Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One more Tag!

I "lifted" this tag off from Swati!!! I like doing them and they are so much fun, so here goes!
It's the Number Four Tag...

Four Ladies I admire:
My Mother

Kiran Bedi
Rakhi Sawant - her unapologetic straight forwardness!! (I am serious here!)

Four Favourite Foods:
Curd Rice and Pickle

Bisi Bele Bath (A very typical Karnataka Rice dish)
Masala Dosa
Kheer (it's a sweet)

Four Favourite Drinks:
Red Wine

Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Milk

Four Fondest memories:
My 2 yrs stay in Denver, Colorado when I was a kid

The time I spent with my husband in Mysore before marriage
Ramya Hotel (a restaurant in Mysore) with my grandfather
Piano lessons at Good Shepard convent!

Four Unforgettable Days:
My wedding

The day I fought with the school board saying girls aren't given equal rights in sports
My first Bharatanatyam programme (I was terrified!)
The day I met my best friend V in another friend's Lab in the university.

Edited to add:
(I picked this up from Rayshma)
Four TV Shows I Like:
Desperate Housewives
That 70's show/Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - not the children's contest going on now...
Ugly Betty/Heroes

And now time for confession ...Four things I should work on:
My temper
My career
My moodiness (I'm terribly moody)
My procrastination

Anyone and everyone is welcome to take up this tag! :-)


RR said...

You play the piano? You must teach me, I've always wanted to learn!
Rakhi Sawant is actually not a very intelligent girl so she ends up making a fool of herself a lot of times. However as far as boldness goes, I used to like Mallika Sherawat initially when she started out. Not anymore though. :)

rayshma said...

i admire rakhi sawant for making herself seen & heard when she has neither the background nor the brains for it!
and heyy, i love tags too... so as u can guess, i'm taking this up. will do it today :)

illusionaire said...

I don't know whats with me, but I love reading other people's tags but hate doing the tag myself (unlike you)


I never do tags on my blogs, because once you start doing, you get the same tag over and over again, with maybe a slight modification to one or two questions. And once you start doing it, its really mean not to continue. So I just simply dont do any tags at all on my blog :)

Orchid said...

cool! and some honest confessions there at the end, I must say!

Just a grail said...

Pixie, I just adore you. Honestly and seriously. You made me cry. Your kindness and love always seems to reach me when I need it the most. One day I hope we can meet in person, the world is smaller than we think!!

Pixie said...

@RR and Rayshma: I agree about Rakhi Sawant... she is a bit of a fool and she knows how to make herself seen and heard!

@Illusionaire: You should try 'em! they are kind of addictive!!

@Orchid: Thanks! But, yes... I need to work on them and I'm making an effort to improve.. :)

@Grail: It's true you know - I do admire you... A lot of anger that I had has gone now after I started reading your posts... You have helped me deal with certain issues which I can't blog about... *hugs to u*

rayshma said...

heyy... what's d reason for not blogging? hubby being back or too much work...? ;)
hope all's well with u!

claytonia vices said...

Hey pixie! I think you should meet grail sometime! :)