Thursday, August 27, 2009

we are like this only!

The lines imposed on the blogging world, blurs as we step beyond the invisible lines drawn to make friends in real life.
Though we blog under fictitious names, what we write except stories, aren't fiction.
They are our true feelings, honest and from the heart.
You get sympathy, support, advise from various faceless people around the world.
Whether we take the advice or not is secondary, but lovely people do come by to support you and your decisions.
When we do make that conscious effort to step out of the blog world confines of a friendship, we are not sugar coating our personalities.
The actual person, who we are is what is presented. Some friendships click and some don't. When the friendships do click, the pleasure derived in visiting the other person's blog doubles!You have childish games played, comments passed, legs pulled.
Mostly it looks like a huge party with lots of people just having a good time.
Are some of the comments written childish? Sure, they are!

I was discussing the same with Monu the other day and she agreed on that part.
We blog to destress, to talk about aspects of our lives,which we generally wouldn't. We share our feelings with the hope that there is someone else out there who has felt the same, who understands and one who passes on a virtual hug without asking why you need it!

We are here to have fun basically, and to make friends along the way.
Life's hard, to all of us. We all have hiccups, everyday at work is filled with some new challenge or we get burdened with the existing problems.
My blog, my friend's blogs are getaways for me.
So, yea, the comments do get a little childish, the conversation runs into lengths because we pull each other's legs quite a bit :)
Each comment is treasured and each new friend made is celebrated.
So, yea, we fight, we pull each other's legs, we talk random stuff and sometimes on purpose we deviate from the existing topic and talk nonsense! :)
Yea, it helps that we crib, fight and fall all over the blog world to be first!
It helps us laugh and it makes one feel wanted.
So, go right on and be childish and funny and smart, 'cause with all this laughter, we are making our world a happier place to live in! :)
And as Swaram aptly put it, its more about connecting with people than showing off writing skills and making politically correct statements!

Cheers to our wonderful blog samaj which is filled with love, unconditional support and friendship! :)


Swaram said...


Swaram said...

Hum to bhai jaise hai waise rahenge ;)

Pixie said...

Exactly my dear!!! :)

Shruti said...

Yay! to ur post! :) I've joined this blog samaj just a month back.. but I have had strangers helping me out with some innovative ideas for problems that I face! .. I have had strangers appreciate my works of art.. my daughter's gabbles!! :)
U spoke every bloggers mind i must say!! :)

Swaram said...

Yippeee! 3 cheers to the blog samaj :)

Pixie said...

Hi Shruti! :)
Welcome :)

So true na? the inspiration and the encouragement is not something which we get elsewhere... :)

Monika said...

well written pixie

hum tou aisein hai bhaiya!!! :)

I must add much fun is had and wehn serious topics are to be discussed they are discussed with the same intense feelings and deliberation

the blog samaj truly rocks

Pixie said...

Exactly Monu!
thank you mentioning that.
I missed those 2 lines there. :)

Masood said...

Not fair. Someone has sabotaged my reader. Getting updates only after half the blog world has commented!!!!!

Swati said...

3 cheers to true friendships in a virtual world ! Hip Hip hurray!

Meira said...

I agree, Masood! I hurry to read the post and realize people are already there...specially superwoman Swaram:D

hitch writer said...

I have written manytimes about this... !!

this blog is my gateway to fun.. frolic.. and these are the only friends i have ever since i shfted to indore over 2 years back...

I love the blog samaj toooooooooo much... really...

Swaram said...

Uhahahahahahahaha :)

Meira said...

Pixie I so agree with you. And it'l be so wonderful to take these friendships to the real world as well (that's why we have the phone and blog meets, I guess :D)
Chatting and starting unrelated conversations allow us to relax and entertain healthy :D

Meira said...

was that the superwoman theme , my dear Swaram?:P

Swaram said...

Thatz the bkgrnd score ;)
Also, in line with the post, we need to keep the conversation gng!

