Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Aerobics and Me!!!!

I am creaking and aching all over!!
Wondering what I'm talking about?
Well here is the complete story - I am on a mission to lose some weight in the next 2 months, so I went and joined the Gym for Aerobics classes after work!
It's not that I'm fat, but I have put on a few extra Kilos which I HAVE TO Lose!!!And so I have started attending these classes in order to lose those few extra kilos...
My Aerobics instructor is Wonder Woman!!! Why? She doesn't tire, she doesn't rest nor does she let you rest!!! So, after 45 mins of continuously running around, jumping up and down my body aches in places I didn't know it would ache!!!
And I'm quite sure that by the end of 2 months - I would have lost all the extra kilos and some more if she keeps me going like this!!!
Ah... my poor aching legs - it's difficult to sit on a chair regular because of the leg pain,so I'm sitting crossed-leg (Indian Style) on a chair while working!!!
Yes, I look weird!!The first day i was so completely tired out - I went home in my tracks and over sized t-shirt(my husband's!!).. Oh.. I was such a sight!! LOL
So, here's wishing me all the best - not just to lose weight but to walk properly also!!!
I will keep you guys updated on what happens in my next class which I attend tomorrow!!Cheers!!!


Just a grail said...

How did it go?

Pixie said...

Grail - don't ask!!!
It's been pathetic... I have not been able to attend classes regularly :(
We are in the process of finalising our payment on a new Apartment and that's been taking up all our time in the evenings...
Its become once a week affair and I'm really irritated with the whole thing not going on regularly

Kay said...

pixie, I've noticed one thing about exercise - it only hurts when I don't stretch enough 'after' the exercise...

Now I have a huge 15 min routine for just stretching.... and I don't hurt even if I exercise once in a blue moon. The key is to hold in each stretch for at least a good 20 seconds.