Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's in an AD?

People travelling on Hosur Road in Bangalore - have you seen the latest billboards put up as part of the advertising campaign for apartment developer?
The Ads read in bold "Bitch about your colleagues"
There's one more which says "Act like a Monkey" and written below "Enact your boss and keep your friends entertained" (something along those lines anyway)
My question is, is this good advertising? Is it good to actually and continuously "bitch" about one's colleagues? I know, we all do it - on some scale - we talk about them, make fun of them... But, isn't that bad practice? How can we work together in a team if we don't bother getting along with them?
Won't all the constant bitching create bad vibes and bring about a mental block about a certain person? Will it not become difficult to work with such people?
I'm not saying - I don't do this - but, I do try to keep it minimum and complain mostly on this blog or in front of family and not "entertain" my friends with stories about the boss!!
Is, such advertising encouraging the bad practice? Is it making sure team work becomes non-existent? What do you think?
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Swati said...

Bitching about collegues is sure bad , though we do it for sure in some form. Abt the ad cannot say , unless I see that , since negative advertising sometimes proves very successful.

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Galadriel said...

from an ethical point of view, sure it is bad.. but as a marketing strategy, it sure is brilliant. caught your attention enough for you to blog about it didn't it? :D

Anonymous said...

this is taking advertising to a new low..really it is..

claytonia vices said...

Ads say a lot of things...

GettingThereNow said...

These ads are obviously aimed at an adult consumer group. If they (the consumers) already don't know right from wrong, I am afraid, even a morally correct ad won't teach them anything. What I am trying to say is - ads don't have to be morally correct - unless they are targeted at a younger, more impressionable generation. They just have to be eye catching to do their job. People normally don't learn life-lessons from ads anyway.

Pixie said...

Thanks everyone for your observations... and yea, its a very good marketing strategy and yea, we don't learn life-lessons by ads!!!

But, I still think its bad to encourage this or use it as a marketing strategy!