Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Again, the extremely sweet Pallu has given me 2 more awards!!
She says that she loves my blog! :) :)
I am of course more than thrilled to accept them!
As most of you know, me back on track!
With my sister adjusting well in Williamsburg, I am also happy and kind of relived as well.
She is homesick of course but is getting over it and talking to her everyday thru emails helps. But the frustrating part is every call of hers is charged and I don't have access to gtalk from work.
So, I get to talk to her on weekends only till she gets her land line connection.
I have already done the 2 tags that came along with the awards long back and being extremely lazy, I haven't dug them up here now! :D
(Actually trying to beat Swaram's post length, loads of rambling done below!! :D :D :D)
So, this post has all the nonsense it needs to have in order to make sure length-wise its alright!!
You know, I'm sitting late in office today because a team mate of mine doesn't have good communication skills and we need to talk to the client lady who is of Russian origin. So I need to talk instead of him. I have no idea when he is going to improve though! Each time it's mentioned, they say he is improving and eventually he should be able to communicate!
I wonder when that "eventually" will actually happen!!
Go figure.
Trying to understand her accent is where the difficulty lies!!
Also, last week on my way home, I saw this beggar woman asking for money and she had a baby in her arms. She was holding up the baby, showing its private parts and begging for money!
Disgusting. I know.
The worst part was, the baby was in so much pain that it's cries had no voice!! Tears were rolling down its cheeks and it was in so much pain, no voice was coming out!!
Our bus driver, quite disgusted scolded her on hurting the baby.
Her reply was - "What's it to you?! Is it your baby? no right? If you want to give money, give. Else shut up!!"
She even tried to grab water bottles from a couple of kids in a car till the mother screamed and raised the glass!!
Oh, it was heart wrenching to see the baby in so much pain and knowing that the lady was causing it... She actually pinched the baby again, at the same place to make it cry once the signal was given!!
Even though you feel like helping, how to help such people?
For all you know, the baby might not be hers at all and she might just pocket that money or hand it over to who ever she is supposed to!
Ok, getting back to the awards and to pass them on. :)
I want to thank Pallu again for the awards!!
*dancing in chandler style with the head gear in place*
I pass it on to -
Wisegirl (of course! Missing you!!)
Don Solilo
Ray Ray
Who else? Did I miss anyone? I don't think so..
You guys are all so special and so precious and so awesomely talented when it comes to writing!! :) :)
Edited to add: Missed out a couple more names - Smitha and Varunavi!


Meira said...

How come Swaram isn't here?
So I came first? wowee
Gurgaon's full of beggars. It's so sad:(

Swaram said...

Ayyo me 2nd :(

Swaram said...

ROFL @ trying to beat Swaram's post length :P

Juz u wait for my next post ;)

Am planning to beat Indy too :P

Swaram said...

Ayyoooooo me got 2 more awards!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tee hee .. some graha dasha is very gud for me me thinks :P

Thank u so much Pixie :)

Ask that fella to learn to communicate properly soon! R u sure he can't or he doesn't want to stay bk n take it on himself ;) ;)
***Evil Swaram***

That baby thing is very very sad :(

Swaram said...

Yippee! 4 comments only mine :)

Pixie said...

Yay Meira!! you beat swaram to it!! :D :D

Sawarm: Second this time... :D
hogli bidu.. next post you come first!

Meira said...


Monika said...

aaiyo how did i miss it



Monika said...

awww so sweet congrats for the awards and thanks for passing them to me...

me also doing chandler style dancing now clubbed with proper panju bhangra

aahun aahun aahun aahun... chak pe phatee :)

and this beggar thing is so sad... i hate this some of them have their kids permanently sleeping, someone told me they drug them... its so sad to even think about... mothers doing this to their children.... shudders

rayshma said...

aww... thanks, pix! :)
good to see you back!

Swaram said...

Congrats Pixie :)

Pixie said...

Monu!! :)
you deserve it and your blog is a lovely place! Just like u!!

Ray: you deserve it girl! :P

Swaram: iga congrats??!!:P ;)

Titaxy said...

welcome back, pix...and congrats

Pixie said...

Thanks Titaxy!! :)
Welcome here!! :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The writing about the beggar lady was gut wrenching .... it makes me sad for the baby and mad at the lady :(

kanagu said...

Congrats on the awards Pixie... :) and congrats for all who recieving it :)
LOL @ beating the post length of swaram :)
and for the experience of that baby... one thing is sure... she has no humanity but what could have done to her and what situation she was in, would forced her to show such ruthlessness, atlast every human on this wants to survive at any cost :(

kanagu said...

Read it as every human on this world...

vimmuuu said...

Disgusting lady !!! Im sure its not her kid !! A mother wouldnt do that to her child however helpless and cruel she is !!

Congrats on the awards and glad to know that you are back !

Anonymous said...

Congrats, sweet Pixu :-) You totally deserve these awards and more.

Awful reading about the beggar woman. I second Vimmu on that...sure the kid is not even hers. I've seen women sharing a single baby amongst each other just so that they can rake in some moolah. Really disgusting. Why dont they take up some employment or even manual labour? Anything with dignity, right?!!

Ordinary Guy said...

horrible lady.......... yeah she cannot do that to her kid.......

congrats on the award anf many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! honored!!!!!

Solilo said...

Congratulations Pixer! and thanks for passing them onto me. Will add them to my awards section. Muah.

The write up on the lady was :(

Lively said...

Owww weee.. missed this post last evening. Gotcha today! :)
Thankie for the award babes.
And Swaram, you atleast second, see my name in the list :((
Good to know your sis is fine and getting settled there. My all the best to her.
Oh you can't ask to help only to those beggar babies, chucking the women carrying them. It's really heart wrenching. I don't watch them at all. But I really don't want to encourage them by giving money. So I don't. Sometimes there is only so much you can do to help.

Swaram said...

@Lively: I meant I am the second to comment girl :P Nt in the list of awardees ;)

Pixie said...

@ Cantaloupes.Amma: Welcome back! So nice to see you back from your trip!! :) :)
@kanagu : Thanks Kanagu.
The baby experience was quite sad really and disgusting.
I mean, how cruel can anyone get?

@Vimmu: I know! but, I can't imagine another human being inflicting so much pain on a baby!

@Pallu: I know! It's so much more dignified.. but, they have these associations and I guess it's
a vicious cycle that they can't get out of...

@EOG: Welcome!! The pleasure is all mine!! :) :)

@Solilo: Muahs right back to you as well! :) :)

@Lively: ayyo - the list is in random order... as I remembered the names, I haev put them.
Swaram was talking about the commenting position!
Don't worry, whether your name is first, last or in the middle, your blog is equally precious and
I love reading what you write! :)

Pixie said...

Another episode that same day was with an auto driver!
but the experiences I have had with Bangalore auto drivers deserves a post by itself!!

Masood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Masood said...

woooo hoooo!!!!! Me got awards..me got awards!!!!

*gyrating like a idiotic football fan*

Me not doing the Chandler dance. Even worse!!! Me doing the Nasik Dhol dance!!!!!!

Varunavi said...

Congrats pixie.You saved yourself by editing the post and giving me the award ha ha ha.....

Pixie sometimes these beggers kidnap kids and do begging showing them,so disgusting no.Police also keep quite seeing them or they shoo them from there and these beggers go to another place to beg

Masood said...

err...in all the excitement..forgot to thank Pixie... ;)

so...Thanks! :)

back to nasik dhol dance...!!!

Pixie said...

@Varunavi: LOL!!
I knew I was missing a couple of names!! :D :D
Whew! Thankfully saved myself from your wrath!! :D

@ Masood: *joining in on the dance!!*
Woohoo!! :D :D

My pleasure! :)

Indyeah said...

Glad to know that you are back on track Pixie:)

Pal is a sweetheart isnt she?:)))

I love your blog too:)
I remember (seems ages since then) when we first told each other'' hey! I blogrolled you..hey I did to!'':D:D:D


Thank you for the awards Sweetheart:)
made my day and made me grin like a loony:D:D


about the woman and the bay at traffic signals?:((
what can one say?
I dont know what to do either... I mean one can see it happening infront of one's eyes and cant do a thing..
such helplessness!:((

ani_aset said...

hey congrats for the award..:)

Crafty Shines said...

alle wah pixu!!!
awards!!!! :D :D :D

me reached late! fashionably late! tee hee

u so totally deserve those awards!!
i do love ur blog so much! coz it's a warm place!!! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

hugs n muahs! thankoooo!!!!

love u loads!

Smitha said...

Pixie, Great to see that you are back :) and wonderful to hear that Wise Girl is settling in fine :) Am sure you must be relieved:)

Congrats on your awards and as Varunavi said - good thing you edited our names in :) Thanks for that :)

About the beggar lady.. I don't know.. breaks my heart to see such things.. I have seen 5-6 yr olds hauling a tiny baby around too.. I just wish.. there was something I could do to help..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awards Pixie :)

I have seen babies looking doped while young women beg in their name, I never give anything, because I feel we encourage such cruelty by kind of paying them for torturing these babies. But I do feed, (no money ever to any child) I don't even give them food, I make them eat it infront of me, so it cannot be snatched away by their bosses or by women like this one.

This was unbelievably cruel.

AD said...

First time here Pixie. Sad but true fact about beggars. I do not understand if they are really cruel or just the struggle to fulfill their basic needs has made them so.

Renu said...

Thank you Pixie !!!!I am very happy specially because you remembered me inspite of me being silent for one month:)....that has a very good sound to me.

About the beggar..the ideal thing is never give anything to the kids or people begging with the help of kids..once they stop getting it, they will stop torturing the kids..of course its difficult to do so, but in the long term thinking one has to take some bitter pills also.

Pixie said...

Indy! Where have you been all these days?!

Oh yes! Pal is a sweetheart! :) can not argue on that!!
Teehee.. I remembered it too now! so glad that I blog hopped to your place!
you totally deserve teh awards! :)

@Ani_aset: Welcome! And thank you! :) :)

@Crafty: you are very late!! :P
Hope work is a bit better nowadays?
Aww... Me thinks your blog is a warm place too!! :) :)
Thanks dear!
You totally deserve the awards!

@Smitha: LOL!! I know! I saved myself just before you and Varunavi visited!! :P
Yea, she is adjusting well (Touchwood)
I nkow.. it's so bad really and in Bangalore it's getting worse!

@IHM: You deserve them dear! :)
It is cruel isn't it? Sigh.. and not too sure what can be done to actually help them

@AD: WElcome!! :) :)
I know what you mean, its difficult to be sure...

@Renu: hehe!! You totally deserve the awards! I love your blog! :)
Donno Renu how much it's going to help...
I hope it does though and they start to work to live with dignity.

Swati said...

congrats pix!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awards... it also reminds me i have to display all and have to pass them on... but linking business is really tiresome !!

Anonymous said...

That baby story was so sad... Almost... never mind.

Thanku for the awards :)

Deeps said...

congratulations on the awards,Pixie :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I gave you the same awards and another one... Do go check it out! :)

Pixie said...

@Hitchu: Yay! you are finally here! uff!!
Waited and waited for u!! :):)

@Rakesh: My pleasure! yea.. it's sad!

@Swati and Deeps: Thanks! Thanks! :)
How's you doing Swati? Everything ok at your end?

@niveditha: really?!! wow!! And yay!!
thank you so much my dear! :)
coming right over now...