Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Hard is it?!!!!

How hard is it?!! i mean its basic comman sense and its very easy especially since its 2 different countries!!!
Ok, so I don't make sense... what I'm actually talking about is very simple, at work today, we were getting the set up done for 3 countries (different countries!!). Each country has a different name right? Apparently, according to one of my team mates, I am wrong and 2 different countries have the same name!!! He re-wrote the work I had done all afternoon with his own and now I have to re do mine because he "forgot" to give the names right!!
Like I said before, How Hard is it to get country names right?!!!! For a guy with 4 yrs of working experince, he sucks big time!!!
Gotta go now, since I have re do all my work again!!! The only word that comes to my mind when such things happen is "BLAH!!!!"


claytonia vices said...

Hmmm... letting off steam, eh? :-)

Whatever!! said...

oh yea!! no doubt abt that!!!

illusionaire said...

Unless you were discussing about The Netherlands and Holland, yeah I guess it is pretty stupid... :-)

I remember Drew Carey on "Whose Line is it anyway" blurt out Africa as a Country by mistake... The rest of the cast Ryan, Colin etc took his trip the rest of the day ... like "Books Drew Carey has authored" and Ryan goes "How to tell the difference between a country and a continent" :-)

illusionaire said...

Ps. u mite like my latest post about Law & Order : SVU ;-)

Anonymous said...

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