Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oops! I did it again!!

Heh! Before your imagination runs away with you, hold on to your horses!

It's just that I have sent Swaram 2 sms which were meant for my husband!! :D
Again, hold on! Don't run away!!!

The first was something to do with a crow eating a rat!! That too early in the morning!! heh!
Second, again was today!
I sent the sms in which I was asking K about tonight's dinner.
Heh! Swaram replied she had no issues, but she wants it thru courier!! LOL!!

This is because, lately in my sms list of recently used numbers, her number is first. So without thinking or checking properly have sent her the sms!!
Will be a tad bit more careful in the future!!
This was just dinner and other regular stuff!! ;) ;)

One thing that irritated me to no end today at the vegetable market, a pregnant lady, she was almost 8 months pregnant was buying stuff and there was a long queue at the billing counter.
No one gave her way to get her stuff billed, you know?
All men, insensitive louts!
I gave her my place and when she was about to get her stuff billed, an elderly man tried to sneak in his purchases!
I asked him outright whether he has any shame or not!!
He had the audacity to say that its only 1 item!
I gave him back properly, asking him whether he has any shame, seeing a pregnant lady at the billing counter, no one gave her any place!
He came back and stood in line quietly after that!!!

How insensitive can people be?!! She was already a bit tired, you know, carrying the load, but that's her personal choice to come out for shopping. The least we can do is show some sensitivity. Right?

She was so pretty, that lady. :)


Swaram said...


Monika said...

swaram sigh!! u first again

Pixie said...



no cheating here!! ;)

Monu, just missed! Never mind!!

Pixie said...

by the way, did either of you actually read the post or no??!!

Swaram said...

ROFL :))

Gud that it ws only abt carrots n crow :P

What if err forget it ;)

Swaram said...

N abt such insensitive ppl, just can't correct them I think :(
Hd similar experiences many times :(
All we cn do it never stoop down to their levels :(

Monika said...

lol I am waiting for the day when some interesting message will be sent like this and if its to me then I am sure gonna have fun ;-)

Some people are morons pixie just last week I saw a preg lady in a rest room standing the queue and no one saying anything inspite of all being ladies, I gave her my position and people looked at me as if I am foolish

Smita said...

lol on the sms thing, I used to do that a lot now am more careful :D

As far as pregnant lady and lack of etiquettes is concerned have seen that a lot in local trains in Mumbai. Ladies who should be more sensitive turn a blind eye and hesitate giving their seats to preggy ladies. Heights of inhumanity I say!!!

Smita said...

Good u gave uncle back!! sometimes ppl need to be put in their place!!!

Titaxy said...

arrggghhh, how could he...

kanagu said...

Ha ha ha... so you didnt courier the dinner... too bad :P :P...
And for preg ladies, its happening everywhere... even for elder people nobody gives a seat.. I have seen this lot of times in bus... they occupy the seats reserved for them also... sigh :(
what baffling me is until now I never seen a women making way or giving a seat for a women carrying a kid in her hand...

mindspace said...

once a colleague of mine mistakenly sent an sms to the boss that was actually meant for another colleague, and that too about what excuse they gonna make for not turning up one day to make it extended wkend.... imagine how she would have covered that up :D

there is something about pregnancy that makes me go aaawww!! too..

but ppl at times are just too insensitive.. chi chi!

rayshma said...

hahaa.. be careful what you text ;)

and erm... i know this sounds politically incorrect... and i could get a lot of spite for this... but i don't agree that someone should cut the line because they're pregnant.
i would definitely give them my seat if i'm traveling in a bus or any public transport or even at the loo line.
but comfortable, non-urgent places like hair salons etc, i wouldn't give up my appointment so the pregnant lady can get done sooner. using that as an example, coz one pregnant woman had turned up an hour late for her haircut appointment... and then expected me to give up mine so she wouldn't have to wait her turn.

wisegirl said...

williamsburg rocks!!! even young boys are taught to hold doors and stuff... everybody is super polite

Solilo said...

Ha..ha..ha.. is there something you and Swaram not telling us, Pixer? What's going on?

Thank god the question was only about food and not about ahem ahem...:))))))))))

And for the pregnant lady one, why is a 8 months pregnant lady still in the line? We say that in India we have everyone to help us during delivery and still we see such sights.

Standing in a long line with a 8 month pregnant belly is tough. I am sure when she reached home her back ached like hell.

Passionate Goof said...

LOL on the sms faux pass. About the pregnant lady, I have just seen this nonsense a million times and over, very frustrating. Good you told off that man.

Meira said...

COme on...you helped her coz she was pretty :P
Jokes apart, I see this so often. worse is parents who give their purchases to their children and ask them to break the queue and go stand in the front. What values are we passing on to the kids? I always hunt down the parents and shout at them :D

Varunavi said...

