Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holding Hands

Now, Renu tagged me ages ago, about Holding Hands and what it meant to me.

I did what every other person do - I googled "Hold hands"
and there were numerous Quotes, links etc about the same.

Of the entire lot, this saying I liked:
"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands.
~Quoted by Alexandra Penney"

and I also found a website which teaches a person "How to hold Hands"!! -

And, this picture from Google - I liked best:

Now, for me holding hands primarily means - security.
It is a sign of trust.
A baby trusting its parents, spouses trusting one another
The blind man trusting the person to help him cross the street.

Holding hands, also denotes - "I will show you the way."
For Parents to their child - it means they are guiding the way - showing them the path before they let go and watch you pave your own path thru life's journey.

It means security - emotional security.
It is also one visible way of showing love.

We hold hands, when we are unsure, scared and when we are happy!!

For me, holding hands with my husband, when we are walking simply denotes companionship.
If i'm holding my sister's hand - it means I'm protecting her, even if it ends up irritating her!!! heh!
If it's with my parents - it works both ways - I am seeking protection or I'm helping them cross the road in
Blore sometimes!! :)

What does holding hands mean to you?

Image courtesy: Google! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with all that you have so beautifully said. Holding hands is trust, care, protection and love.

mohit said...

well said.... but were u googled inspired totally? ;)

I wonder what happens if Promod Muthalik opens his browser and that "how to hold hands" page comes up ..(sick #%^#$ )

Ersa said...

You have put it beautifully. For me, holding hands brings the feeling of togetherness and love. A sense of security, just like you mentioned.

Solilo said...

Love this one Pixer. Holding hands means being there for the person.

Just a grail said...

That was so beautiful, to me it is connection.

Renu said...

I am so much in tune with you here...yes holding hand means protecting, trust and companionship to me too.

Swati said...

lovely post ! To me its Trust :)

claytonia vices said...

it means all the things you said... varying with the context! I really love the feel-good that hand-holding brings!

Smitha said...

Oh Pixie- That was so beautiful!!! So well said...beautiful!

Mama-Mia said...

lovely lovely read! :)

yes! a simple act of holding hands can mean so much!



Anonymous said...

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