Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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I have always been excited about new places, meeting new people and experiencing different things.
But, this time I was vary of the new company I was joining and a bit hesitant to be friendly as well.
Again, I was pleasantly surprised... I've met a few interesting people and what I've learnt so far about my work, seems to be challenging enough.
Right now, I don't have too much to do... just reading up on the project and getting into trainings and knowledge sharing sessions.

We have all been witnessing the terrible things happening in our country for the past 1 week... the terrorist attack, politicians resigning, making statements.
We see the fury, feel the remorse and with some share the pain of the loss of a loved one.
I read a lot of blogs, links which condoned the attack...
Some pointed out rightly - what about the people killed/injured in CST? Why are they not being shown?
(Hop over to Mad Momma where she shares
this link - for better clarity)
I have a friend, whose aunt is the head nurse in one of the hospitals in Mumbai where these injured were treated...
Apparently, the numbers are greater than the ones released by the govt/police...
Also, apparently some of the hospital authorities were so incensed by the attacks and the neglect shown towards the people hurt/killed in the attacks on CST and on the roads, they demanded money from the rich who were injured in Taj and Trident!!

(Now, I don't KNOW how true these stories are... I couldn't find anything to support these statements on the Internet. If you find anything, please do leave a link and if this is incorrect information, please do go ahead and leave a comment)

I have a couple of questions though...

-> Did it take an attack on the rich and powerful for our govt to wake up to terrorism?

-> Why was POTA removed? Its replacement was the United Progressive Alliance. How helpful has this been? The reasons I found for POTA's removal didn't seem to be very convincing. If you have anything else, please do share the information.

-> The families of the top officers who laid down their lives were offered compensation which was turned down...
But, what about the 18 odd constables who died and some 30 or so still fighting for their lives?

-> What about the cooks, waiters who were killed without a second thought, after serving food to the terrorists?
Why hasn't any News Channel/reporter spoken about them?

-> Where were all the celebrities who spoke up AFTER the attack got over until then?
What are they doing to help the "common folk" who were injured/killed?
When the whole issue of Raj Thackery happened, a lot of them were officially quoted saying "This is my city, my Mumbai" etc etc...
What are they doing to help now?

-> My biggest question - where was our PM?

Why were there no re-assurances from him?
My sister commented that, not all great administrators are eloquent speakers, to which I do agree, but, wasn't it even more necessary for the PM to make a slightly more impressive speech, stressing on the importance of justice, peace and harmony during difficult times like this?

Makes you think doesn't it?

I also had a couple of arguments with the new friends about Islam as a religion and Muslims in general...
I mean, you can't blame the religion or the entire community for what has happened right? We have bad eggs and extremism in all the religions.
Fanatics exist everywhere... and more importantly these so-called leaders of these various extremist groups know who has to be brain-washed and where exactly to hit, so that it hurts the most.
This is not just true with the Muslim fundamentalists it's true with the other religions' extreme groups as well...
But, here again, when one says “Muslim fundamentalist”, what it would mean is “a person who strictly adheres to the principles of Islam”.
The same would apply to a Hindu/Christian or anyone else for that matter. But in today’s terms, the term has been twisted out of shape, which is pretty sad!

Don't show animosity towards a person based on their religion...
This is the time for unity and a small effort on our part to be a bit more open-minded.
This is the time for us to vote more cleanly and sensibly...
(However ideal it may sound and slightly impossible in many ways!)
It's the time for togetherness and to send out a message that we won't bow to Terrorism either from the terrorists or from our "Esteemed" politicians!!

Sending out a prayer for all those injured/killed in all those attacks we as a country have faced in the recent past...

PS: These are my views along with some of the stories found on the Internet... Again, I stress the fact that if your views are different, go ahead and voice them, but be polite and open the door for arguments and not fights.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I like your writings.

Galadriel said...

it is true that the official figures are always less than the actual numbers. this has always been true, of any administration in any country. the idea is to limit the panic which, in theory makes sense.

the issue of the dead leaders and the kerala CM has been blown out of proportion and while it is indeed shameful that something like this happened, we should focus on the problem at hand and not on what one inconsequential politician said, but then the media has never had its priorities right, has it?

it took one attack on mumbai, the high profile financial capital to be classified as an earth shattering terror strike. what about the north east? terrorism happens there every day. who talks about it? which news channel gives it this much coverage?

it is pointless blaming the system for everything, pixie. the point is, change is necessary, critical even. and unless we change ourselves, we cannot expect anything to change for us. you and i followed the attacks and when it was over we went back to our own daily routine. we need to focus on what we, as individuals can DO to make things better for ourselves, for our country and for our children.

rayshma said...

it's time we learned to stand up and DO what needs to be done.
and till we learn that, we don't have the right to complain.
i, for one, am not making any statements till i know and begin doing what i can. because it really is pointless.

Renu said...

very rightly said. All the celebrities and politicians kept quite or some gave ridiculous statements. There was no raj Thackerey now to call marathi manus when the NSG from delhi was called.
I would request Amar singh that whenevr there is an impasse like this, he must go inside first and confirm whether there are terrorists or minority being victimised, then only police must take action and then raj thackerey must be asked to provide marathi manus to fight.

Lively said...

Hi pixie,
Hopping over here after a long time, and found another post on the blast. I couldn't agree more with you on treating people as equals and not judge them based on religion. It is sad that it took this attack on rich and famous for concerned people to take note of spreading terror. Still the measures being taken to curb the invasion are not clear. I'm afraid if the country is going to be teared apart, if this goes on.

claytonia vices said...

We get what we deserve. We out of action or inaction got the wrong ppl into power. We have to see what EACH OF US can do.

I still remember the message shown on TV after 9/11, 'It is hatred that is the enemy, if you are feeling it, then it's winning...'

Renu said...

u have been tagged:)

Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch!