Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I received not one, but 2 awards from the very sweet IHM and its Christmas! :-)
So, here they are:


I want to pass on these 2 awards to all my readers, all of you -
My sis, Grail, Rayshma, Galadriel, Swati, Vicky, Illusionaire, NM, Cantaloupe's Amma, Mandira, Sachin - you guys have been great... reading almost all my posts and commenting on them too...
the support and love has been great!

I also want to give it to Ritu, IHM (Yea, back to u!), Renu, Pallavi - my new readers and new friends!

All you guys have been so inspirational and I have learnt so many things and you guys have given me the courage to stand up straight for the truth... you have helped me change my views about so many issues and have given me clarity for my thoughts...

Thank you guys... for all the support and love.

Here's the friendship band which I picked up from IHM also, for all you wonderful people out there!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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rayshma said...

thankss!!! :)
hope you enjoy the holidays!!! :)
see you next year! :D

Renu said...

Thannx:) and enjoy the holidays:)

Anonymous said...

Mind if I blogroll you :0)

Pixie said...

thanks everyone!
@Writerzblock: It would be an honour. :)

Sachin said...

Wow, my first ever award and I dont even have a speech prepared!! Sigh.... In any case, I would like to thank my parents, my wife, my friends and of course Pixie who made all this possible! :)

On a more serious note, thanks so much!! This really means a lot! And am hoping your hubby's career path straightens out in the best possible direction. Rock on!

Btw, I carry 2 phones too. :) said...

oh wow! thanks!!!:D

Swati said...

Thank you :)

claytonia vices said...

You are so lazy!! You should hypertext blogger names when u blog them! Don't you want to share traffic?? ;)

Congratulations! :)