Where is this hostess nw??? Must be on her bean bag sipping kaapi :P

Come on ... serve us something!

Meira said...

now don't you go talking about kaapi n food. I'l want one too. And home is another 3 hours away !

Meira said...

Hitchy, you get awesome Khatta Meetha namkeen in Indore, right?

Pixie said...

*Pixie hurrys back with cookies, coffee and samosas*

I know! I agree!!

Hitchu, you are right. The friendships formed here have been much more genuine than the real world ones!!

Swaram is all over the place today!! :)

Smitha said...

Pixie! Well said!!

Nothing more to add! You have said it all :)

Three cheers to our blog samaaj.. and may it remain like this forever :)

Pix - You should move to WP - MUCH MORE fun to comment :)

Pixie said...

Swati, you are so right! :)
you are my oldest, dearest friend here!
The first one to comment, sometimes the only one to comment on my posts :)

Khatta Meeta Namkeen! Sigh.. I want!
Home is another 2 hrs away even though office is done by 5!!

Pixie said...

Smithus, apparently I have a WP account! ;)
but, its been inactive now and I have to reactivate!!
will do it today and move by weekend! :)

Renu said...

well said !!
This place sometime works as a catharsis, and at other timesw eshare our happiness, ideas everything truely and honestly.

Meira said...

oh yes, WP is turning out to be so much fun. I'm one of the latest transfer cases :D

Sigh! Now she talks about samosas!

Pixie said...

Meira, I'm all excited about moving to WP!
Will probably eat everyone's head!!

I actually feel like having hot samosas and chai! :)
Blame it all on Bangalore's weather! ;)

Meira said...

heehee...and we'l eat yours..See, the head-eating feeling is mutual :D
Bangalore is one place I'd love to move to. Sigh! Someone get me a job there :D

Masood said...

I second Smitha. Move to WP. Much better to comment and respond to comments...!!!

Pixie said...

yea Masood! will move by the weekend! :)
I agree WP is much more appealing! :)

Meira: Yes! you and swaram both move here! Life will be so much more fun! :)

Swaram said...

Knock knock :P

Meira said...

who's there?:P

Meira said...

Oh yes,'s planned then. Swaram n I'l move to Bangalore. Swaram and TS will swap recipes and Su n I will sample their cooking :P

Pixie said...

ME? !! :(

Swaram and Meira, this is not fair ok?!
I invited you both to Bangalore and now, you both have left me out.
Paapa me...

Meira said...

n then we'l be your neighbors. And on days that I don't feel like cooking, I'l hop over to your place for dinner.

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha .. Su wil b so happy to hear this :P

Meira said...

oh nonono, Pixie...I hadn't finished building castles in the air in the previous comment :D

Elegant Chic said...

“A blog is an ideal way of doing a brain dump on a daily basis of what is going on right now, the weird, the exciting and the awful things...”

So now tht's said, u hv now got another friend! :)

Pixie said...

Swaram and Meira: you build the castles! I am heading home now! :)
Will log in again from home :)

Meira, we can be neighbors! some of the apartments are empty in our building i think! Or we can get them emptied by requesting our very own Solilo!! ;)

@ Elegant Chic: rightly said! :) and Welcome! :)
New Friends are always cherished! :) :)

Meira said...

Don Solilo, right ?:P
Tada, have a good time

Mystery said...

very nicely said Pixie..
it's so true this is one place we all are de-stressed..
the race for being 1st, the leg-pulling, serious discussions we have at times..

we are like this only and would love to be like this :)

have been busy so late for commenting..

Pixie said...

@Mystery: :) yep!
Am glad you did come by!! :)
I hope things have settled down now and you aren't as busy as you were! :)

Monika said...

Ok monu comes here to read comments

gets all angry and goes away!!!

moving to blore is being talked abt and I am being ignored

go meira no chocolate truffles for u now


Swaram said...

Arre Monu .. u r already there na ;)

We hv to move bk n Meira hs to come down :P

Rut na jaana tumse kahu tho ;)

***Swaram offers a guava to Monu :P ****

Swaram said...

