Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friendship's Day my dear Blog Samaj!

Friendship is amazing isn't it?!
People I haven't actually met are my closest friends nowadays.
You guys have not only been kind, but also critical, supportive and always around for a hug.

I know that whatever be the problem, I can ring up anyone one of you and you will calmly listen and then explain in detail why you think I'm crazy!! :P

My closest friends list includes more blog friends than actual people I interact and meet.
You guys know me for who I am, like me for the person I am and are non-judgemental and accept the craziness without batting an eyelid!
You are of the few who come back to me even though I have phased out on many of you at various instances.
You know I phase out and take it for face value and wait patiently for me to come back to my usual self.
I can crib, rant to my heart's content, knowing that when I come back, there will be a warm hug, a pat on my back, or sometimes even a kick to bring me back to my senses or a simple hello to say/show that you listened.

Thank you for letting me into your lives, for bringing me so much of joy and happiness.
Thank you for letting me jump into conversations happening and let me know that my comment is valuable.
Thank you for asking about me in various comment spaces.
It shows you guys care and are actually wondering where I could have gone or why I haven't stopped by still... Some of you mail me and tell me that new post is up! :)

"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway."~ Jerome Cummings

And the one which is so apt here,
"Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love, aren't we already there?"~ Richard Bach

Another Gem -
"To know someone here or there
with whom you can feel
there is understanding
in spite of distances or
thoughts expressed
That can make life a garden."~ Goethe

Another truth -
" I cannot even imagine where I would be today
were it not for that handful of friends
who have given me a heart full of joy.
Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun." ~ Charles R. Swindoll

So many of you and so very special in so many ways...
So many friendships had already been formed when I joined in on the fun. Each one of you made me feel welcome and cherished and special.
So many things are common that it's unbelievable, but true! :)

Thank you. For barging into my life, bringing in so much madness, laughter and love.
For making it so special that every post, every comment, every email and every sms is cherished and treasured forever.

I only hope that me being in your lives, however tiny it maybe, has made you a little more happier and when you think of me at random instances as you go thru your daily life, I make you smile just like how you guys make me smile! :)
Like, how puppies and Dill Leaves, a Tavera Car or a pic with Mountains, a long rambling post or a glass of wine, Crayons, or a cream coloured sofa, a Malayam accent or a Cheese sandwich remind me of you guys! How extraordinary it is that one of you guys have the same name as my best friend in school did!
How extraordinary it is that my best friends are someone whom I've only spoken to and still eagerly waiting to meet! :)
Happy Friendship's Day in advance my dear, precious friends :)

All the sayings, the pic - courtesy google


Swaram said...

Haila! Nanu sunday madanha ankondre everyone dng this today ;)

Swaram said...

Happy Friendship day to u
Happy Friendship day to u
Happy Friendship day to u Pixie
Happy Friendship Day to u :)

Swaram said...

Me 3rd ;)

Pixie said...

same to you babe! :)

you are so special and so close to my heart that I have no words!

PS - did you read the full post?! :D

Pixie said...

first, 2nd and 3rd - all u!


Swaram said...

Read the post nw!

Leave a mark behind before u leave alva ;) - so I hv left a lot of comments here :)

Hugs for this beautifullllll post dear!!!!

LOL @ Dill leaves ;) ;)

Cerelac bardheilla :P

Each one of those quotes is beautiful :) Thank u so much for the red rose ;)

I wil always be a rose n never a thorn ;)

Thanks for lending that charm to all dabba chaupat posts of mine too ;)

N yeah, u hv put up all those points What do I write nw :P

Pixie said...

hugs! :) :)

full different bari neenu!

waiting for your post as well now!

Swaram said...

Hey u know .. we r planning a longggggggg trip to Blr this time ;)
Bcoz I hv to meet so many of u :)
September end nalli irthya thane ???

Swaram said...

U hv written it all so beautifully ;)

Can I do what coders r best @ ;) ;)

Pixie said...

yes.. irtheeni!
waiting now. come soon!

Copy+paste ?



Swaram said...

LOL :))

Me flooding ur comment space eeks :P

Pixie said...


only we 2 seem to be around today.
Hitchu would have left for his vacation and Crafty would be busy working...
Smithus and Solilo ge iga belegge.

Swaram said...

Lively left .. Indyeah PC problem ;)

claytonia vices said...

Happy friendship day! :)

Galadriel said...

happy fraaandsheeep day to you!!

Pixie said...

@G: Thyaaks yaaa!! :D

Wishing you the very same!

@Vicky: Thanks! :)
wish u the same... where have u been all these days?!!

rayshma said...

happy fr'ship day!!! :)
have a great weekend, pix! :)

Ersa said...

happy friendship day, pix...


Timepass said...

wishing u too happy friendship day

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Friendship day to you Pixie :) Loved the post and I couldn't agree more with the fact that the blogosphere is supportive and non judgmental !!

I too find myself thinking of my blogging friends when I read something, watch some news, read some views, eat some foods ... always there is this thought that this reminds of this and this of that friend :)

vimmuuu said...

wish you the happiest friendship day ever !!!!

kanagu said...

its really a touching post Pixie.. and what you have said about blog samaj is really true :)

and very happy friendship day to you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u lil Pixie!! And happy Friendship day to you too. I thought it was on Sunday?! Anyway, I do echo your I've found such lovely lovely lovely friends here in Blogosphere. one of them, is, ofcourse - YOU!!!

Varunavi said...

Happy friendship day.Beautifully written.Hugs to you dear :)

hitch writer said...

Happy friendship day Pixie !!!!!!!!

you lil cute one !!! may god bless you and our friendships...

amazing is our samaj and our friends... !!!!!

masood said...

Happy friendship day to you too :)

Solilo said...

Pixer, {{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}

Happy friendship Day to you too cutie patootie.

May our bonding grow with each passing year.

(I am sorry I haven't been very active on blogs lately so missed some posts.)

Crafty Shines said...


{{{{{{{{{{super tight hugs}}}}}}}}}]

this was so from the heart pixu, and u know those quotes are just so so perfect!

me too thinks of u! u know...everytime i see that CD of Tinkerbell, and Pixie dust comes to my mind and i think of u!

it's true, and u are a part of my life too! and i want u to be happy always and always, and on times that go bad, we will hug!!! and watch tom n jerry dvd....

muahs!!!! love u always pixu!
Happy Friendships Day to you my sweetie!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie, Happy Fraandship Day to you too :)

Lovely quotes all of those...

Smitha said...

Belated Happy friendship day to you too :)

You know, once I was shopping and came across a Pixie doll.. Really cute! And I was like - have to get that for Pixie! And thats how much I think of you guys.. As you said, so many little things remind us of our wonderful friends - who we have not met, seen or spoken to.. but whose words bring their lives, their personalities so much into out lives...

Loved the post! You wrote everything I would have wanted to :) Hugs!

ani_aset said...

happy friendship day :)
i know its way too late :D