Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Slide

Random thoughts were flitting in and out her head, like butterflies she had seen the other day at the park.
She jumped off the swing and ran to the slide... She still wanted to try the big one, but her mom had told her that was for big girls. She was indignant about that, she was a big girl at least that was what her daddy had told her when she had visted him the previous week. But then, she reflected, her dad always disagreed with anything her mom said or did. She did a lot of reflecting these days and she reflected now that she was big enough for the big slide.
She checked her wrist watch, which had been a gift from Tom and saw that there was still half an hour before her mom picked her up. She took a deep breadth and looked out and saw that no one was there.
Her heart pounding, she approached the Big Slide cautiously... She said a prayer to God and then grabbed the railings with her small hands and slowly climbed the steps.
She looked down and was awed that the caterpillar looked so small from way above!! She then Smoothed her skirt and sat down at the beginning of the slide... she was scared, but then took a deep breadth and let go!!!
She wizzed down and felt a kind of thrill she had never felt before!! and before she knew it, she was on the soft pile of sand...She grinned and climbed up again.... and slid down with greater excitement!!!
She told her froggy Penny that it would be their little secret!! She then picked up her bag and waitied for her mom near the gate.
She saw her mom's car and wondered for a moment if she would know, then mom smiled her sweet smile and asked her how her day went for which she replied great with a twinkle in her eyes...
She looked back at the slide and hugged herself for her delicious secret and got into the car and went home, waiting excitedly for the next day when she could slide down again feeling greater freedom and joy than she ever felt!!!


Prinseesa said...

ehhehe this post reminded me of my youth .. oh to become innocent again (sigh).. loved ur writing, keep up the good work ;)

illusionaire said...

A wordsmith you are. Very well written. Although I never had a slide experience to remind me of childhood days (*GRIN*) I could very well imagine what opthers had experienced through your words.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up...good catch of the moment

Anonymous said...

My fav post on this page .. :) ... a good one ... btw do i see a twinkle in ur eyes ...??