Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blog Break

On a break for a couple of days.
Missing my sister. Need to get used to her not being physically around.
yes, I am happy for her. And generally happy with myself and life.
Just missing her and nothing interesting is happening.
Haven't been able to write comments as well...
Read all your posts - even the extra-long one from Swaram! :)
So, will go back to lurking for a few days... will be back soon. Promise.

Take care and be good.



Anonymous said...

In my case, its always been me who has left home and my sis has stayed back with the parents. I can tell u it certainly is difficult for everyone, but I ended up having a GREAT time and so did everyone else ;-)
So get back soon, girl.

Masood said...

Hey, be back soon. We are all waiting for ya :)

Swaram said...

What an identity hv I gained !!!

Pixie is it that the wise girl is nt arnd or that this dumb girl wrote up that way too long post that hs turned u off ;) ;)

Varunavi said...

Come back soon :)

Titaxy said...

ok..take care and come back soon :-)...hugs!

Monika said...

come back sooooon my dear u are missed

kanagu said...

Take care and be back here soon :)

Smitha said...

Take care, Pixie. And get back soon :) We'll be waiting for you.

Indyeah said...

arre Pixie! :(
I am back and you are going?:(
pleas be back soon

I can understand the need for a break:)
but come back soon k?:))

vimmuuu said...

You miss your sis and we'll all miss you ! Come back soon !

Swati said...

will miss u :(

Solilo said...

Pixer, Miss you already. I know you need your break too. So go on rejuvenate and come back with a bang.

We will miss the angelic Pixie with her Pixie dust spreading cheers.

Crafty Shines said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{super tight hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

love u loads pixu! hope to see u soon....

u miss u lil sis!

if there's anything ur crafty sis can do or if u wish to talk, just msg / ping / mail me okie???

take care my darlingest waiting


Anonymous said...

I thought you'll be glad you get her room, her stuff, everything :P

Lively said...

You sound low Pixie. Don't be. I know how it feels, but at the end of the day it's all good. I'm mighty moved by the love you have for your sister. She'll be good, you know that and you should be happy so that she won't worry thinking about what you will be thinking about her. Oh that was a confusing line.
What I wanted to say is, take a break if you want to. A short tiny weeny one. But come back soon ok... no? We'll all sit for strike in front of your house.. heh :P
Ok, that was a comment meant to put you in mood :)
Write soon dear.

illusionaire said...

Looking forward to your return. The warmth is gone from the blogosphere sans you. Take care Pix.

Pixie said...

Uff!! Thanks you guys!!

I feel so much better now.

*shaking away all that morose*

My sis is settling down well. She is very excited and is happy there (TOUCHWOOD)
as soon as she got herself a phone connection, she was alright and i was alright! ROFL!!

Major hugs to all of you! Muah!

Lively said...

And still no post?!!!

mindspace said...

LOL @ "as soon as she got herself a phone connection, she was alright and i was alright! ROFL!!"

it goes well with "i can go on n on n on n hence the blog" :P

are you not back yet?

Swaram said...


Swaram said...