If apts r empty, y do we need to get them emptied again :P

Empty all the dust and insects u mean :P

Don, where r u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what Pixie is saying :P

Pixie said...

Monu!! Don't be mad!!

*pixie and swaram run behind Monu to give her Guava and Pie*

See, the inspiration are the truffles! Meira is shifting for them!! :P

And Swaram wants to learn how to make them!

*Pixie nudges Swaram to agree, who is busy eating guava!*

Swaram said...

Bd Pixie :P Monu won't hv pie :)
Only I understand her well :)

She needs one guava per day hai na Monu :)

N me no eating guava, its for Monu only :P

***Swaram hides the bit that is remaining from Monu ***

Pixie said...

Psst - Swaram, Pie was for us!! ;)

Swaram said...

Nange karada bhajji beku :P Pie beda ;)

vimmuuu said...

Childish comments?? seriously??? I hate such people!! I write only thought provoking, philosophical and meaningful comments.

Btw, where am I and whose blog is this? :D :D

Titaxy said...

oh how sweet....nice post, pix..i might not have made many friends here in the blogworld per say, but i have sooo much fun reading those 'childish' comments on the blogs...those friendly exchanges never fail to put a smile on my's awesome yeah, keep going, you all :D

Monika said...

ok monu is ok now after the gauva and the pie (I will eat it on a deviation day) but she is still waiting for her share from meira

:) :)

BTW u guys are very smart

kanagu said...

I will tell you Pixie... this blog samaj is great... we are like a group of friends who are meeting and discussing... errr... leg pulling daily and when one missed for a day we are able to notice it so easily...
be it a serious or funny thing, we are free to discuss here... I love this... :)

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!
Good post, Pix!
Totally loved your last line..esp.about the 'unconditional' love part.

Ordinary Guy said...

three cheers to our blog samaj!!!!!

it is my virtual world..... one that i cannot live without!

Pixie said...

@Vimmuuu: Spelling right na?!! :D
yes yes! We all know how err.. "thought provoking" your posts have been!! :P

@ Titaxy: Thanks dear! :)

@Monu: *Pixie is really relieved that Monu isn't angry anymore*
Meira, it's now your turn to make sure Monu doesn't get angry again!! ;)

@Kanagu: You are right. As always, to the point! :) :)

@Pallu: Thanks dear! It's true isn't it? :)

@EOG: I totally agree. :)

Solilo said...

Pixer, You moving to WP? Good! Now it will be easier to comment.

Solilo said...


Just read this "Or we can get them emptied by requesting our very own Solilo!! ;)"

*Solilo tying lungi, her red shirt and sulgoying beedi* Bole to kisko empty karna hai Pixie Dust?

Swaram said...

I liked what Kanagu said! Of so many ppl, we still notice when someone does nt comment!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is one crazy place... especially the chat rooms on every new post :) Utter Crazy...

Crafty said...

there's so much i wanna say pixu, but have no words! all rushing past me..

timing of this post is perfect!!


i loved it a lot! u just echoed and put in words everything all of us feel...

love u pixu! muahs! will be back okie?

had to write this tho!!

and went and gave my attandance at swaram's tooooo! :D :D :D

Varunavi said...

I really enjoy here and i am always try to take time out to read the fun going on in the blogs.

It's time for u to shift to wordpress.

And as Swaram aptly put it, its more about connecting with people than showing off writing skills and making politically correct statements! ----- loved.

Hugs to u and all the friends in the blog samaj

Varunavi said...

Just read the comments,now so many telling to change to wp,u have to join us is wp soon.

Galadriel said...

:) truth she speaks!

Rashmi said...

whatever u wrote what each blogger heart says..

the best thing is that we know more abt ourself also by writing..we tend to think whats my view on this topic...

food blog like saritha's blog is blessing for me :-)

Hey finally u also decided to come to WP...i m will be easy to comment now.. :-)