Saturday, October 07, 2006

Afternoons..... ZZzzzz....

Its my second post on the same day!!! WOW!!!
Actually, I hadn't written anything for almost a month... now after changing jobs, I seem to have more time on hand... :-)
Which is good right? I mean, my training/transition is going on and that will be for max 3 hrs everyday... remaining 5 hrs is basically time given to study...
Oh dear!!!! That studying for 5 hrs is the difficult part!! I mean, we finished all that in college right?!! But, no, these people seem to think otherwise... so, most afternoons I study or atleast I try to put in an honest effort into doing so!!!
But, when you feel as though you have iron chains pulling your eyelids shut, its quite difficult to put up a fight and actually concentrate on studying!!!
I guess this breakis a good one and will help us when work starts...
Anyways, Wish me luck!! I really need it, especially to stay awake in class after lunch!!! :)

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