Monday, August 24, 2009

Ganesha Habba Celebrations!

Sunday was Ganesh Chaturthi. This has been one of my favorite festivals since I can remember!This and Sankranthi. :)
This year though the Pooja, food were as usual good, all of us missed my sister.
I guess this will be true for all festivals from now on...
She will be missed and she will be teased mercilessly as well!! :D :D
Here are a few pics from yesterday's celebrations.
Please do not copy, save these images. They are personal property. Do not duplicate the images.
Goddess Gowri and Lord Ganesha -

Our Pooja room at home in Mysore -

Lunch! :) -

Also, I know I haven't responded to a LOT of comments for my previous 2 posts, I will do that by tomorrow. I haven't gotten around because of work load and its becoming increasing difficult to log in with managers walking by and discussing lots of irrelevant things!
Please don't mind my dears and please do keep commenting because I have read each comment, but replying suddenly becomes difficult! :)
Also, took one major decision at work today. Not sure how right or wrong I am about it. But, am happy with it. Not too sure what the consequences are going to be either.
Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Me no like religious rituals as such... but i love the food served in them... thats why i dont complain !!!!!!

Pixie said...

yea, the food is always the best part! :)
be it a Pooja or a marriage!

kanagu said...

Hi Pixie,
the photos are superb... and food its yummy...
me too loved to celebrate ganesh chathurthi as you would have known :) and for the decision, analyze the consequences, I will say... because things are improved now but not drastically ...
have a great week :)

Pixie said...

Thanks Kanagu!

Me not leaving job!! :)
Just that the carrot they were dangling in front of me, I made sure it was kept aside!! ;)

Monika said...

he he the best part abt ganesha is the food isnt it?

I started celebrating ganesha only after wedding and so far I am loving it :D

and that food looks droolworthy

I have to do my ganesha update too

I will do it on thru I guess after Ganesha leaves home

Pixie said...

yay! Monu is here!!

*Balle Balle*
*Dankanaka Dankanaka*

Yea... I love this Festival! :)
And not just for the food! ;)

Anonymous said...

nice pics Pixie :)
the food looks good

Pixie said...

Thanks Mystery! :)
It was yummy!! :D :D

Renu said...

Happy Ganehs chaturthy ! and all the best for your new decision !!

I couldnt reply to ur comment on my post as I have removed that post and couldnt find ur email on ur page:)

Pixie said...

Renu, why did you remove the post?
It was quite thought provoking and of course such topics always bring up debates :)

Hopefully I will be able to email you either today or latest by tomorrow, because I am working late (again!) today.

Varunavi said...

Liked the snap of godess gowri.Nice pic.I did this festival by myself for the first time without my mom or m-law after my wedding.Kids liked it a lot.

Nice platter :)

vimmuuu said...

The food is always good ONLY during such rituals !! why is that so ??? :D :D :D

ani_aset said...

can i use the lunch snap to show to my cook to tell him what i want to eat this sunday :P

Happy ganesh chaturthi pixie :D
the food looks yummy that malpua btw :P??

Rashmi said...

food looks yummy....and this mummy is feeling too lazy to could u plz send all those items in pic for my tummy :-)

happy ganesh chaturthi

Pixie said...

@Varunavi: wow! :)
Taht's nice.. I hope to do the same next year.. and really hope my parents come over instead :)

@ Vimmu: Welcome back after your engagement!! :)
Yea, it's the food that matters always!! ;)

@Ani: thanks! :)
Err.. what's malpua? :D

@Rash: Welcome back! Nice to see your comment. :)
For sure, will send you the food! ;)

ani_aset said...

on demand enjoy :D

Pixie said...

Ah!! ok ok! :D

*Pixie grins at Ani*
No.. it's not Malpua...
One is sweet and the other is spicy.. :D

ani_aset said...

*sniff sniff*

Swaram said...

Hum aa gaye ;) U can't escape from me for long Pixu :P

Swaram said...

Superb pics :)

Su ge ambode bekanthe ; Navu ee sathi bajji; no ambode ;)

Adhikke neenu kalhasbekanthe :P

Crafty Shines said...

HUGS pixu!!!!!!!!

food looks yummy!!!! i saw them in morn itself, when u emailed! :D :D :D

so much work!!!! wowie!

on ur major decision at work sweet pixu! it will turn out to be good!!!

pixu! we can solve the comment replying problem!

shift to wordpress....
when u can't make it, me will reply on ur behalf :P :P


Titaxy said...

happy ganehsh chaturti, pix...nice pics

Meira said...

I second Hitchwriter. I love the food long as I don't have to cook it :P
PS: your spread looks good

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I was also planning to post my favorite Ganpati pictures... :)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you Pixie :)
Like Hitchwriter my interest in all festivals is the sweets and the treats... also the decor :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi, Pixie dear :-)

Ordinary Guy said...

I loved the last photos with the food in it :P :P hehehehehehe

I an never much of a religious person and I abcond when the puja is going on ... but reach in time for the foood :P

Deeps said...

lovely snaps,Pix!Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you.
the thali looks yummilicious!

"Also, took one major decision at work today. Not sure how right or wrong I am about it.But, am happy with it. "..loved the way you said it.thats whats important isnt it,that you be happy and satisfied with the decisions you make?

Pixie said...

Swaram, today you are very late!! :P
Tell Su that I have sent him the courier!! ;)

Crafty: Yay! Finally! welcome!! :)
I think it will do me good! :)
I will shift to WP soon... blogger isn't very helpful...

Titaxy: Wish you the same dear! :)

@Meira: LOLZ!! yes, we know how much you would "love" cooking the entire spread! ;) ;)

@IHM: Thank you my dear and wish you the same! :)
I love the food and the decorations done for Ganessha Festival!

@Pallu: thanks dear! Wihs u the same :)

@EOG: LOLZ!! It's the same with most people! We all manage to reach by the time lunch is served! ;)

@Deeps: thanks Deeps! :)
wish you the same!
Yea, the decision did make me happy! :) :)

Renu said...

I had to remove that:)

Smitha said...

Pixie! Me very late here - so sorry!

Lovely pics! and that food is making me drool!!!

I am not religious at all - but love the food that comes with all festivals :) Please pass on some here!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!