Friday, May 25, 2007

A Mother is...

I received this thru e-mail from a very good friend of mine and I really liked it and it said a lot about Mothers, so I've posted it!!!
A Mother is...The DENTIST who uses a string.

The SUNSHINE on a cloudy day.

The STORY TELLER when you can't get to sleep.

The HAIR STYLIST on the night of the prom.

The DOCTOR who cures poison ivy.

The TEACHER who teaches about life.

The SEAMSTRESS who patches torn jeans.

The COMEDIAN who makes you laugh when you're down.

The CHEERLEADER at all sports activities.

The NURSE who bandages a scraped knee.

The ARTIST who teaches finger painting.

The LAUNDRY LADY who keeps you dressed so nice.

The BAKER who makes chocolate chip cookies.

The TUTOR who helps with homework.

The COUNSELOR who gives guidance.

The CLEANING LADY who finds the bedroom floor.

The TOOTH FAIRY who rewards you for your pain.

The HEALER of your first broken heart.

The CHAUFFEUR for all social events.

The DISHWASHER who never complains.

The SELF-ESTEEM BUILDER for everyone.

The COOK who keeps the meals balanced.

The DREAM CATCHER who helps find dreams.

The KLEENEX that dries the tears.

The KEY that unlocks the door to the future.

The JUDGE who makes decisions with wisdom.

The PARTY PLANNER who makes you popular.

The SINGER who taught childhood songs.

The LIGHT that guides through dark moments.

The EGO BUILDER, picking you up when you're down.

The DRUGGIST who knows the cure for your pain.

The PRAYING HANDS that guide spiritually.

The GUARDIAN ANGEL who keeps you safe.

The FRIEND who puts real meaning into "I Love You"!


claytonia vices said...

nice fwd!

Just a grail said...

Very nice!

Just a grail said...

OH BTW, I have tagged you! :-)

illusionaire said...

Nice... you know these are the only times I ever read forwards... I never read the ones I get on mail, but if somebody actually posted them on their blog, it means the forward must be really good and worth reading.

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Pixie said...

Everyone: I thought so too :)
Mysorean: Keep visiting!
Grail: I will get to it soon... today is Monday and motivation to do anything is what i seem to lacking!!!