Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Borrowed Tag...

I was reading Sachin's blog and found this really interesting Tag in his Archives and saw that he mentions at the very end - "All others who happen to read this are welcome to take this up."
I really enjoyed reading what he had written and knew I would enjoy writing it, so here it is:

I am thinking about: How on earth will I finish the work I have today and yet manage to leave early and
take leave tomorrow!

I want to: Take a vacation to Goa with my husband.

I wish: For more quality time with Hubby.

I hear: OK. And right now, I hear the "khat khat" noise of keyboards as people actually go about with their work!

I wonder: Why some of my friends took me for granted, used me and ditched me and said it was my fault.

I regret: Nothing! Except maybe, stopping my Dance classes - Bharathanatyam.

I am: Emotional, Weird, Nutty, hardworking, Honest...

I dance: Well, gracefully (I learnt classical Bharatanatyam for 15 yrs)

I sing: Very very very.. BADLY!!!

I cry: A lot!!! A good post, movie, book, hurt feelings - mine or anyone close to me - brings tears in my eyes...

I make with my hands: I'm not really Artistic, but I am a good cook!

I write: For myself... to put across my thoughts and feelings...

I confuse: Friendship most of the times!!
(I've been a champion at making bad friends over the years!!!)

I need: A lot of private space and time of my own, my husband.

And finally: I want to do a lot of things, achieve a lot, see the world with my husband, share a lot more precious, sad, happy moments with him...

I actually did enjoy doing this and pass on the tag to anyone who wants to do it too!!
But, specifically I tag


claytonia vices said...

Suddenly, I am very very busy! ;-)

Just a grail said...

Very interesting little peek into the mind of Pixie!!

Pixie said...

Grail: :) :) :)!
Vicky: no excuses... waitng for ur list to be put up