Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The other side of the fence

It's official people!
The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence!
I always used to wonder, you know, before, when I looked over to the other side - where you see people lying around in the shades of huge trees, on lush grass or having picnics or simply sitting about smoking expensive cigars!
Now, that I have jumped over the fence to the other side, it really IS Good!!
Wondering what I'm talking about right? Right, I'm talking about my promotion... which puts me in the league of the so-called leads and managers!
I have 3 guys in my team, who think that by impressing me, they will get good appraisals! LOL!!!
I attended a training last week, and there too I was amongst the elite!

I mean, there were people with 8-10 yrs of experience and they carried 2 mobile phones! (I think carrying 2 mobiles is impressive!)
I thought I was very ill-prepared for the training because I didn't even "Google" what the course was about before attending.
BUT, I actually knew stuff!I had the experience to talk about the terms used!
I gave useful information and had pretty good examples, info to share with the class!
I totally ROCKED!!!
AND.. AND ... (Hold on to your breath!) The guy who took the training was mighty impressed!! He said that we should get together and talk about some of the ideas I had and see if anything concrete comes out of it which might help the organization!!How cool is that?!! (I still love my new job! TOUCHWOOD!) (We have a meeting set up for that in January!)
On another note, I walk about 1.3 kms everyday to board my bus and I leave home really early - 6:45 AM.. the bus is at 7 and I need around 13 minutes to walk the distance.

I have really grown to love these morning walks.
The time's ideal, its good exercise and I get to see the world waking up to another chaotic day in Bangalore!
I have no complaints about the walk or the journey to my new work place... I like my work now even more than before and I like my team...
(I want to do another post about stereotypes and about this girl in my team who has come to Bangalore from Mumbai for the very first time)

On another note, my husband's team is being ramped down almost 60% because of the recession and his clients don't want to risk their profit margins...
So, its been a wait and watch to see if he will be moved out or not.
He does have a couple of projects lined up with different clients in case he needs to move out and I'm glad that he has very good friends and managers who have helped him out.(TOUCHWOOD)

His manager doesn't want to lose him in his current project and is trying to see what best he can do...
At times like these, its good to see such people, especially managers who are worried about their team...
So, praying that things work out for him, either in his current project or elsewhere as well.



~nm said...

Your happiness and euphoria is showing through your post :)

May you have many more of such happy moments and things at your hubby's office also get sorted out soon!!

Pixie said...

@NM: I am in a happy place right now... and Thank you for your wishes... :-)

wisegirl said...

touchwood girl! hope thigs go very well for both of you... i don't know a nicer couple who deserve it

Renu said...

Wish u many many more happy moments like this ! And the same wishes to ur hubby also that may he gets all things sorted out in his favour!

Pixie said...

@wisegirl: Aww.. babe! You sure know how to make my day, don't you!

@Renu: Thank you for your wishes too... :-)

claytonia vices said...

That's greaaaaaaat! :)

Swati said...

WOW seem to be too excited and tooooooooo happy ..congrats on promotion ...touch wood and best of luck to your hubby!

writerzblock said...

LOL ! I loved the first line :-) And congrats... the spring in your step is clearly visible in your post!! Keep rocking!!

Ritu said...

LOL This is so refreshing. I've been there and can identify. I actually danced on the street singing "Saala main to sahib ban gaya"

Nazar na lag jaye, kaala teeka

rayshma said...

stay happy, gurl! always! :)
and genuine question... why is carrying two mobiles impressive? :D

Just a grail said...

I am so happy for you, you deserve it!

Galadriel said...

sounds like you're in an awesome place!! all the very best babe.. will do the award and the tag.. i remember. :D

GettingThereNow said...