Monday, July 27, 2009

My friend has a Recipe blog!


One of my closest friends from college, has a South Indian Recipe Blog.

We became very good friends during graduation and till now we have remained good friends :)
We had common Interests like Back Street Boys and we both had been betrayed and hurt by our respective so-called best friend as well!! :) :)

But, we became and still are good friends, so please do go on over, visit and leave your precious footprints there as well!

If she has her mom's cooking genes, then I can assure you the dishes will not only be easy to make but extremely yummy as well!! :)
Her mom was a fantastic cook!


I have been busy with work, a bit low because of a couple of issues as well.
Though its not my fault or anything, it will be a pain and it needs to be resolved soon.

Also have a pretty bad headache as well. So, need all the hugs you can possibly give out! :P
I know, I haven't replied to so many comments as well. I will do that as well tomorrow, so please do excuse me for that as well.

That's it for now. Will be back tomorrow with a better post.
But, in the meantime, do visit my friend! :) :)


Ersa said...


will check your friend's blog!

Varunavi said...

No one is around,i am first here :)

Will hope to see ur friends blog :)

Galadriel said...

looks yummy!

Lively said...

Of course will visit your good friend's cooking blog. You take care and kick the collective asses of those who give you pain. And come back and write a nice long warm post. Kay?

Swaram said...

First of all,

lottsssssssssssss of


N yeah, tell those who create issues for u that u have a Lady Rambo as a friend :P

Hope the head ache does the vanishing act soon!

Amele, me sad :(. neenu nan recipe blog matra visit made illa; Nangu adige alpa-swalpa barathe ROFL :))

Take care n stage a gr8 comebk soon :)


Crafty said...

arre wah! friend turned blogger!!!! there are very few of those! usually it other way around! :D

will definitely visit!!!

i get overdose of southie food at home, so erm.....i will pass the recipes to mommy!!!! :D :D

arre, they are still giving u work pixu? so much that too?


tell u, go to office like EOG...with one will know it is u, so they won't give u any work!

hee haw haw haw!

:D :D

hugs!!!!! muahs! i hope ur work load eases pixu....tom n jerry dvd awaits! we still have volume II to watch! :D

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs!! Hope your issues get resolved soon and you have lots of nice stuff to write about...waiting...

Anonymous said...

Good I need newer and newer recipes to keep my wife busy... lol...

vll visit...

hey anonymous people are giving you hugs... watch out !!!!

Pixie said...

@Ersa: :)

@Varunavi: Second, my dear!! ;)

@G: They are!! :)

@Lively: Thanks dear :)
Yea, I need to do all that and more! :) :)

@Swaram: Hugs to u too!! Arre, me visited your recipe blog and picked up the recipes as well. Chutny recipe for dosa is from you blog only!! :P

@Crafty: LOL!! yea.. I need to do that! wear camouflage!!
I know! We need to watch that and a couple of movies Hitchu was talking about as well!!

@anon: thanks for the hugs. please leave a name behind next time so that Hitchu will know who is passing on the hugs!! :)

@ Hitchu: You will do the cooking na?! I have told anon to leave behind a name Hitchu! Don't worry!! :) :)

kanagu said...

Hugs to you Pixie :)
hope your workload comes back to normal again :)
never tried cooling in my life.. will go and visit soon :)

Anonymous said...

Pix darling,
Loads of hugs coming your way! May you have a nice week ahead. Mesg me your number please!

Just a grail said...

Hope everything settles down soon!

vimmuuu said...

I did visit your friend and have also saved the URL for my future; if you know what I mean !!!

and for those headaches, here you go HUGGGSSS !!! gone ???

masood said...

Hang in there, girl.

Cheer up :)

Lively said...

Hope things are better now.

ani_aset said...

hey pixie..i hope alls well now >:D<

Meira said...

Will a hug from a stranger work?:P
Not actually a stranger though. My blog knows Swaram and she knows you and you know her ergo, hugs :)

Pixie said...

@Meira: welcome!! :) :)
Thrilled to see you here! :) :)

Will come visiting soon. :)

Hugs to u too...

you know, a person can never have enough hugs! each one is precious :)

@ani_aset: WElcome here... things are much better now :)

Swaram said...

meiraaaaa ........ only ur blog knows me :( U don't :(

***Swaram goes away eyes swollen with tears*****

Dost dost na raha playing in the bkgrnd :(

Pixie said...

@Pal: Will mail u my number! :)

@grail: Lot of work... sigh. way too m nay issues... balancing it all.
oh and I have something for u! :) :)

@Masood & Lively: Work has been hectic and issues have been around.

@Kanagu, Vimmu: Hugs right back at you! :)
Hoping this get resolved this week soon! :)

Pixie said...

Oye! Swaram! Come back here!!

No one goes away from my place crying!!

****Super Tight hugs*****

Smile now.

Swaram said...

Whats that Pixie -- drama??? Is it an English word :(

Me came bk bcoz of ur hugs :)

***Swaram's eyes swollen with tears .................. of joy this time ;) ;)****

Swaram said...

No moderation nwwwwwwwww????????

Pixie said...

howdu.. removed it!!

with sweet people like you, trolls don't come by now!!!

Swaram said...

Yahoo! Me will comment more n more n more .. no Hitchu for competition 2day too ;) I WIN!!!!!!!

Swaram said...

Pixie .. come over n c Rakesh's confusion ;)

Pixie said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link.. i checked it out already!

Smitha said...

Am heading there :) If there is anything I can do forever - is drool over food :)