Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back!

Hello to the very few people who read my blog!! :)
I am back after a very long hiatus of 5 months!!
It wasn't that nothing happened, but I was just too lazy to actually write anything new!!
(It's called as writer's block!!)
Now, what's happened in these past few months? Nothing much really...
For a very long time now, I have found my job to be extremely satisfying and it's really nice to see your efforts being appreciated and I can actually see how I've grown over the past few months. This, believe me, is very strange and happens quite rarely!!! (I can see a few of my friends raising eyebrows in disbelief over this statement!!!)
The other day V and I were talking about wishes and what would one wish for if we had that luxury.... He wished to be a pilot, but me - I wished for an island, books, no one to bug me and peace!!! As long as I was wishing, I also wished for unlimited money supply - I had asked for peace - which meant not coming to work everyday!!!!! And I really do need the money for the books and food!!!!
V said, all that is fine, but you do need to charter a plane and for that plane to take you where you need to go - you need a pilot and voila!!!
You know what that showed right - he wanted to get invited to my private island and a share in that peace too!! (I can hear the well aimed curses and comments from him now!!!)
Well, V is a good friend and as long as I get the plane, he could share the island also, I suppose!!!
Cheers to wishes!!! How I wish it were true - I can picture myself there - rather than sitting and working in a stuffy office - with only meetings to look forward to!!!!!!!

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