Friday, February 08, 2008

Tags - Part One!!!!

Here come the tags!!

First one -
Material Possessions I absolutely cherish. As anyone would guess, I have a LOT of them! So, picking out the best ones!!!

---> My Bharathanatyam Gejjes (Anklets) and thaala (not sure what it is in English!). I saved
money for almost a year back in degree to buy these 2.
---> My desk at home. It's got 3 desk drawers filled with stuff right from scholl days till date. All
the greeting cards, gifts, trinkets I have ever received are safely stored in them.
---> My stuffed toys here at home. Both Hubby and me love them and he has bought me all
these lovely toys!
---> My dinner set that I received as a wedding gift from my Dad's colleagues. It's beautiful -
in white with red flowers at the border.
---> The Archies perfume my husband got me after we officially started dating! I still have the
bottle even though the perfume is all used up!
---> When I was in 6th or 7th Std (not sure which), I had fell sick with fever and my sis - she
was in Kindergarten or 1st Std had given me a paper card, with a heart in pink saying "I
love u; get well soon"
---> A dress my dad got me when I was in college - the dry cleaners misplaced the top, but I am
hanging on to the rest, hoping I get a match to it!
---> My mom has given me this bowl - to mix rice in - it's steel and its pretty old.
Every time I mix rice and masala in it - it ends up tasting like my mom's cooking!
---> I wear my husband's t-shirt - it's old, its a mix of orange and green and I will not throw it
The actual story is - when I saw him wearing it for the first time in college - it was the first
time I realized that this guy - my best friend actually has a very sexy chest!
(ok, he will kill me for telling this on this blog first and not to him!!!)


The second one!
The list of simple things in my daily life which makes me happy!

- The good morning hug from my husband as soon as we wake up
- Drinking the hot cup of chocolate milk early in the morning while getting ready for work
- the daily phone call from my mom
- when my husband/sis tell me that whatever I have cooked is delicious
- As I go to work - on the way there is this lake - to see the sun raising and to see its glittering
rays dance along the water surface
- Going shopping with my sister. It's always huge fun and she manages to help me pick stuff in
which I look great, but normally wouldn't buy!
- Going home to Mysore and seeing that my mom has made my fave breakfast.
- Eating chocolate ice cream and walking hand in hand with my husband
- Eating at Sikander in Garuda Mall - love the food there
- An impromptu "i love u" sms from the hubby in the middle of a hectic day.
- Being tagged and seeing the same set of people coming back to read my blog again and again :-)


Blogging Buddies (This one is from Grail)

1. Grail: She is inspirational and one of the nicest human beings I have come across in life.

2. Rayshma: My "Tag" buddy! She always remembers to tag me and she makes me laugh always! and i'm sure that if
we did meet - we would giggle and laugh all thru!!

3. Swati: I like the simplicity with she writes, she never fails to comment and it seems like she is an old friend

4. Vicky: He was one of the reasons I started blogging! It took him more than a year to convince me that I should be blogging because its the natural thing to do! I haven't met him in 2 yrs and I really hope that we both get the time to meet when he comes down to Bangalore/Mysore next time

5. My sis: She is my support system. She is a nut, weird and extremely lovable!

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to take this up. But, I do want to tag Grail on the materialistic possessions tag!


jayashri said...


wisegirl said...

i am not a nut!!

Galadriel said...

an orange and green shirt?! makes me think of a govinda-ishtyle dude in fluorescent orange and parrot green clothes showing off chest hair! :P no offense, i'm sure the shirt is a lot more pleasant than i've just made it out to be... :)

rayshma said...

hehee... i just tagged u again... and was hoping u wudn't kill me for it! :D
btw, there's also some blessings for u... so drop by when u can... :) i think i'll pick the blog buddies tag.. but a little later... i seem to be doing only tags of late! :D

Swati said...

Wow..we tagged each other for same thing and wrote almost the same words too :D

Since I have done the buddies one ...i will pick up the second one...only for you to realize ,we have so many things common there :D

Just a grail said...

You always make me weepy, you never fail to say the sweetest things. I hug you from all the way over here!!! :-)

I am looking forward to doing the material possession going to go think about it now...

Timepass said...


Pixie said...

@Rayshma: LOL!!! Same here... Will pick up your Tags and the others' soon!!
Working late everyday...

@Swati: Will check out :-)

@Grail: Hugs to u too... :-)

@Timeepass: Eeps!! The Tags-to-be-done tag now grows...!!
Will take it up soon, I promise. :-)

Sachin said...

Hi there, hope you are doing great! Nice tags there!

Was reading some of your older posts and that your wedding anni is coming up for Mar 1st. Just wanted to give you an idea: we just celebrated our 3rd wedding anni a couple of months back - we did not make any plan for the day, we just got of the house in the morning, took the car and drove wherever it pleased us, did window shopping, traipsed around some shopping malls, had a leisurely lunch and then caught a late afternoon movie and then drove back home slowly. No plans needed for a lovely day! :)

As for the gift for your hubby, depends on what he likes of course, but am sure he'd like a personalized calendar with both of your names on each of the month leaves very much. Sorry, its nothing grand but its a start!

claytonia vices said...

'simple things in daily life' lists never bore me... glad you shared them :)

rayshma said...

hola chica! all well...? :)

Pixie said...

Thanks for the idea Sachin! I guess we will be doing something similar!!

Vicky - go ahead and blog abt ur day! :)

Rayshma - still around, breathing - but too much happening on the work front...