Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tagged Again!

Grail tagged me, she wrote about the different things she admires in people. We seem to have lot many things in common which includes what we admire in other people! So, I will exclude what she has written and put up my list. You can read her remarkable stuff here.

-> I admire people who are always cheerful and hide their emotions from strangers. You know, the sort who doesn’t let on that something’s going on in their life/that particular day…
-> I admire people who can read and write Kannada very fluently. My mother-tongue is such a beautiful language.
-> My parents for sticking to their belief and not wavering even when things were rough for them.
-> My grandfather who was my first best friend. He died before he could see what sort of a woman I turned out to be. (He would have been so proud! I just know it!!)
-> Women who stand up for their rights against all odds and adversaries and win their battles.
-> I admire the really hard working types. Like my previous Team Lead. He used to word so hard and he was always cheerful and always ready to lend a helping hand – whatever be the situation.
-> I admire people who show respect to everyone and are not biased based on caste, gender or religion. (Religious tolerance now-a-days is so low and racism has reached an all time high).
-> I admire bloggers who write their mind and are not afraid to voice out their opinion about anything and everything. I also admire bloggers who have the knack of creating great banners, advertisements/changes to their template…
-> I admire people who don’t have any bad habits like nail-biting, hair twirling, cracking knuckles (you get the drift right?!). I always bite my nails when I’m unsure about things… so, a manicure is such a waste on my nails!!
-> Last but not the least – I admire my husband for his never-say-die positive attitude, for his ability to think calmly in most situations and for standing up to what is right and his caring and sensitive attitude.
-> I also admire one lady a lot – she is a single mother of 4 boys, her attitude is awesome and the way she writes, thinks has helped me so much. She manages to make me cry and laugh just by her posts and if she were any closer – I would invite her out and toast her with champagne! Yup, it’s Grail! :-)
-> Final one, I admire working moms (I have nothing against SHAMS – they are also great moms), but Working moms need to balance so much I think and need to do everything so correctly… And I’m terrified whether I will do it right when we have kids…

There! That’s my list – yes, its long… :-)
Anyone who stops by and hasn’t taken up this tag yet are most welcome to take it up!!


claytonia vices said...

pixie! Nice post :)

Sachin said...

Hey there, long time no see! Actually its my fault, have been totally off blogging since April. It was a combination of workload, blog sites blocked at work and "writer's block", if I can call it that.

But finally I did do the tag you tagged me with. Check it out. You are on a roll with your blog...keep the writing coming in.

Just a grail said...

ooooooohhhhhh you made me cry.

Thank you for such the kind words, and I would happily have a toast with you any day. AND there is not a doubt in my mind that your grandfather would be more than pleased with the wonderful woman you are!

Swati said...

Lovely list Pixie..BTW I missed reading you for a long time :)

rayshma said...

heyy... nice list there... i'll take up d tag!
dunno when i'll gt down to it... but sure will! :)

Pixie said...

@Vicky: Thanks! :)

@Grail: I really mean it... *hugs*

@Swati: Thank u for missing me! The sites keep getting blocked and then they unblock it... i have no idea what happening!

@Sachin: Nice to have you back! Will check your post...

@Rayshma: Looking forward to reading it! :)