Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Pallu did this tag, and I found it interesting... I've done it some time back, can't remember or bother to dig thru the archives!! So, posting again.
The first few lines have been copy+paste from Pallu's place! :)
(The text in blue is directly from her post!)
Tag Rules:
It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real… nothing made up!

If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Pixie (It's easier to do the tag with P!!)
2. A four Letter Word: Poke! Porn?!
3. A boy’s Name: Popye, Paapanna, Pyaremohan
4. A girl’s Name: Pankaja, Pavithra, Pavani..
5. An occupation: Police, paan-wala
6. A color: Pink
7. Something you wear: Err... ehem! Petticoat?!! LOL!!
8. A food: Paapad, Payasam
9. Something found in the bathroom: Perfume! (Whew!!)
10. A place: Pittsburgh
11. A reason for being late: panicky traffic?!! (If that's a word)
12. Something you shout: Plllrrr!!
13. A movie title: Pyar To Hona Hi Tha...
14. Something you drink: Pineapple juice! Pinapple Vodka!
15. A musical group: Police, Pink Floyd, Poison,
16. An animal: Pony, Puppies :) :)
17. A Street name: Panchamanthra road!
18. A type of car: Porsche
19. A song title: Pink
20. A verb: Poke

I tag Hitchu, Crafty, Monika, Masood, Smithus...I haven't tagged Grail or Wisegirl since both of you don't do them!! :P
Swaram is already tagged... so tagging her again here!!. hehehe!! :P :P

Yenjaay Maadi! :) :)


Dhiman said...

Hey hopped on from Pal's ... just to see more 'P' answers ... nicely answered... specially the music group(s)... :D

Pixie said...

Hey Dhiman! :)
Welcome here! :) :)

Swati said...

nice one !

Meira said...

and a reason for getting late (for me) would be Panicky Husband, sigh.

Swaram said...

ROFL @ Petticoat :D Plrrrrr andre?????

Paanwala - super-duper ;)

Panchamantra road ellide?

@Meira: Pavam TS :(

kanagu said...

Interesting tag Pixie... seems to be a tough one but you have done it easily :-)

Pixie said...

Hi Swati!! :)
Thank u thank u!

@Meira: Panicky husband!! LOL!!
I leave before my husband does, so that usually doesn't arise on a work day!! ;)

@Swaram: Pllrrr - andre - stick out your tongue and say pllrrr!

hehe... that's there in Mysore - namma locality nalli ide

Pixie said...

Kanagu: hi!!
hehe!! :P
with my actual Inital it would have been tougher!!! ;) ;)

Crafty said...

wow! nicely done pixu!!!!

petticoat! rofl!!!!
got transported to school days!!!
i'd roam at home in that! lol!

paanwala!!! ha!

pllllrrr??? yeh kya hai???? some more kanada learning scope is it???

gee...my initail is "C"
aiyaiyo pixu!

me will do! it will be fun! muahs!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Pixu! What a darling little girl you are, to take up this tag and do it ever so quickly! Enjoyed reading it. But ahem...you chose 'P'. What about your Real name?
And '...plllrrr...'...huh? That was sweet :-)))

Anonymous said...

PORN !!!!!!!

PETTICOAT !!!!!! ahem... !! P se lots of other cloths also exist !!!!!! dont they !!!!! should i name them !!!!! ROFL !!!!



I gotta do this with H !!!!!!! sounds interesting !!

Pixie said...

*taking out the head gear and hastily putting it on*

How come we don't dance here?!!
*dragging crafty into a dance!*

Me too used to roam around the house in Petticoat and school uniform shirt!! :D :D

Ayyo! No.. its just Plllrrr
All you need to do is stick out your tongue and say "plllrrr"
Try doing it! You will feel so much better about loads of things!!! ;)

Pallu, "P" was easier!! ;) ;)

@Hitchu: Where were you??
Always late nowadays!! :D
very bad!!

*catching hold of Hitchu*
What else starts with "P"??

Swaram said...

Pixie, we need a demo for Plrrr actually :P

Pixie said...

ayyo! Fine...
will make you hear it on the phone once!! :D

Masood said...

LOL @ Plllrr

Masood said...

panicky traffic? Cheating!

Perfume??!! Why does some other word come to my mind???

Paan wala? Innovative huh...any crushes on them recently? ;)

Poke is also a noun.

Nice tag. Lots of scope for innovation...:D

hitch writer said...

i have so many mails to check.. i cant even check my reader... !!!!! girl... i have 600 pending posts... to read... over 500 emails in office still to check... over 100 emails still to delete in yahoo... !!!!!! plus the commenting spamming... I m one busy man !!!!!!

hitch writer said...

i have so many mails to check.. i cant even check my reader... !!!!! girl... i have 600 pending posts... to read... over 500 emails in office still to check... over 100 emails still to delete in yahoo... !!!!!! plus the commenting spamming... I m one busy man !!!!!!

Pixie said...

Massod Bhai, what's the other word?!!
Crush on a paan-wala?!! I don't think so! We aim higher!! :P :P

Hitchu, so many things to do, so little time!! how are you squeezing in work inbetween all this?!! :D :D

Rashmi said...

wondering who wrote these tags..its so creative...


petticot...rofl..u could choose better stuff like pearl :-)

Pixie said...

Rashmiii!! Hugs!!
you are back! yay!

how's your little one doing?!

now, why didn't I think of Pearl?!! :D :D

Renu said...

wow:) this tag is really new unique, and would be difficult also to do>

Monika said...

I missed this post shame on me :( as a punishment I will do this tag today before 12 ;-) as if needed a reason for that :)

ROFL petticot too good

lol at Pllllr :) so cute

u likes vodka, we should meet pixie !!! bewadi like me :)

Pink Floyd is one of my fav...

Panchamanthra road??? where is that

Porsche excellent choice I tell u ;-)

Galadriel said...

haha - you have been brought over to the dark side - 4 letter word = porn eh? :P :P

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Your house in Mysore is pretty close to ours ... the road says it :)

Just a grail said...

HA! I know, I know!!! :-)
But I like to read YOUR answers!!

Pixie said...

@Renu: try it out!! It's fun! :)

@Monu: Was wondering where you were!
yea.. me likes Cranberry vodka the best!! need company to try out more variety!! ;)

Panchamanthra road is a road close to my place in Mysore. :)

@G: It's because of you. you know. Whenever I hear or see that word, I think of you! :P ;)

@CA: Really?!! How awesome is that!!

@Grail: That's not going to work!!
I want YOU to do the tag!! :P :P

rayshma said...

porn is top of mind now. what is this world coming to...?! :P

Pixie said...

I know!!
It's all Gs fault! :P :P

vimmuuu said...

Porn ??? and Poke twice ??? and then Petticoat ???

ey bhagwaan !!! no wonder my mom asked me to be away from the internet ;)