments! :P

And thanks, I'm glad you count me in your good friends list. :)

Goofy Mumma said...

Wow, you actually made up stories about your blog friends, and even some of the names. That must be hilarious, wish i could hear that!! Have a great weekend.

Ordinary Guy said...

ROFL.... at making up stories to the "blog gang".... hahahahahaha

WOW!!! so have so much to do..... :P work wise I mean :P :P
creating PPTs is a pain :P for me....

Kindly Adjust maadi... you said...

I say "Enjoy Maadi"!!!!! :P :P

btw, I am waiting for the weekend and it will start for me in approx. 15 mins.... :P :P now....

Indyeah said...

itna kaam?
3ppts? i document and 2 reviews?:O

All the best kid!:D

you hiccuped and snorted?:D
yeah they were remembering you majorly:D:D:D

Now, the funny part came with their actual names!! I know a few of them. I don't know the rest, so I made up the names!!! :D :D

The worst was, since all of them are in different parts of the world, explaining how I actually meet them, when and where.
ROFL!!! Pixie!! this is TOO hilarious!!
I am trying to imagine all that you must said:P:P

what an imagination you have Pixieji!!!;)

please share some stories na?:P

and you are a cutie pie of a friend too:))
I love the pics:))
and yeah eating the popcorn too:D:D
(keep the two no..three..okay make it four shaitan kids away from me...:)) they are eyeing my popcorn :P

you, swaram, crafty and Dhiren:D:D

friday post is nice and I am reading and laughing on Saturday:D:D:D

Crafty Shines said...


shift to Wordpress!!!!!

this blog spot comment box ate my comments twice! wail!!!!!!!

now i will type in word doc and save and then post!!!!!!!!

till then! muahs!!!! i have LOADS to comment on!


writerzblock said...

I am terribly TERRIBLY upset that I did not figure in your Friends list :-((( Boo hoo .. sob sob :-(((((((((

Swaram said...

Yummy yummy Pixie .. thank u :)
Lets finish it off before Hitchy comes!

N wherez Crafty? I thot she wud log in @ night :(

Solilo said...

Pixer, friend. :))

You are turning out to be a naughty bachcha. This should be renamed as Pixer's Friday tales. :))

Crafty Shines said...

AILAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I am sooooo late!!!!!!!!!
Wail!!!!!!!!! And ur comment box is eating my comments… eats it, burps and says “comment could not be published”
Of course comment is not published…u ate it, u blogspot comment box! : P :P :P

Sigh! Finally I will post this comment pixie! After weekend is almost over! :P

Aww! U still nostalgic of ur trip back home! Muahs!!!

“3 different PPTs, 1 document, and 2 reviews to complete before 5”
No wonder u ain’t blogging that often! All these office ppl keeping u busy! As if u have nothing better to do! Hmfp!!!!! Next time if u don’t get time to blog, put up some of these u mentioned!!!! :D we’ll try to make sense n comment!!!! Tee hee!!!!

Women leave behind dupattas n mobiles!!! Erm….why do they even take the mobiles in the loo???? :| *crafty, in spite of being one, will never understand women*
and ur friend lost her mobile???? Like it got stolen probably! Sheesh! :(

arre! So u got hiccups and snorted tea!!! :P :P
next time we will be careful when remembering u, my pixu! :D :D :D
major hugs back for pixu!!!!!!!!!

I am in Good Friends List of Pixu!!!!!!
*crafty does her famous ganpati visarjan dance*
Sniff! Me loves u too pixu!!! Hugs n muahs!!!!!!!!!! I am smiling like a fool! :D :D

“Let's just say, I have a very vivid imagination!!!”

ROFL!!!!! So how did u meet me pixu??? Tell me! I wud love to know how we met! Tee hee hee!!!!! Muahs!

Allleeeeeee wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pop corn and tom n jerry!!!!!
*crafty snuggles with pixu, swaram n hitchy and hogs popcorn from her tub and others tub as well*

The images are so cute!!!!!!!
Pixu, I remember the episode from where the last pic is! Tee hee! I can watch tom and jerry like for a whole day!!!! :D

Hugs pixu! Hope u had a good weekend!!!!

Pixie said...

Crafty! I promise I will shift soon!
Indy Ma'am has been behind me to shift too!! :) :)

Hugs! How was ur weekend?

Solilo! Where have you been?? It's been soooo long since you commented here!!
Pallu, you too! Did you go back home to UK?
Pallu, you ARE my good friend! but, I missed mentioning your name... :( :(

we became frns way long back!
Will you forgive me pls? You can have my popcorn tub...
that's my offering of peace to you.
So, will you come to watch the movies as well?

Crafty, Swaram - we need to scoot a bit more for Pals!

churningthewordmill said...

dont even get me started on washroom stories.we have people leaving phones, jewellery and wat not..
every company is doing training these days its must be the season for training sessions! it certainly isnt the season for rains!lol u made up names and events n history for ur blogging buddies.. u must have a great imagination , pixie.. really great!!:D

Swaram said...

Pls Pixie ... tell us how u met us all :P Curiosity is getting the better of me ;)

claytonia vices said...

hmm... its a shame they still haven't invented pockets for most of women's wear...
Ahh... I have seen the dupatta can be a very hazardous thing on two wheelers atleast!!