Monday, June 15, 2009

We are not discussing cricket!

Ok, we are not discussing cricket here.

And we will be supporting SA, WI from now on.

And we are not blaming Dhoni either for India's dismal performance...
Though as Hitchy has mentioned, Dhoni's honeymoon with the media is now over.

We need a good rest before we start playing again.

Also, trip to Mysore was awesome as usual! :)
Did a bit of shopping and bought a pair of really awesome sandals and a small table made of jute.
(Among other things!!)
It's still at home in Mysore since we couldn't bring it back with us by bus, but once we do get it here, will post the pic - it's too pretty for words! :)

Ok, nothing much to write now, except that I know I have the tags pending... Will post them soon, I promise!
Also, my frn from Pune is coming over on wednesday and staying with us till Sunday. How cool is that?! :)
Looking forward to her visit!

Also, finally got my system hard disk replaced today, but blogger is blocked and I am not able to post comments, though it's allowing me to read...


churningthewordmill said...

thank you pixie for not discussing cricket.. im bored to death with that sport..we play it ALL the year thru now!!
waiting for u to finish up the tags..always fun to read!!

btw, this template is quite nice.:D

hitchwriter said...

rest where is the rest ??

we play west Indies on 26th June in the WEst Indies... imagine if we had not lost... and played the final on 21st.. !! just 5 days...

even donkeys are treated better...

writerzblock said...

How much can I thank you for refraining from Cricket? Its just everywhere! And Dhoni is endorsing every damn thing...from toothpaste to underwear (not that I'm sure he is in all those ads). But yes, have a great time with your friend. I'm hoping to meet with some friends too this weekend.
Cheers girl!
(P.S: Post a pic of your new sandals :-))

Pixie said...

@Mandy: the template is blogger standard! :) :)

Want to finish up the tags soon, but have been too tired out in the evenings to sit and blog seriously, so I just catch up on my reading and posting comments :)

@Pal: Good for you! It's always fun to meet up with old friends :)

@Hitchy: they need rest and stop advertising so much as well!
Like Pal mentions, they endorse everything under the sun!
The series in WI is going to fun to watch!!

Just a grail said...

What the hell is cricket?? (Ducking head from flying sticks or whatever the hell you play / do cricket with)


I am so glad you had a wonderful trip, you deserve it!

indyeahforever said...

No cricket discussion?:))
okay good!:))not that I would have minded it but still:D
thank you :D

enjoy with your friend:))))have a rocking time!:)))

waiting for the tags :))

Pixie said...

@Grail: We need to talk!! You need to know what Cricket is!!! :P :P
And yea, the trip home was fun! *hugs*

@Indy: You know, the discussions on cricket and the Indian team never seem to end!! :D
Waiting for my frn to come now, she is on her way in the train at this very moment!!! :D

Mystic Margarita said...

Would love to see pics of the said sandals! Enjoy the company of your friend and have loads of fun!