Saturday, August 29, 2009



I need serious technical help!!

I shifted to Wordpress - yay! BUT, I AM SO UNABLE TO MIGRATE MY POSTS THERE or set up the pages... the widgets are not showing up *WAIL*

and also, have you see how bad the layout is??


I will miss blogger.
Blogger gave me my friends... I will miss it.
but, its time to move on, if not for myself, for my blog posts and my friends.
All of you, ok, most of you have asked me to shift! ;)

But, I need help!

Please help...

thank you!

oh. new domain -


mindspace said...

Hey! me moved too..

This might be of help-
Login into Wordpress. Go to Import. Click on Blogger – “Import posts and comments from a Blogger account”. Fill in your blogger username and password.
It will list all your blogger blogs as you see on the Blogger dashboard. Click on the blog you want to move to Wordpress. And the Import will start automatically. Time taken will depend on how large your blog is. It took me a 2-3 minutes for a 1000 posts.
Remember, do not stop, reload or restart while the process is going on. It seems at times that the importing process is stuck, but it is continuing in the background. After all is done, it will tell you it is done and you can ‘Move on”…
If for some reason things get stuck, you can “reset the importer”.
View your new Wordpress blog manage and see all your posts and comments are imported.

i did google search for most of the queries and there were ample of help.. &, I liked your new theme:)

Solilo said...

Pixer, If you need any help ping/mail me. Others can help too.

WP is really user-friendly. It will just take a bit to adjust.

Welcome to this side. :)