Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stolen Tags!

Now, both these tags have been "stolen" and since an anon reader commented that all I do is talk about me - I'm just doing that!!! ;-)
Picked this up From Swati! 5 things I do as soon as I get home:
1. Open the door, remove shoes/sandals and drop my purse and dupatta (if I'm in a salwar) on the chair.
2. Wash my feet and face and drink water and bow in front of God for a couple of mins while my husband lights the lamps...
3. Get things like vegetables etc ready for dinner
4. Switch on TV/Laptop (for music/Internet)
5. Chat with my husband as he helps me get dinner ready.
Now, the "What's-in-your-handbag" Tag from Chandni:
The bag I'm carrying today in specific is 4 yrs old and what's in it -
- 2 lipsticks
- Vaseline
- comb
- various receipts from credit card payments
- bills
- one SN
- hand purse - clutch-type
- Sodexho food coupons
- one photo of Raghavendra Swami and one Lord Krishna
- One cross with a chain
- Menthos - not mint - fruit flavoured
- Some weird chocolates I got as change
- one Nora Roberts Novel (I know! but, I was desperate for a diff read... sigh - its pretty bad)
- 2 pens
- Johnson & Johnson face cream
- one glitter pen
- a rubber band
- house keys
- A bindi packet
- some change
- a bracelet (I'm wondering how this bracelet got into this bag now!)
- a couple of very weird/scary passport size photos of me!
- A few recipe printouts - one for Aloo Methi and the other for Kesar ka Pulav

There! Doing this was nice :-)
Anyone who wants to pick it up is more than welcome! :-)


Swati said...

Nice ..give the bracelet to me , if you don't want that in your bag ;-)

chandni said...

you too have recipes!!

LOL I thought I was the only one :D

Pixie said...

@Swati: :P
Won't give!

@Chandni: I'm pretty bad that way! I read all the yummy food blogs - resolve to try out the dishes - take printouts - save the website! Log on at home to check recipe again!! But, actually preparing the said dishes - that's a diff story!!

Anonymous said...

hi ! found you thru chandni's blog..
u too have weird/scary passport size photos in your bag!? i have dozens...all out dated and ugly!!i also have loads of old bills..which i havent chucked out- i donno why!!

Galadriel said...

guess what's in my bag? (there's too little so i decided to make it a comment and not post about it)
- wallet
- pen
- chapstick
- laptop
- laptop charger
there, that was easy!

wisegirl said...

i have bills, wallet, multi vitamin pills, comb, chapstick, lipgloss, raisins,sun block, keys

Pixie said...

@Churningthewordmill: Welcome! :-)
and do keep coming back!

@Galadriel & Wisegirl: Nice... :-)
I get the feeling now that I have way too much stuff in my bag/handbag!! I guess I need to really clean it out once and sort it!

claytonia vices said...

How large is your handbag?

Pixie said...

@Vicky: LOL!! Never underestimate the contents of a girl's handbag!!
it's the standard size one... :-)

illusionaire said...

Am with Vicks on this one! :-) Gurl, you carry a handbag or a jumbo sized travelling bag?

But never underestimating a girl's bag, that is so true. I once went out on a date with this girl who seemed to be bringing out all sort of stuff from her micro hand bag. Chewing gums, tissue paper, mobile phone, PDA etc.

And during dinner I asked her to show me pictures of her dogs, so she pulled out a large gold framed photograph! And I asked for more, and she reached into her bag and pulled out her HP Laptop! On our way back, my car got a puncture and I didn't have a spare tyre. She said not to worry, reached into her handbag once more and pulled out a new Dunlop tyre, complete with the bladder and steel rims.


Unfortunately we couldn't use the tyre because I was driving a maruti car, and the tyre she pulled out from her handbag was for the rear wheel of a Tractor.