Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten things I wish I could tell people right now

1. I love you and see my life with you - let's take it forward and not stagnate.

2. Your friendship means a lot to me...

3. You are an asshat, I wish I had never laid eyes on you - let alone meet you. You are the lowest scum in this Universe and the next

4. Children are important, but only when you want them and not at the cost of a marriage.

5. We shared an amazing friendship and I regret to see how much that has changed over the years, I wish we had never lost touch. It's not possible to make up for all the yrs gone by

6. You rock! I will miss you when you leave next yr for your MBA

7. You guys are the best set of parents a girl can have. Thank you for your support

8. You suck! I hate you and your voice and your tone and the fact that you think that I can't handle responsibility better

9. Go home. Sitting late only flattens your ass! and does nothing good for your health

10. I am being bad today, but I really wish you would grow up and see that this is for our good.

11. You are an amazing friend and I really hope you meet the guy who loves you for who you are.

*OK, so its 11 things!*


Swati said...

Then Go and say and you will feel better ..okay lets settle at 5 ..say atleast 5 of these, I am with you :D


the mad momma said...

LOL! I love the flattening ass comment!!!

Galadriel said...

dude.. what's an asshat?

rayshma said...

hehe... one way of saying it: direct them to ur blog... ;)

claytonia vices said...

hmm... lots of intersting things to say :)

wisegirl said...

oh... I'll miss u too..:)

Swati said...

Atlast i completed your homework

chandni said...

makes one feel better doesn't it!!!

i loved doing this!

Pixie said...

@Swati: Yep! M anaged almost 5 of those!! :-)

@ MM: LOL!

@galadriel: It's a nice word na? :-)

@rayshma: LOL!! not too sure whether that's a good idea for some!!

@ Vicky: :-)

@Wisegirl: I know Babe... but, that doesn't help does it??

@Chandni: Yep... especially the curse ones!!

Just a grail said...

I love it!!! I am going to have to copy you, I have a feeling that this was very cathartic!

Swati said...


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Pixie said...

@ Grail: Go ahead! I wanna read it!

@Swati: Will take it up gurl.. :-)

@TV Digital: thank you and welcome here :-)