This was just dinner and other regular stuff!!----- What else,share with us no ur sms to ur hubby ;)

Even in the bus the seats alloted for old people and ladies are occupied by much healthy men who doesn't bothered to get up and even conductor wont say them to get up,sick people

Masood said...

Why on earth would you care about some crow eating a rat ????

Swati said...

LOL..pixie ..i second with monika .. waiting for my lucky day..err..message ;-)

Anonymous said...

bah... wish the sms would have been more interesting than just dinner etc..


Swaram would have had some fun then... !!

btw did i tell you the best way to get a divroce ??

Just type an sms


and send it out of the blue to your spouse... !!!!!!

end of story !!!!!!!

hee haww !!!!

lol... !!!

Pixie said...

Monu, I'm being extra careful now!! ;)
Oh yea..the restroom queue is another place where you will find plenty of insensitve ladies!
I can't believe that another lady can behave so badly!!

@ Smitha: I agree. The insenstivity is increasing daybyday!
Welcome here! :)

@ Titaxy: exactly! Thats exactly how I felt!!

@Kanagu: LOL!! :P
It baffles me too Kanagu.. how another lady can behave so insenstively!

@Mindspace: LOL!!That must have caused a lot of commotion!! :P

@ Ray: I know what you are saying.. she didn't cut the line, the old man tried to!!
I just gave her my place since she really looked tired.
I know what you mean about the other stuff. Totally agree on that.
But, this was just a case of insenstivity... He shouldn't have barged in like that!!

@ Wisegirl: LOL!! I'm sure it does. Did you notice that I HAVEN'T tagged you on Purpose?!!:P
You never get around to doing them anyways...

@Solilo: I know!! I am so glad it's only abt food!!

@Passionate Goof: Tell me about it! I'm glad the sms didn't have anything else!! ;)

@Meira: Trust you to say that!! LOL!!
I just said she was pretty, because she was. you know?!

@Varunavi: err.. I'm passing up the request to share hubby's number!

@Masood: Bhai, the crow was picking and eating the rat's butt!! Which was disgusting!
so, smsd that to my husband!! :D
instead, I sent it to Swaram!!!

@Swati: I'm being extra careful after that!! ;)
It will not be repeated!!!

@Hitchu: you have to say such things na?!! LOL!! :P

vimmuuu said...

Im glad you sent only those sms to Swaram ! I can imagine the shock on her face when she receives 'that' kind of sms from you !! and we would all be shocked because Swaram for sure would blog on it :D :D :D

Btw, did you get that pretty ladys number??? ;) Oh, you mentioned she is pregnant, na? Ok, never mind :D :D :D

Smitha said...

Pixie, Me fashionably late too ;)

I have done that too! I sent my husband an emaill only it was not to my husband but another guy with the same name in my company ! Thankfully it was not anything scandalous :)

As for the pregnant lady.. such a shame! I remember when I was pregnant, we were in London and somebody or th other would give me the seat in public transport. If at all someone did not, he/she would be a desi :(

Anonymous said...

I am never able to tell people off like this, well done Pixie!

And lol@ sending sms on the wrong number... :) This can be so funny, I once forwarded a New Year message, and didn't realise the sender had added his name at the bottom of the long message... soon I had many calls asking who was that person, forwarding SMS from my number :)

Swaram said...

Hey Pix :P Forgot abt it the other day :P I hd one sent a msg to my mgr which said 'Did u look @ what that mgr hs got to say! Gone case :P'

Deeps said...

You go,girl..you did the right thing of making that insensitive person see sense,Pixie!
We need more people like you in this world.Seriously,how stonehearted should you e to actually give a lind eye to a pregnant woman!

about the sms to Swaram..you sure the sms was just about dinner and it wasnt suffixed by anything more controversial??? ;) :D

Deeps said...

oops typo...I meant 'blind' eye to a pregnant woman!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Pixu. People really don't care sometimes. In many places here, there is no escalator and we need to climb up stairs carrying a pram (with a child in it, ofcourse ;-)) and most of the men just don't stop to help. Its only the other mums who understand and offer to help.

Btw, good one on the non-spicy SMS-es to Swaram. I remember the time I had joined my very first job. There was a very senior manager, whose name began with A (so obviously, he was first in my address book). My phone managed to send him TWO sms-es in a single day! He actually stopped by my desk that evening, to ask what I was upto ;-)))

ani_aset said...

Sigh..good post
I wish people were more human
and its not just men Pixie, i have seen ladies not offering seats to old people in buses too

Anonymous said...

Most men never understand nor care. And some feel a few (almost invisible) grey hair entitles them to having their way wherever they go.

I'd once met a not so old man who sat in the ladies seat in the bus and refused to move when an old lady walked in, even when the conductor intervened. Now that's audacity

Nu said...

well, yes !! The sensitivity is missing....But people like you would still hand on to the last breath and save it ! Great job done :)