Monday, April 14, 2008

Just like that...

Picked this up from Galadriel:
I AM: A nutcase in more than one way!
I WANT: to lose 5 kilos
I HAVE: to make sure my inbox has NO unread mails at any given point of time
I WISH: for a better job
I HATE: hypocrites and cockroaches
I FEAR: losing my loved ones...
I SEARCH: on Google. (couldn't think of anything else!)
I WONDER: How I will be in another 10 yrs down the line
I REGRET: having quit learning Bharathanatyam
I LOVE: raindrops, ice creams, coffee, curd rice and mango pickle
I ALWAYS: get hurt easily
I AM NOT: ugly, or stupid or dumb or...
I DANCE: well and when I'm happy
I SING: badly and off-key!
I CRY: often! Even rain can make me cry sometimes!
I WRITE: because I love writing!
I WON: plenty of dance competitions in College
I AM CONFUSED: about a lot of things...
I NEED: a cup of good coffee when I'm stressed out.
I SHOULD: probably quit this job, get another
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS: thank you God for the day that was and the
maid will come at 6! Damn!!


claytonia vices said...

"I CRY: often! Even rain can make me cry sometimes!"

'That is most singular' as Dr.Watson would say...

How do we know said...

i like the last one best!

Swati said...

Ohh..even I am scared of my maid ..esp I am scared that she will turn up at 6.30 on saturday , which she does sometimes

Galadriel said...

haha, nice to see we're similar in so many ways. :)
well done!

rayshma said...

ur maid comes at 6!? WOW!!! :D

Pixie said...

@Vicky: Yep.. i know!

@ how do we know: :-)

@Swati: My maid comes at 7 - sharp on weekends... i have now resigned myself to the fate that I can never sleep in late here at home!!

@galadriel: Thanks babe! :-)

@rayshma: alright, u laugh... but, one of these days....
*mumble mumble*

chandni said...

ooh this looks nice....can I take it up?

Pixie said...

Hi Chandni!
Welcome... :-)
Sure! go ahead and take it up!!

Saritha Rajagopal said...

I cud copy paste this entire thing and use it for myself. Wus nice reading about myself through someone else. :)