Friday, April 25, 2008

E-mail conversation - 1

I am not really sure how this thread of conversation started, but start it did and then both of us thought - what the heck - let me blog it!
All this started with the "good morning" mail that I received, which I forwarded to him.
Here goes,
Vicky: good morning! about people loving others for how they make them feel... it is true?
but after marriage I think who they are also starts mattering.... is it?

Me: Sometimes it matters… but, you have married the person for better or worse – so u need to
keep communication lines pretty much open If that can’t be done – the last resort is to opt out of a marriage – again here, it matters how the other person makes u feel. If, she/he is always putting you down, humiliating you – then again – how you feel comes into the picture…

Vicky: yes, u are right...

Me: yeah, it is important to note that things might be better or worse and u need to stick

Vicky: I guess it is love that keeps us going whatever may come...

Me: It’s also respect – for self and the other person.
Even if you love the person – and the other person doesn’t respect you –

you can’t stay in such a relationship – that’s humiliating

Vicky: yeah.... respect... When I met this gal who said 'my parents would not approve' .
I suddenly lost all respect even though everything else seemed perfect... from there
on it was downhill!!
Just yesterday this friend with whom I was supposed to meet up for dinner said
that her dad would completely go into psychopath mode if he found out it was
a guy she was with and so she had to go home before 9pm. She is 26.

She is not ready to softly talk to her parents about it.
I actually was OK with dropping her off too, safely...
but dropping off is the most dangerous thing with respect to the daddy... even I had to
face the same situation when my mom was here but after gathering a lot of courage
I talked about how i needed to stay in touch with people i liked...

Me: Yea… But, 26 is a bit too old to be staying at home also…
I’ve decided I’m kicking out my kids once they are done with their education –

even sooner if they get into college in far away cities!
They need a life/space of their own… I’m so glad my parents told me to get a job in
Bangalore and move out!!! Same for my sis!
It’s not that they don’t love having us home –

but, they love the fact that both of us are bright independent
women with a mind of our own!

Vicky: LOL!! True…

Me: Possessiveness is good, but it shouldn't’t be destructive...

Vicky: Exactly, real love is also about knowing when to let go...
beyond a point growth is not possible if you do not leave home...
It's the reason no.1 I left home... and Yeah I too will kick my kids out... LOL!

Vicky: Pixie, I realise some of our conversations are memorable but we forget it once we delete
our mail archives, which is why i feel we should blog some of them... we need to read
them many years later and feel good :)

There you go, Vicky! Blogged it - so that we won't forget the early morning gyaan we shared with each other thru e-mail with a cup of hot coffee beside us and deadlines gathering dust!


Anonymous said...

you cannot blog about anything else is it? your blog is all about conversations and you. like you are so important!
get a life and there are so many issues where awreness is abt all that.

claytonia vices said...

Pixie! Congratulations on ur first troll! :)

Swati said...

Nice conversation ..i agree with you pixie.

hey go check the comment on lets count 5 post of mine.

Galadriel said...

dude, i'm still awestruck at your first commenter.

chandni said...

so so cute!

Pixie said...

@Anon: HAHAHAHA....
*walks away*

@Vicky: Thank you! *taking a bow*

@ Galadriel: Me too! Speechless!

@Swati: :-)

@Chandni: :-)