Saturday, June 06, 2009

Everyone's doing this tag, so I'm doing it too!

OK, Everyone's done this tag - make your wish list of drool-worthy women if you were a man!

Some of them went wrong like Vimmu's or Dhiren's first attempt!! (see, no Bhai here! :P)

Since no one tagged me... :(
I'm doing this all by myself! Hmmmmph!!

1. Sushmita Sen: She's gorgeous, sexy and intelligent and slightly weird! :)
I was totally inspired by her when she went ahead and adopted her daughter... :)

2. Katrina Kaif: She's beautiful lady, graceful and dignified.

3. Penelope Cruz: No explanations here! She is smoking hot!!! :)

4. Sudha Chandran: I admire her. She went ahead with her dream and achieved it! A thing like no leg didn't deter her from dancing. She is one of the very few dancers who dances with a wooden leg and you wouldn't know that at all!

5. Suhasini: Brilliant Actress. Simple. Beautiful and Intelligent

6. Aishwarya Rai: She is a true beauty with brains. I admire the way she conducts herself, very dignified. Her business acumen is pretty fantastic as well.

7. Madhuri Dixit: She is a lovely lovely lady; a great dancer! :)

As you can see I cheated and listed 7 beauties with brains!!! :) :)

Image Courtesy: All Google. It's been put up here only for this tag, it's not an ad and all rights belong to the original owners! :)

Dhiren, These above lines have been inspired and slightly lifted off from your post. Hope you don't mind! Will change 'em, if you do mind though. Do tell me if you want me to change them. Found 'em quite appropriate, so used it....


Smitha said...

Pixie ! Great list! I really like Suhasini too! and Penelope Cruz looks so hot!
Am sure the guys will bless you with all their heart - 7 instead of 5 :)

vimmuuu said...

Awwww...I didnt know your existence until you came and commented in mine. Or else I would have definitely tagged you. LOL.

Thats like being a sport. When everyone else ran away from doing this tag, you actually came up with your own. and that too a superb list. yeah, you are right, Penelope is 'chimney' smoking hot !!!!

Crafty Shines said...

nice nice!! and i like the addition of sudha chandran n madhuri dixit!

sigh, madhuri is still so gorgeous and she's so so so believably real!!! :)

i am seeing this tag done like everywhere! lol!!!

looks like a win win situation for guys tho!

they get free drool material on every blog!! :P lol!

indyeahforever said...

I am coming right back to read :)))

I like Sudha Chandran the most in the list:))great choice!!:))

hitchwriter said...

Hey ! I wrote in my Tag all girsl who drool here are tagged... !!!

SO i had already tagged you !!!

I love Sush as you already know... and Penelop is hot... !! no doubt !!

but why 7 ?? instead of customary 5 ??? huh ???

you have this tendency or what ???? lol.... :D

Pixie said...

@ Dhiren: Dude, I just admire true beauty! :)
you have bad bad thoughts in your head!!!

@ Vimmu: I know! you would have tagged me... :)
And welcome! :)

Pixie said...

@ Crafty :Thank u thanku!! My list rocks na?! ;)

@Indy: where are you? you went away and didn't come back?


Pixie said...

@Smitha: Yup, I do really like her too... My list rocks! just like me!!! :P

Indian Homemaker said...

I like this list too. All beauties with brains no doubt, but my favorite is Sudha Chandran :)

Solilo said...

Sushmita, Suhasini and Sudha Chandran from the list.

I am so glad that I could find Suhasini, Nadia Moidu and Shobhana on different blogs along with Revathi on mine. Some talented women of Indian cinema.

Swati said...

a tag is not a tag unless its done by u :)

claytonia vices said...

I would remove ash and put nandita das and retain sush. Ash's uncontrollable giggling fits disqualify her :)

I would include Zeenat Aman! And Shobana who is another dancer and is so fit and young even at 40+ (i think she is)! :)

indyeahforever said...

No!NO! I am back gurl see?
*in flesh and blood *


had I done this tag I would have tagged you pucca!:D

am yet to do it:))

ignore Vimmuu you dont know what a monster you will create by encouraging him:D

*Indy tries to hide from Vimmuu*

I love your list Pixie:))
specially like I said Sudha Chandran coz she is a woman of courage:))
MAdhuri coz I LOVE her beauty and her smile:)))

Penelop looks mousey to me but I still find her pretty *looks at Vimmuu in wonder**smoking hot?* :P:P
get glasses Vimmuu:P:P

I like Suhasini too Pixie:))
your list is unique I have to say:))))

ash,sush and Katrina are beautiful toh no doubts there at all:)))

Ash is beautiful if only she would giggle less:):D:D

now you will be included in all my future tags:))you have been warned gurl!:D:D:D

rayshma said...

only 5 women? would be rather difficult to limit a "drool-worthy" list to 5. i can u'stand cheating on it! :D

Arunima said...

nice interesting list. When I have the writer's block, I'll also take it up.

writerzblock said...

Spoken like a true woman! Beauty and brains... men really think the same way ;-) ?