Thursday, October 18, 2007

My very first award!

Me got the "Power of Schmooze" award! Yay!!! My very first Blogging award and I'm honoured...

*taking a bow and then breaking into a gig*

Thank you Poppins Mom for this awesome award! :-)

I pass on this award to

Rayshma - I love the way she writes, her sense of humour is great and she makes me laugh and think about the stuff she has written

Illusionaire - He writes well - very profound stuff and his sense of humour when turned on is awesome!

Swati - She too writes well, her posts have always left a mark on my mind and she always comments on my posts! :-)

Grail - One of my favorite bloggers and human beings... she was one of the very first blogs that I read...

Thanks again Poppins Mom, I'm truly touched and honoured... :-)

Edited to Add: Cantaloupes Amma has also passed on the award to me! I am so thrilled!!! My very first award and I get it from 2 super people!!
*break into Chandler-like dance with arms waving about!*


rayshma said...

heyy.. wow! congrats! awesome! :)
and thankee thankee... u really think i schmooze? kewl! thanks SO much, pixie! :0)

Poppins said...


rayshma said...

u know... i hadn't recd any awards since school! and now, fuzz & u have both given me reason to bring out that oscars/filmfare speech.
so here i go... thanking my stars i came across u! :D
lol! thanks a ton, babes! award on display... :)

PizzaDude said...

Whoa!! Congratulations!

Pixie said...

Thank you! Thank you!
Hey Raysh! You deserve it girl! :-)

illusionaire said...

awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much Pixie! The Power to Schmooze Award! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! :)

You really know how to make me start my day with a smile :)

dame's diary said...

Wow cool.. Congratulations!

Pixie said...

@Illusionaire: :-)... You deserve it dude!
@Dame's Diary: Thank you! :-)